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  1. // The location of the distress signal's origin could be pinpointed to coordinates close to a star next to Bathshire. During the process, the anonymous signal would notice some anomalies in the distress message's encoding. They seem to maybe form a pattern if examined more closely. //
  2. // The page is an inquiry on a public notice board on the Nexus Net, made by the user Ruvak_Pravuu. There is a comment by the creator. Underneath it is an article from a rather big news network of Nest. // To everyone that sees this! My name is Ruvak Pravuu. The article embedded underneath is about the abduction of a trading ship, which is part of my sister's company - in fact, it is one she usually travels with on voyages to negotiate new trade deals. Neither me nor my family are abled to contact her. Please, if you have any information regarding this abduction or have seen my sister, I urge you to contact me as soon as possible. My contact is enclosed. Sincerely and worried Dr. cult. Ruvak Pravuu // The contact information is enclosed here, followed by the article. // TRADE SHIP ABDUCTED - CREW PRESUMED MISING A Pravuu Tradings Corporation's (PTC) spacecraft has presumably been abducted by an unknown attacker. The "PTC Ara" set off yesterday morning from the port of Nest to travel into Fringe territory to enable new trading routes and find new partners. At 16:42 today, an emergency broadcast has been picked up by a spacefarer, which has been sent from a crew member of the ship, scaringly calling for help to be saved from a group of "cloaked" individuals. The high security officer of Nest has as of yet not taken position to our inquiries, but the press speaker from the Office of Intergalactic Security (OFFIS) has assured the public that "the matter is being investigated." The PTC is an important benefactor of the currently governing party in Nest. In a short interview, a leading figure of the party, Mr Carix Ladáin has expressed his sorrow. "It is an utmost concerning event. The PCT [sic] is a well-renowned company and the Pravuu family respected among the people of nest. I hope that this crime is being solved as quickly as possible." We will keep you updated on any information and updates to this situation.   WHAT NEXT? Headmaster of school sacked for drug abuse The trendiest colors this spring Who is the most liked Politician of Nest? // End of the article. // This is the emergency broadcast. It seems to have been sent from a star close to Bathshire's. <start of transmission> <timestamp: 15:12> <flag:EMERGENCY_BROADCAST> <user: TRUXCA, LEICA> <status: OFFICER> // Heard is an Avian woman's voice. She seems to be crying and breathes heavily. // <"Please... please, if anyone is out there! We have been shot at and boarded by some... I don't know what they are! They were covered in cloaks with some weird masks! They..." // she sobs // "...they shot our guards. Tybur and Clut... Oh god, there was so much blood..."> // She stops speaking, only her breath can be heard, very silently. Then, in the background, there are steps of very heavy boots, probably metal plated. It seems like it's two people. They are talking. // <"Ya think that's all of 'em?"> // a human voice // <"Ssskimmed the whole ssship. No find peoplesss."> // obviously, a Floran or someone with a strong hiss to his s // // the human snores // <"Guess the crew info was false 'en. One too many."> // There are steps moving away from the radio. You could only hear one very silent sentence from the human. // <"Can't w[inaudible/wait] to get back [inaudible/to?] Ch[inaudible]."> // There is a bit more of silence, then the Avian woman speaks again. // <"Okay, I think they're gone... // she takes a deep breath // By Kluex, if anyone picks this up, this is Officer Leica Truxca of the PTC Ara. We are being abducted. My supervisor is CEO Ticra Pravuu. This is an emergency broadcast. Please help us!"> <end of transmission> <timestamp: 15:14>
  3. 25 facts I learned during my life of survival

    // User DrRuvakPravuu posts // "Your list really made my day better, Ms Portabella! I take it that you have travelled the galaxy quite a lot. I'd really like to meet and have a chat with you, I have travelled around a lot during my studies myself - I still do, actually - and would love to hear about your stories. Sincerely, Ruvak Pravuu
  4. // Doctor of Archaeology looking for work and artifacts //

    // User ADMIN_RuvPra replies to the comment. // Do you know how I can contact them? Your advice seems like a good idea to me.
  5. // The link refers to a small, personal website. It is rather minimalistically organized and stylised, with a textbody, a set of contacting possibilities, a comment section and a separate menu to send direct messages to the site's host. // Welcome <user>! I am looking for work in the field of archaeological exploration and excavation in ruins, analysis of artifacts, findings of fossils, literature and ancient documents or anything similar, as well as translation or proto-sociological and -cultural evaluation. It is possible to hire me for a certain project, as well as for a short to medium-term employment at a dedicated company. For the latter, I have a few requests to make, which are essential to me being abled to work properly: Spoiler   A local workstation equipped with basic archaeological equipment A personal terminal Access to all data regarding the ongoing project I and possible co-workers are researching on Full access to the working site A basic accommodation (bed, cooking station, heating) I am ready to work under a supervisor, as long as I am allowed to use my custom equipment as well as conduct personal research to an extent that doesn't jeopardize or delay the project     If you are interested in hiring me for a short- or medium-term employment, please contact me via a direct message to negotiate terms.   Also, I am interested in buying any possible artifacts or presumed ancient items of any kind - after an initial, personal survey to assure its authenticity, of course. In case you are interested in an exchange of archaeological data I've gathered, I would be happy to give you access to my personal database. I have gathered data from every known humanoid species in the Milky Way, including sociological, anatomical, cultural, architectural and various other information. Of course, I am not aversed to a nice conversation amongst colleagues, either. Sincerely Dr. cult. Ruvaak Pravuu Doctor of Archaeology // A couple of different contact possibilities follow //  
  6. Dr. Ruvak Pravuu

    Physical Appearance Physiology: 176cm tall (5’9”) Green feathers, white face plumage Dark brown eyes Relatively well trained Scar from a snakebite on his right shoulder Usual Attire: Brown leather jacket – modified with a lot of pockets Light brown shirt Black trousers with even more pockets Brown explorer’s hat   Personality Personality: Although he might seem a bit eccentric first because of his attire, he is actually a very calm and polite person and – in contrast to his impression – a bit shy around new people. He is also very curious about his surroundings and always eager to learn and explore, partially of course because it is his profession. Conflicts are not really his forte and even though he knows how to use a machete to get through a jungle or a revolver to disable traps and possibly hostile animals, he is very hesitant to use them against a fellow humanoid species. Political Ideology: The Kluexan religion – or any religion for that matter - isn’t interesting to him apart of its archaeological value and influence on the different races’ cultural progression, yet he respects religious people. He is not too engaged in politics, as long as they do not endanger cultural diversity, heritage and freedom of the respective political group’s subjects. Thus, his relationship especially to the Stargazers is not the best, to put it mildly. His general goal is to explore, excavate and preserve historical artefacts and the galaxy’s races’ culture for the future, as well as to spread awareness to be more thoughtful about one’s past. Personally, however, he tries to find out more about the origin and past of Kluex himself – as with many prophets, his story has been lost in time and the remaining fragments are either locked away by the Kluexan priests or buried beneath the sands of time, waiting to be dug up again after millennia. Backstory Ruvak is originally from Nest, the Grounded’s haven. He grew up in a family with 4 siblings and loving parents and showed interest in art and history, especially ancient history and archaeology, early in his life. So, in contrary to his siblings, who all entered a career of trade and entrepreneurship, he studied old literature, books, artefacts – anything he could find and stick his beak into (always hoping to not get bitten or stung by something that might hide inside it). His older sister Ticra always brought him something to research from her travels until one day, he asked to travel with her while she made a delivery to a friendly Hylotl settlement. He was completely stunned by what he saw – cultural riches and traditional life he only read about in his books all in front of him, waiting to be surveyed. From this day on, he decided to travel around the galaxy to get to know cultures first hand and to explore space for anything he might find interesting. The problem was: He was only 17 at that time and his father was not quite happy with his choice to study archaeology instead of something “useful”. Nonetheless he followed his passion and, after about 4 years, bought his own spaceship to venture out – the Ticra.   PS: Yes, he is a bit inspired by Indiana Jones.
  7. A warm greeting to you all!

    Good day/evening/whatever it might be right now where you live! My name is Ragnar, but please, call me Rag for short (I'm getting headaches from being called Ranger all the time :D). I used to play on GC a long while ago and have lost time for it due to my finals. But, as I rekindled my love for Starbound, I wanted to return to the server and start anew. My new Character is in progress and I am very happy to be back for some nice Roleplay.