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  1. Smile!!

    well, actually it is closer.. but.. shh...
  2. Smile!!

    My character Lynn with her .... crush(?), The Kommissar. (belongs to Neontiendo)   COMISSIONS OPEN: 2 SLOTS LEFT 
  3. I need to apologize

    yeah... some users told me about creating a post with my drawings but I think it wouldnt be as visible or popular as the art gallery. I will wait a few days more... ugh...
  4. I need to apologize

    Ok. I dont know what is happening but I broke the art gallery and... I am not uploading nothing and the broken files are increasing. I have to apollogize but I dont have any idea about what is happening. The file size is not enormous, it's a normal size, also they are jpg but because of some reason I try to upload a picture, and the page loads 5 broken files.   Sorry, I am not going to touch anything now. ughfdg, dont get angry with me please, it was an accident ;w; 
  5. help please

    The files are jpg and png, of course. I've uploaded some before
  6. help please

    Well, the art gallery is not working properly. Some pictures can be uploaded but other not. I dont know what is the error but it need to be solved soon. Some broken files  has been uploaded and I cant delete them. Also, I changed the explorer and the size of the file but it is not working neither. Some help? Can this be fixed? 
  7. Lynn

    I'm back with new art yay here my favourite character,Lynn.   COMISSIONS OPEN: 2 SLOTS LEFT 

    © Marilyne06

  8. Hello

    Paypal  thank youuuu so much  
  9. Hello

    an hour? 40 mins?  
  10. Hello

    I also have this for questions and more
  11. Hello

    I'm back with new art yay IDK, i dont like this piece so much so I will upload more (and better) things soon.

    © Marilyne06

  12. I'm back

    yes, I do. I think I do my best drawing robots   the link is working now
  13. I'm back

  14. I'm back

  15. I'm back