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  1. Victor Kilo

    General Information As the product of a Miniknog experiment, Victor is easily identifiable in a crowd, due to his extreme height. His imposing physique is accentuated by the heavy combat armor that he dons, seemingly at all times. That is to say, he is an Apex, albeit a heavily modified one. Physical Appearance Spoiler Measuring in at about 7 ft in height and roughly 700 lbs in weight, merely being in the Apex's presence is daunting, to say the least. His face bears several scars and physical defects from both genetic modification and battles. The armor itself averages at 250 lbs, falling under the heavy power armor classification.  Personality Personality Type: ISTP Political Ideology: Bordering on anarchy. Previous experiences have led him to have an exceedingly low opinion of oligarchies, this extending to governments in general. He rarely speaks, usually only in reply when being spoken to. Despite what appearances may suggest, he can prove to be quite eloquent. This, along with his low, ponderous tone paints him as a sort of gentle giant, if one can work past his intimidating appearance. Amusingly (this is theorized to originate from his largely sheltered existence), he may also exhibit child-like fascination and curiosity towards new stimuli, be it the introduction of an unfamiliar species or the witnessing of a foreign weather phenomenon. Backstory Project: Silverback was a highly experimental government project administered by the Miniknog to create a line of super soldiers, primarily as a more permanent solution to the ever-increasing frequency of Resistance attacks, and eventually as a means of galactic (and possibly even further beyond) domination. Of the 12 candidates selected, only 3 were able to endure the rigorous training regimen meant to prepare them for the procedure. And of the 3, only 1 survived the actual process. Contrary to what one might expect however, the candidate in question led a relatively unremarkable life prior to his selection.  Victor's family wasn't particularly well off, but they weren't unfortunate enough to have inhabited the slums either. Thus, the Apex went through much of his life ignorant of the atrocities performed against the less fortunate of his species, whilst accepting Miniknog propaganda as fact. Ironically, despite his upbringing, Victor possessed a strong sense of duty towards his people, and thus, sought to serve and protect in the only way he knew how. And so, young Victor enlisted in the ranks of the Miniknog military. "The Resistance is composed of savages." "Their only desire is to bring ruin to all the good that the Miniknog has achieved." "They are strangers to everything we cherish."  The Resistance sabotaged themselves with their mounting boldness. These "terrorists", once rumors, became a terrifying truth, and the Miniknog's warnings, however false they may be, were seen as factual in the eyes of the conditioned populace.  His resolve born anew, Victor struck down upon those who would oppose the Miniknog with an almost religious fervor, now unwavering in his belief that his cause was just. Though his military career was still young, the Apex's passion did not go unnoticed; thus, the Miniknog saw fit to put him through Project: Silverback. His skin and organs grafted into a massive suit of power armor, and his veins pulsing with new life, Victor was the sole survivor of Project: Silverback; the Miniknog's lone, undisputed champion.  His newfound strength made it possible for him to venture deeper into enemy territory, and his reputation as one of the Resistance's biggest threats only grew with each successful foray. However, the deeper he ventured, the more his resolve seemed to wane. Camps inhabited by hardened soldiers, armed to the teeth with weapons, gave way to slums; shantytowns where the rejects, those too poor to afford Miniknog benefits, or those who were simply unfortunate, were left to rot.  Having discovered the truth, Victor's perfect society crumbled. In the name of the Miniknog, he had executed not savages, but freedom fighters. In the name of the Miniknog, he had dashed countless families' hopes of seeing their loved ones return home to them. His armor, once regarded as the bulwark of Apexkind, he now saw as a symbol of Miniknog tyranny. His blood boiling, the Apex returned to the laboratory from which his new form was birthed and set fire to it, in the hopes that no other monsters would be created.  Despite this, Victor's epiphany came too late. The Apex was beyond redemption. With the Miniknog seeking to forcefully reacquire him as intellectual property, and the Resistance desiring revenge for their loved ones, Victor had little choice but to flee for the stars.  We find him now in the far reaches of space, arriving at a frontier region known as "The Fringe"...