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  1. //Odd Signal Detected\\

    Character Name: NdraDiscord ID:  Justice133#5583Purpose:  Knowing only that the language came from a race of machines, he hopes to find any lost technology that could be incorporated into modern day technology.Consent: Yeah, I give my full consent.
  2. Haven 2.0 Changelog

    I was wondering about those apartments. Thanks for clearing that up for me.
  3. Just realized that time can really fly.

    1. TurnWall

      Indeed it can

    2. Wibble me jim jams.

      Threw a clock out the window i see.

  4. An apology.

    Everybody makes accidents every now and then. Though I'm not really sure if it's even in my place to comment here. I wasn't on in some time so I probably didn't experience it.
  5. // Embarrassing //

    // User Drifter would post // Now even though I disagree with what just happened in the video, I'm sure that  AlKhalifa has an explanation as to why he did that. After all, there are two or more sides to a story. // User Drifter would roam the Nexus //
  6. Hahha yes

    The things we witness..... 
  7. It's February and here's already like..

    Valentine is such a heart warming experience.
  8. re-introduction

    Hello there. Also, welcome back. 
  9. Hey

    Hello there.
  10. One of my characters can't connect to the server

    Now I'm not entirely sure, but I believe if you have a back up player file, you could load that up and it may spawn you at a different location. This might work unless you made a back up right after you had this 'client ship error'.  Once more, I'm not sure if this would work and I'm also not sure on how recent your back up player files are. I suggest waiting a bit longer for more answers.
  11. hell(o) again

    Hello there and welcome back.  

    // User Ghosty would reply // Why would you do this?  My job was here.....and so were some of the people that I conversed with. // User Ghosty would roam the Nexus //
  13. Conversi Tenbris; The Floran who hated lisps.

    I could already tell that Ghost and Conversi  are going to be the best of buds.  >:D
  14. //Dizma - Cypress Flats Resort Page//

    Name:  Ghostkiller Age:22 Gender: Male Species:Floran Desired Position:  Fulltime  Janitor Skills: Able to hunt.  
  15. Back to our main attentions

    Thank you for replying and for telling me how to change a character's name and set the description.