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  1. //Odd Signal Detected\\

    Character Name: Silent Akio Discord ID: R0b0_5n4k3 #3456 Purpose: General curiousity Consent: Yeah go nuts, just make sure it's at least somewhat fair.
  2. Login issue

    Are you sure? I still can't get in with the quiz password. EDIT: never mind, I'm just dumb.
  3. Modify or Remove Cloning Rule #6

    Personally, I think you should be able to come back from suicide, but it should take 2 to 3 times longer, and maybe some extra side effects. But I also think that if your character commits suicide then why would you bother applying for a cloning app? Because if you do want to keep playing that character, why would you commit suicide in the first place? The only exception would be if in a serious situation, someone forces you to kill yourself, to prevent other consequences. But that should be the only exception. tl;dr Suicide is usually something you shouldn't do anyways.
  4. Hey, hi, hello!

    Might want to keep in mind that the server is in lockdown for the moment :P. Happy to have you though!