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  1. //Odd Signal Detected\\

    Character Name: AnnabelliDiscord ID: Maginorbavon #9957Purpose: To investigate the signal, and to find a dead language and find out what happened to the people who are sending the signal.Consent: Everything but death. (Also, just applying because I want to get in, and am trying to also get in with Slither as a teammate. Hopefully that works, or somebody drops out.)  
  2. Annabelli Jez

    Generally... Annabelli (Am) Jex is her full name. Born on December 4th, 3263, she is currently 21. She is a human female with a height of 4'6. She is with no known factions or groups, keeping to herself. How she looks... With badly died short purple hair, she is white. She has brown eyes, and a regular face complection. In her normal outfit, she does not look very attractive with a flat chest. She looks underdeveolped. Normally, she can be seen wearing kevlar gloves, a white undershirt with a blue jacket over it, and pink jeans. She doesn't look 21, looking younger than the age. She wears contacts. She can be seen with shoes, but prefers not to wear them. She wears a red flower in her hair. Personality Type: INTP Ideals: She is very socially awkward, dressing up in many differn't outfits, talking in many differn't tongues and accents, being able to be differn't. She belives that nobody can be forced to choose who they are. She can come off as rude, but once you know her, she is kind. She likes to trick people into thinking of her as differn't people. She couldn't care less about any polatics, only going with her own morals. (She'd be an independent in normal terms.) She loves books, and hates, and is terrified of, water. (Like an ocean, or getting wet. Not like drinking water.) Likes living. History! Born on a random colony that thrived, she spent all of her time as a child reading. Her family left earth before the calamity to start a new colony, bringing knowlage of many kinds through novels. Both electronic, and real books, her family were archivists, keeping real books in the generations. The colony hadn't known about earth, as the communications stopped, and they thought it could only be an error. Then, a year after the destruction of earth, they learned about it being destroyed from some traders. The colony had thrived for a long time, and upon reaching the age of 14, Anna was taught how to pilot a space ship. During the age of 16, Anna discovered her love of dressing up, and her art of disguise. She was able to blend in with almost anything, and stand out if she wanted too. She stores many sets of clothing on her own ship, changing in and out of clothes at will.