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  1. Ruse Qualye

      Information First name: Ruse Middle name(s): ----- Surname: Qualye Age: 27 Race: Avian Gender: Male Current residence: His ship, 'The big pidgeon' Relationship status: Single Traits of Voice Language spoken: Galactic standard Other languages known: Avian Style of speaking: Fast Volume of voice: Average Physical Appearance Height: 6'3'' (193 cm) Weight: 191lbs Eye colour: Brown Body feather colour: Black Distinguishing features: Two white feather lines, one under each eye, a small circular scar (1'' or 2.5cm in radius) in on top of his left knee.  Build of body: Average Plumage colour: Black Plumage style: Two back pointing spikes Complexion: Large Posture: Proud Tattoos: None Piercings: None Typical clothing: Pilot googles, a brown leather jacket, black and red pants, black fingerless gloves Personality Likes: Good food, exploration, music Dislikes: The flightless (aka Kluex followers) Education: High school Fears: Loss of a loved one Personal goals: None (Carpe Diem) General attitude: Cheerful, Sarcastic Religious values: None General intelligence: Average General sociability: Average Health Illnesses (if any): None Allergies (if any): None Sleeping habits: 7 hours a day, (1:00 am- 8:00 am) Memory: Slightly below average Any unhealthy habits: none History Birth planet: Avos Birthday: 7/18/3257 Bio: 0-10 years old: It was a normal avian childhood, having both of his parents parents being devout followers of Kluex he became one too. 11-20 years old: When he was 12 years old his father was sacrificed in the name of Kluex, making him start questioning the world of the avian god. At age 14 he tried boxing, seeing he was quite good at it he continued with his training. At age 17 he abandoned Kluex, he was exiled from Avos; without any money and only a small ship (in wich he escaped Avos) he wandered the stars looking for a way to make a living. At age 18 he was hired at a small cargo transport company, in wich he made his first friend, a human called Almsteinn. 21-today: At age 23, after 5 years of saving up money he bought the ship he has today, in wich he lives with Almsteinn. Past places of residence: A small village in Avos (Age 0 to 17) - an apartament in a minor colony between Avos and the Sol system (Age 18 to 23). Relationships Parents: Mother (Cali Qualye) Father (Tepel Qualye, deceased) Siblings: None Enemies: None Children: None Friends: Almsteinn (Human, 28 yo) Best friend(s): Almsteinn Love interest (if there is one): None (yet) Combat Peaceful or violent: Peaceful (violent if absolutely necessary) Weapon (if applicable): Two claw goves (one in each hand) Style of fighting: Boxing Others Occupation: Pilot Current home: His ship Favourite food: Pizza Favourite types of drink: Light alcoholic drinks Hobbies/past times: Watching planets from orbit Guilty pleasures: None Pet peeves: People that think they are the center of attention Pets: None Talents: Agile Favourite colours: Green and black Favourite type of music: Fast paced (not particular genre)