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  1. Looking for DOTA 2 players

    @everyone why isnt this featured
  2. // A Perhaps Not So Welcome Return //

    //User G R Y P H O N replies// Atlas was in a great state when I made the mistake of giving it to you. I suppose Atlas has grown from your rule, however. At least we've all learned that people can follow a mad leader, but nobody will follow a weak one.
  3. // Haven Stands. Shadows fall. //

    //User G R Y P H O N replies// I adamantly refute the libelous accusation that I am a member of a shadow organization using Haven, or any other celestial body, as a puppet state along with other political figures of my status.
  4. Broca's Hand

    Sorry for a late response; I had one written up but I didn't feel like posting it, then I just stopped getting on the forums for a while. Regardless, Bubbles don't pop solely because of pressure, rather they pop primarily due to dryness. You can break the surface tension, but as long as whatever broke it is wet enough, it should stay together because the liquid will have something to grip onto. Keeping this in mind, Broca's bubbles don't necessarily need to be harder than regular bubbles; they simply need to be more wet or 'moist' (funny, considering its original name). As a continuation of that, if somebody were to throw a noticeable amount (no more than a handful should suffice) of something dry onto it, such as salt or sand, it should pop (and the same goes for any dry object penetrating the effervescence). This also means the bubbles will pop if they are placed in a dry environment, such as a desert. Long answer short, though, the bubbles are not made of anything stronger than a regular bubble, but seeing as these are intended to be placed on objects and people, they are moist enough to be used on said intended objects of a regular humidity. Though the nanobots may improve the strength of the effervescence, it is by a very negligible amount. Adding onto this, I'd like to amend the whole 'anything with a mass greater than a gram can pass through' rule. Only things that can fit and meet the moisture requirements should be allowed to pass through. This isn't an important detail and it could probably be implied without being mentioned, but it makes me more comfortable to explicitly say it, and it makes more sense than being able to fit your chest through a bubble with a diameter of 3 cm. A wet needle can penetrate a bubble without bursting it.
  5. A glorious return

    lol ?
  6. Broca's Hand

    Everything is magnetic. Para/ferromagnets are attracted by magnetic fields, while diamagnets are repelled. Oxygen is paramagnetic and hydrogen is diamagnetic. Hydrogen and oxygen make up 99% of the air on Earth, and seeing as magnets are able to form things such as plasma weapons and Novakids into definite shapes, a magnet should certainly be able to suspend something in the air. There's also the issue that para and diamagnets are a lot weaker than ferromagnets, but that goes back to plasma and Novas: if magnets in GC are strong enough to keep them together as they move, sometimes sporadically, they should be strong enough to pull or push dia and paramagnets. Lecture on magnetism aside, if it'll make this app less complicated, I am willing to switch to zero point energy and drop the nanobots altogether, I suppose. Not sure if that's allowed. And as a more serious name for the glove, I'm fine with "Broca's Hand." If you have the power to change the name of the topic, please do.
  7. Broca's Hand

    Name: “Flaccid and Moist” Broca's Hand Description: A glove with a ring on the palm that can blow ‘bubbles’ which surround the surface area of objects and silence them. Abilities:         · It can silence anything that takes up a space of 10 x 10 x 10 ft or less.         · Bubbles can be formed on their own. For example, one may place a bubble with a size of their choice on a wall, as long as it is within the size parameter, and it will stay there. Limitations:         · Due to thin-film interference, the bubbles are semi-visible, and other natural phenomena such as dust or wind can make them more visible.         · Only one bubble may be projected at a time.         · Shit range. The glove must be no more than 2 inches away from the object to silence it.         · The bubbles cannot exceed a size of 10 x 10 x 10 ft. Conditional Limitations:         · Under the circumstance that a person is within the bubble, they will be deaf for the duration of being within it.         · Any solid object with a mass greater than a gram which is small enough to fit within can pass through the bubble without any issues.         · Moving inside the bubble gives minor resistance in a way similar to being submerged in water.         · Doesn’t work without atmosphere or underwater.         · Bursts under temperatures exceeding 1000 Kelvin.         · In the case that a bubble bursts, the glove cannot produce more until it is refueled. How does it work: Sound waves require a physical medium to travel through, such as a liquid or gas. This is why sound doesn’t travel in space; there are no particles to vibrate and carry the waves. “Flaccid and Moist” works in a similar way, by producing a ‘Quasi-Tropospheric Sonorousness-Imbibing Effervescence’ that surrounds an object and stagnates the air particles through use of microscopic magnets scattered throughout the film, which create a field that holds the air in place. The stagnant air is not harmful and is still breathable. Natural movements within the effervescence are possible though weakened in a way similar to being underwater but to a much lesser degree. The only ways to get rid of the bubbles are to suck them back up with the glove, heat them to a temperature exceeding 1000 Kelvin, or penetrating/covering the bubble with dry objects such as sand. Flavor text: Rusto wanted to make Dave stop yelling. Attainability: Open Tags: [Industrial] Category: Tools
  8. Come on now, big guy
    That's my friend's daughter you're talking about

    1. Hjalmar

      That's my friends wife we're talking about here for christ's sakes

  9. // My Collection!! \\

    //User 2 58069 75801 replies// I don't assume you have any evidence to support these claims, do you? Good video, by the way, RegalasNumber1. I've been subbed for a long time.
  10. Glasses Gang

    //User 2 58069 75801 replies// whomst?: rusto y?: me wnt be cuul abuot u?: big color?: prsian refd skilz?: cna punc thing SHADES!?:  
  11. Ichor

    EMP protection and lack thereof is more a quality of the projector than the substance itself, which is why I didn't include that, but I'll add it if it'll avoid confusion.
  12. Time to Stop Bugging You

    Man, now I have to actually try to make fun of people. Jest aside, I hope all the forehead memes aren't what are influencing this decision. If they are, then I sincerely apologize. See you when and if you come back, save for if we miraculously speak on Mitch's Discord.
  13. Ichor

    Name: Ichor Description: A creamy, hot, and odorless substance that closely resembles water. Abilities:      · It blocks a small range of bullets.      · Ichor never sustains permanent damage (with few exceptions, such as water), eventually turning liquid once more and reforming.      · Due to the water-like appearance of the substance, it refracts light.      · The substance is ferromagnetic, allowing it to be projected and manipulated in ways similar to plasma (In ways such as shields). Conditional Abilities:       · One could put food dye in the Ichor to give it color. Limitations:       · Unable to block melee weapons.      · Unable to block subsonic bullets or plasma.      · .44’s and other stronger caliber bullets can shatter and penetrate the substance.      · Ichor takes time to re-liquefy after breaking (3 turns).      · Touching it with your bare hands can cause mild to severe burns. Also, don’t eat/drink it. Conditional Limitations:      · Ichor is a polar substance, meaning it dissolves in water as well as most other polar substances.      · In the case of a shield using Ichor’s abilities, the user cannot fire a supersonic projectile while the shield is active without the projectiles being blocked (Obviously). How does it work: A non-Newtonian fluid is one with rules that differ from regular fluids such as water. Ichor is one such fluid. It is dilatant, meaning it becomes more solid as pressure is applied to it. The point at which it becomes fully solid, however, is so unreasonably high, it can only stop certain projectiles (or anything of similar pressure) before breaking, while most objects pass right through it like water. Viscosity is the frictional force between atoms of the same fluid as they flow by each other. Ichor’s viscosity grows very slowly due to its high temperature (100° C). The atoms are constantly in a high-energy state, keeping the substance flowing and liquid for much longer than most other fluids of its kind. Flavor text: Rusto, after having cut off Gary’s arm, was reminded that water briefly appears to solidify when an object makes impact with it (namely Gary’s arm). Due to his irrational hatred for plasma, he wanted to make a substance similar that he could use instead, and the water gave him the idea to use non-Newtonian fluids to achieve such an affect. Attainability: Open Tags: [Industrial] Category: Materials Credit to @ニグノグ (´・ω・`) for the idea and forcing me to do all the work.
  14. Calypso Spotlight.

    Let's continue to make history throughout the life of this hub (and even further). Take this as my seal of approval.