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  1. //how is prangent formed//

    //User Vin comments//   Can we get someone to record themselves saying these things? 
  2. Vance

    General Information First name: Vance Middle name(s): Azure Surname: Vailman Age: 24 Date of birth: June 1st 3260  Race: Human Gender: Male Sexuality: Bisexual Current residence: Ship, has a small room in an underwater facility on an ocean world Relationship status: None Social status: Middle-class Traits of Voice Accent (if any): None Language spoken: Galactic common Other languages known: Avian (can only read and understand)  Style of speaking: Rough, but soft spoken when in a calm mood Volume of voice: Average, but becomes loud when angered or under stress Physical Appearance Height: 6' 1" Weight: 160 lbs Eye color: Blue Skin color: Caucasian  Shape of face: Oval Distinguishing features: Has a large tattoo of a solar eclipse with a visible corona of the sun on his back Build of body: Toned, but on the skinnier side Hair color: Very dark brown, can be confused for looking black Hair style: Messy Complexion: medium-brown Posture: normal, tense when tired or stressed Tattoos: Large solar eclipse on back, often serves as a family crest Piercings: None Typical clothing: A blackish-grey opened trench coat with a small bullet proof-vest visible with some matching jeans as well as holsters for his two weapons strapped to his belt. He can also been seen wearing a white cowboy-styled hat, similar to that of the Novakid's attire Is seen by others as: Often an average adventurer trying to make a living in his life.  Personality Likes: Ships, working on his own ship, adventuring, ancient knowledge and treasures, Bounty hunter work. Dislikes: Neglecting his ship, Cruel and apathetic people Education: Taught through most of HS, later years are self-taught Fears: Loosing his ship, loosing important allies, bees or any form in insect similar to them Personal goals: To live out his live as a successful adventurer and Bounty hunter General attitude: Can often be seen as polite, but also very straight-forward  Religious values: Atheist, currently believes that he makes his own path in life General intelligence: Above-average, even more so on ship mechanics and weaponry General sociability: Often minds his own business, but can be very sociable when someone introduces themselves to him or becomes better acquainted with someone Health Illnesses (if any): None Allergies (if any):None Sleeping habits: Suffers from insomnia Energy level: High even after low amounts of sleep Eating habits: Average, but tends to skip meals occasionally when there are more important matters to tend to Memory: slightly below average Any unhealthy habits: Getting low amounts of sleep, but also having a slight problem when it comes to gambling and drinking History Birth country: Hometown: New phoenix  Childhood: Spent most of his childhood in a suburban neighborhood, often exploring around it when he can. Teen years: Had moved to New California where he spent quite a lot of time during school, often enjoying the knowledge that it gave him, but still often snuck out of his house during later times to explore the ocean shore that bordered their home, even more fascinated by the sea than he was in Adult years: His current life where he travels the stars as a nomadic adventurer and bounty hunter Past places of residence: New phoenix, New California  History of family: Most of his family's history was lost during Earth's destruction  Briefly (or not) explain life story: Vance had lived in a small suburban community in the deserts of New phoenix, being cared for by his mother and father. His father was often out during his job, cause Vance to not feel much towards him as he was always away, but had a close-bond with his mother during most of his life, especially since they both shared an adventurous nature, and allowed Vance to explore the Neighborhood. They eventually moved to New California, a more tempered, ocean-side location, to which Vance adored, as he was highly fascinated in the local oceans, inspiring his crave for adventure even more. Once Vance had reached a suitable able, he eventually moved out, buying but a small freighter after saving money before exchanging it in when he stole a USMC freighter, to which he cares greatly about.   Relationships Parents: Had a close relationship with his Mother. Current whereabouts are unknown  Siblings: None Any enemies (and why):USCM for stealing a ship Children: None Friends: Few contacts outside of his job, and some childhood friends that he is still in contact with Best friend(s): None  Important friends/relatives (explain): None Love interest (if there is one): Wisp Heeleon Combat Peaceful or violent: Merciful, violent when breaking his trust for mercy  Weapon (if applicable): 2 modified revolvers which respectively use incendiary or cryogenic ammunition named "Boiling point" and "Freezing point." Can rarely wield his Grandfather's old rifle: Dying star Style of fighting: Often prefers to keep a medium to short range, as his weapons tend to 'fall-off' at longer ranges  Others Occupation: Nomadic adventurer and Bounty hunter Current home: Ship or wherever he sets up a camp Favorite types of food: Spicy or sweet foods, something that gives him a kick Favorite types of drink: Non-alcoholic: Most sugary types of drinks. Alcoholic: Unique or colorful drinks. Hobbies/past times: Playing either the saxophone or piano, 'light' gambling or drinking, repairing or modifying his ship and/or weaponry Guilty pleasures: Playfully discriminating his friends based on their race, but holds no judgement towards any of the races. Slight dark humor Pet peeves: Those insulting his ship or degrading it Pets: None Talents: Can play Saxophone and piano fairly well, can modify weapons or ships with certain supplies, and is a nice-shot when it comes to using pistols.  Favorite colors: Green, Blue Favorite type of music: Blues, energetic music, or orchestrated
  3. Greetings

    Thanks, and I'll be sure to ask a few questions when they come up... as soon as I figure out how to navigate on the site.
  4. Greetings

    Hello there, everyone. I've recently gotten in Starbound and have been attempting to try to get into roleplaying on this. I've had a great experience with this game so far, and I hope to make that experience better on this game through roleplay and possibly making new friends. I've been roleplaying for a couple years now, but roleplaying on a game like this is new to me, so mind my inexperience, but hopefully I'll learn quickly and aquant myself with a few of you. I'm currently reading through the lore right now and I should hopefully get done with it by tomorrow, and possibly try to get into the server