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    Informations   First name: Kepler Middle name(s): N/A Surname:  Hamasaki Age: 22 Race: Hylotl Gender: Female Residence: Currently living in the Exoz Station's apartment Relationship status: Single   Physical Appearance   Height: 5'11" Weight: 149 Eye color: green with a side of brown Skin color: Light blue, blue, white Distinguishing features: none Build of body: average-slim Fin color: blue Hair style: drop-like fins Posture: straight up Tattoos: none Typical clothing: None particular. Changes often type of clothing   Voice   Accent: none Language spoken: English Other languages: N/A Style of speaking: Careful Voice volume: Normal Voice similarities: Zara Larsson Health   Illnesses (if any): None (at least known) Allergies (if any): Cypress Sleeping habits: sleeps from 6/8 hours per night Energy level: filled with energy Eating habits: eats every kind of food, but prefers healthy food. Likes to try new dishes Any unhealthy habits: Nothing regular   Personality   Likes: Space, Space travelling, planets and stars. She loves music, and that helped her being good at                the violin. She also likes cooking and sewing (which is her job). She likes nature as much as the cities, and can appreciate the smallest and simple things as much as the most complex and big ones. Dislikes: Military forces and their actions. Despise war. Arguments where people scream instead of arguing properly. Education: Traditional hylotl education. Fears: failing to reach her goals, shootings and space-bandits/pirates. Also florans. Just a bit. Personal goals: Opening a clothing shop/boutique (where she sews the clothes) and become famous for her handcrafts. General attitude: Curious, kind. She doesn't stop at the prejudices nor appearance. General intelligence: Smart and logical. Has a good general knowledge, except for history knowledge General sociability: Friendly, careful and patient. Doesn't like to be the center of attention   History   Birth planet: Kepler-22b. Age of 0-20: Had a traditional Hylotl childhood and adolescence as the only child of her parents, where she practiced in the arts that still today loves so much. Age of 20: Heiwachan, the little traditional hylotl planet where she always lived, started to feel a bit too small. Same people, same stuff. Not that she didn’t like what was there, but her curiosity, her will and dreams made her want to see more than she already did, to see the big cities, the newest technologies and the infinite of possibilities that the universe offers. So she taken off the planet whit her father’s spaceship and started her journey, moving  planet to planet, waiting for the perfect opportunity and looking for the best place to make her dreams come true. But month before her birthday, something horrible happened to her, something that she never told anyone about: while travelling, a pirate ship attacked hers, taking her as an hostage. The plan of the pirates was to sell the robbed ships and then ask for ransoms on their prisoners. Luckily, when she arrived the other 5 hostages were already planning a way to escape, an after almost 1 month of imprisonment they executed their plan. During the 3 days spent trying to get away, there’s been some shootings (where she had to shoot someone else for the first time), and on the total of 16 passengers of the ship, only Kepler survived. During the planning month, Kepler got very close to Yates, one of the hostages. He convinced her that despite what could’ve happened, after that she would have had to continue following her dreams, not letting the pirates destroy her life. Past places of residence: Lived the most of her life on the planet Heiwachan. History of family: Lived on Kepler 22, then on Heiwachan. Her father, called Shinraikun, used to organize space-cruises in their system as job. Now he doesn’t work anymore, and he lives happily with her wife. He was a comprehensive, permissive and severe, when needed, father figure. He gave the ship that he used for the cruises to Kepler. Her mother, Yukichan, was an housewife. She almost always supported her daughter, reassuring her in the most difficult periods.   Relationships   Parents: Shinrakun (father), Yukichan (mother) Siblings: None Any enemies: None left. Children: None Important friends/relative: Yates (now death) Love interest: None (yet)   Combat   Peaceful or violent: Peaceful. The fight is the last resource. Weapon: A small yet deadly plasma handgun, the same used during the escape form the pirates. Style of fighting: Precise targeted shots, uses environment as advantage.   Others   Occupation: None yet (but not for long).  Current home: Exoz’s apartments Favorite types of food: Sea food Favorite types of drink: Juices Hobbies/past times: Cooking, playing music, reading books, socializing, sewing, yoga. Talents: Extremely good handcrafting skills- Favorite colors: Blue Favorite type of music: Classic