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  1. // Thread: Ancient Diary Entries //

    // Another page is added, revealing a rather pristine looking piece of paper, inscribed with a very old Hylotl dialect. Even Hylotl themselves would have trouble translating it, however, from the few understandable passages, it is obviously a text describing the nightly get-together between a Hylotl lord and one of his servants. Very explicitly. // // Below that document are a couple of notes from Ruvak, the timestamps are expunged apart from the year in which all of them have been written - 3279 // [X/X/3279] Found this thing in some old temple ruin. Seems to be even older than the rest. Translation tool failed - seems to be old dialect. [X/X/3279] This comes close to decryption. REALLY old dialect. Even my friend [EXPUNGED] couldn't help me with it. Will keep trying. [X/X/3279] I give up. Too hard for me. Must find older Hylotl it seems - preferably historian. [X/X/3279] My last idea was a really bad one. Seems to be something very indecent. Old bloke almost literally kicked me out his house for "bringing such filth into his walls". Still, no idea what is in there. [X/X/3279] So, my friend [EXPUNGED] has given a copy of the text to his professor in University. His reaction has not been that drastic, although he was still appalled by it. He didn't enclose a translation, but from his more or less cryptic message, the document seems to describe the sexual relations between an old Hylotl lord and one of his female servants. I think I shouldn't poke people with that anymore. // Again, a note is enclosed below // Always putting your beak where it doesn't belong. You will already know who we are. And you will know what we want. Destroy it. Send us proof. Otherwise, we will continue. You might even answer to us this time, little bird. // This time, a comment section is enclosed below. //
  2. // Dr Ruvak Pravuu - Senate Election //

    //Ruvak replies// We all make mistakes - even if a person makes a severe mistake in a position of responsibility, I am ready to give him or her a second chance. However, as much as I respect Crowebar personally, she would be an example of what would need to be addressed a lot earlier. Multiple incidents like that can simply not go untouched and ignored for as long as it has been, especially not in the Guard. What should be done in my opinion would be to preemptively suspend a member of the Haven Guard temporarily after any incident until the investigation is complete. In severe cases of abusing their position, acting grossly against the Guard's modus operandi or simply breaking the law drastically, they should of course be suspended from the Guard either indefinitely or be evaluated psychologically if they want to rejoin the forces.
  3. // Dr Ruvak Pravuu - Senate Election //

    // A relatively simple, yet appealing website opens. Its colour format is similar to the ones of official Haven documents, adding a little green to it, though. Enclosed is a video titled ‘Dr. Ruvak Pravuu – Senate Election’. //   A young-looking Avian sits behind a desk. On it are a few pieces of paper. He smiles friendly and looks directly at the camera in front to him, right to the viewer.   “Good day to all of you! My name is Dr. Ruvak Pravuu.”   His voice is relatively low, and his R’s are slightly trilled.   “As the elections for the two new senators in Haven have started, I decided to take a slightly different approach to introducing myself and my goals to the voters than is usual – I address you directly, give you a voice and a face behind the person that claims to be able to represent your wishes“ - he points directly at the viewer - “for the future of Haven.”   “First of all: Who am I?” He smirks a bit. “I am an Avian born in Nest, have a Doctorate in Archaeology – focussed on anthropology and social structures. Thus, I know how governments work and how many different approaches have existed towards how to best rule a state – and what causes them to falter and maybe even be brought down.”   He makes a short break after that.   “Most great Empires, Kingdoms and States have vanished into history in their prime mostly because they underestimated one of the greatest powers in their control – the people and their voices. You.” He again points at the viewer. “And that indicates how my approach to being a Senator would be: Inclusive. I am not a person that wants to rule, I am not a person that wants to make decisions that are only vaguely in the interest of the people he has sworn to represent – or may even go against them. Your voice should be heard. Let me be the beacon of your voice.”   He clears his throat a bit and takes a sip of water.   “There is something I have noticed while living in this great city of Haven. I did not often have the pleasure to meet one of the Senators on the streets. Have a chat with them, talk about what I am worried about or what I wish for the future. Of course, exceptions endorse the rule. I want to be close to the people of Haven, as I am one of you after all – a title does neither put me above the law, nor above the people I represent.”   His expression has become quite serious now.   “Speaking of the law, there are of course serious topics that must be addressed in the future, not only by me, but the other senators as well. There is a severe lack of transparency to the Senate’s affairs that are of interest to the public – especially concerning the Haven Guard. We need to revamp the system with how news and important information are presented towards you.”   He flips a page from the paper on the desk and begins smiling again.   “Haven should live up to its name – I think that is an accord we can all attune to. Everyone is welcome to live and trade here, open up business, make and meet new friends and engage actively into making the Galaxy a better, more opened up place. Of course this is bound to cause conflicts – be it due to racial reasons, personality, business competition, et cetera. Even I who travelled for the last 8 years have still met new people, new beings in this city. I think that is an asset that should be supported actively. I would thus propose more events and more occasions for people to get to know their fellow Havenites. Put aside prejudice and first impressions. We might not look alike, sound alike or even be biological beings. But in the end, we all are people that just want to find their place and home. We are different, and those differences enrich this city and community.”   He rests his hands in front of his chest.   “That would conclude what I want to be for you, dear citizens of Haven. You search for someone to represent you, I would love to give you exactly that – a voice from amongst the people to be heard by the Senate. Any further questions can be asked below. Thank you very much for your attention.”   With that, the video ends and cuts to his slogan: The Beacon of Your Voice.   // A comment section is available below. //  
  4. // Green Current Breweries //

    We thank you for your order! They will be delivered to you in an instant. If you want, let us know how you liked your order, so we can keep on improving our services. Best Regards Green Current Breweries // The shipment arrives shortly after the answer from the GCB in a little, nicely decorated box, delivered right to the home of Thalass. //
  5. // Green Current Breweries //

    GREEN CURRENT BREWERIES Brews to suit every taste   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~   Who does not enjoy a brew That reinvigorates yer spirits Pure quality in any hue Burning, flowing out of spigots   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~   The Green Current Breweries are enthusiastic to bring our wares and services to a wide an open market by finally bringing them to the Nexus Net! After a long period of exclusivity to a local market, we have decided to expand to an interstellar audience.   We offer highest quality brews and drinks of any kind using carefully chosen, fresh ingredients; our suppliers are hand-picked by our Chief Master Brewer and CEO of Green Current Breweries, Benedict Boltbard. There is a whole range of brews we offer on a large scale and at any given time, which have proven themselves to be absolute customer favourites. Further, we offer drinks on a seasonal basis - tailored to be exclusive and a drink for special occasions and purposes.   One of our very personal approaches to our customers is one that few companies offer: We brew specialised beverages, fitted to the individual taste and wishes of our customer. There are close to no boundaries to this - the one we offer this service for is king. These custom beverages are handcrafted by Sir Boltbard himself and delivered to you by him personally as well. Because brewing is not just our craft - it is our passion.   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~   GREEN CURRENT SELECTION Tastes to be enjoyed at any time   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~   Beers (8px/bottle 0.5l, 120px/crate (20 Bottles), 80px/barrel): Wheat Light Hefeweizen Wartweed Lager/Dark Diodia Lager Diodia 3278 Special Brew Boneboo Light Boneboo X Dirturchin Lager   Wines (16px/bottle 0.75l, 280px/crate): Grape Red Wine Eggshoot White Dry 3281 Lofton Meadows Eggshoot Wine (limited!) Reefpod Blue Wine Sour   Liquors (22px/bottle 0.4l, 350px/crate, 240px/barrel): Long-fermented Banana Liquor Kiwi Liquor Avesmingo Whisky Avesmingo Vodka Currentcorn Cognac Currentcorn Whisky Dirturchin Rum Classic Spiced Rum Reefpod Sake Classic Rice Sake Eggshoot Cream Liquor Boltbulb Brandy     Drinks (14px/bottle 0.5l, 240px/crate): “Green Current Special” – Kiwi, Dirturchin, Avesmingo, spiced with Chili, rasped Currentcorn and Toxicop seeds “Golden Times” – Banana Liquor, spiced with cinnamon and mint (Five times voted customer’s favourite) “A Glow in the Dark” – Neonmelon, Pussplum, Automato and Toxicop – a true sight on late-night parties! “Nightingale” – Eggshoot Cream Liquor with Feathercrown and rasped Beakseed   Non-Alcoholic (6px/bottle 0.5l, 90px/crate): Various selfmade sodas from Oculemon, Diodia, Kiwi, Pearlpeas, Grapes, Toxicop and Avesmingo Green Current Special Boneboo Lemonade Green Current/Corn Lemonade All Beers come with a non-alcoholic and a Radler version   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~   CURRENT SEASONAL CLASSICS A special drink at special times for special occasions   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~   Pearlpea Champagne “Mouth Desert” – Boneboo Lemonade with Wartweed Liquor, spiced with chili – very spicy! “Robot Coffee” – Black Coffee with a shot of Boltbulb Brandy and Currentcorn Cognac   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~   PERSONAL BREWS ...because tastes are as individual as the persons having them   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~   All available ingredients can be combined and are going to be spiced to perfection to suit your taste. We also offer a personal ‘taste meeting’ in case you want your personal brew, but do not even know what might be your favourite! Simply contact us and Sir Boltbeard will agree upon a date with you. Personal brews are also a great birthday present, or a present for any other occasion for that matter! The price will be decided based on the ingredients and the amount ordered.   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~   ORDER FORMS   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~   Beverages:   Full Name: Orders (Brew/Drink + Amount in bottles, crates and/or barrels): Address: Special wishes (packed as present or similar – you can be creative!):   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~   Services (including Personal Brews):   Full Name: Service: Contact information:   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  6. /// The Atlas Corporation. ///

    //Name: Dr. cult. Ruvak Pravuu //Race: Avian //Age: 28 //Strengths: Doctorate in Archaeology (Diploma attached), which includes studies of Biology and Biochemistry (especially Genetics), Anthropology and Sociology. Well trained and adventurous, but not a fighter in particular. Very curious mind. Hobby tinkerer. //Preferred Career Path: Engineering or Medical Branch //Affiliation with any other organizations: Formerly University of Nest, but no working relation anymore //Additional notes: I have a huge collection of artifacts and documents that are of archaeological value which I plan to examine, which requires both a good working environment and someone (or an organisation) that would be interested in it (especially in terms of funds and some space to catalogue my findings). If that is of interest to you, I would like to have a word about that topic as well. RUVAK PRAVUU DIPLOMA.pdf
  7. // A page is posted in a dubious forum, known for exposing corrupt politicians or scientists. It seems that they are from an private site to publish scientific findings. How they entered the Nexus Net is unknown. No comment section. // Surname: Pravuu First Name: Ruvak Degree: Doctor culturae (Archaeology) Registration Number: [EXPUNGED] Greetings Doctor Ruvak Pravuu ! This is your personal space to save documents for review, research and/or translation. We hope you find the tools we allocate for this matter useful. In case of any questions, please contact [EXPUNGED] under [EXPUNGED] . Legal notice: [EXPUNGED] // The text box ends here. From here, all information are input by the user, most likely Dr Pravuu himself. // Content: diary entry "Claudius Markus" - Human, Roman Era, ~67AD [TRANSLATED] document "Hylotl songtext; 'A moonlit cave'" - Hylotl, unknown time [NEED TO FIND NATIVE SPEAKER] -don't talk to Hylotl about this, seems to be 'indecent' [private] [private] letter "Claudius Markus to Gaius Callum" - Human, Roman Era, ~68AD [TRANSLATED] letter "Gaius Callum to Claudius Markus" - Human, Roman Era, ~68AD [TRANSLATED] [private] document "Stone Plate; Old Avian" - Avian, pre-Kluex Era -!!!important: possible trace for Kluex' origins!!! [private]   Diary Entry: Claudius Markus "Vile times these are. Our emperor has lost his little mind over power. The holy games of [Olympia] have been desecrated by a tiny man. Games, to show the best [the] Empire has to show and he plays in them and is proclaimed the victor [winner] over every one! Another star has risen in this time in the south. Vespasian, general to the Imperium Romanum [Roman Empire] has taken it upon him to [stop/destroy] the vicious rebels. He is cutting Jewish left and right[sic] but like Hydras they arise twicefold where one was slain. This pest he hopefully will deal with." Earliest mention I yet found of Vespasian. Jewish seem an enemy to the Roman rule. Why are they so cursed in their existance? Persecution since the Humans' ancient times. // There is a note left on the bottom of the page // Stop searching, little bird. Stop now, or we will show the world more of this. The truth lies in what you naively consider private. You know what is in there. You want to forget? We will not allow you. // Page ends here //
  8. Banned Mods

    First of all: Welcome! Unfortunately there seems to be nothing like a "modloader" tool for Starbound. But I can give you a hint from my personal experience: As long as you do use mods that introduce non-vanilla items and are on the Server: DO NOT SPAWN THEM IN OR TRY TO BUILD THEM! That can actually get you banned instantly (as is mentioned in the rules). So, if you play with Fracking or any minor mods that overhaul the game by giving it new mechanics and items: don't use them. Hope I could help
  9. The Races' Languages

    I'd be delighted if I could work together with them on that, if they are interested. If it were to be done, I'd love it to really be thorough and fitted to their (if I may say so) very well written lore.
  10. The Races' Languages

    So, this board seems a bit... empty, but as it is the official board for lore suggestions, I might have an idea to introduce. I love languages and writing and have noticed, that, although it is occasionally used ICly, there is nothing in the forums, for example in the race's descriptions, that indicates how their languages sound and work. Now of course I do not suggest to literally create their languages completely, that would be mental (although I would be mental enough to create one or two). My idea would be to have an overview on how the languages sound, feel, are built up, and what the culture behind the language is. I am sure most people at least have vague ideas on how they would sound, given there are some indications given through the sounds in Starbound itself, slightly rough speech from Apex with their grunts or the cooing of Avians, but I personally think it would be a nice thing to elaborate on that. I am pretty sure that I am one of the very few people actually taking interest in this but I think it would be a nice addition to the Lore section nonetheless, and I would be happy to commit to it. I made some rough drafts and wrote some ideas down already, but rather out of personal joy. If this is of no interest, then you can just take it down.
  11. ArMSST or "Armascat"

    Name: Archeological Mass-Spectrometer Scanning Tool (“ArMSST”; simplified/nicknamed “Armascat”) Description: The body is a rectangular box made of durasteel with a small ‘magazine’ with a small radioactive sign on it. It includes a datascreen on the topside and multiple buttons and adjusters for input under it. On the topside, a small radar dish is installed with cables wrapped around it. There are small ‘antennas’ reaching inside the dish. It is not exactly small, but still small enough to be used with two hands. Abilities: Scanning items utilizing multiple different wavelengths and particles to receive information about their age, lithochemical makeup and possible biological traces. Anything that might be interesting for an archaeologic examination. Conditional Abilities (Optional): Can be used as Geiger Counter or a radiograph if you use the correct settings. Limitations: Depending on the age of the scanned object, the Armascat is not always precise and can only date its origin in a timespan. This effect becomes more severe the older the object is. Further, the [NAME] can get confused if the object has been repaired using material either from different times or different origin, for example if one tried to repair a hole in a piece of pottery with different clay. Conditional Limitations (Optional): Very weird, out-of-place anomalies can mess with the Armascat in weird ways. Usually, it is getting pretty hot, but sometimes the effect is not really foreseeable. How does it work: The Armascat has a compartment for radioactive material, as well as a strong electronic magnet. The adjusters can be used to set the intensity with which the radioactive particles are excited, as well as how strong and on which wavelength the electromagnetic waves should be emitted. The particles and the electromagnetic waves are then focused and blasted through the radar dish at the object in question. These particles are reflected by the object, in a way depending on its materials, content and other traces being left on said object. They are then being picked up again by the antennas in the dish, which then register the amounts of particles and waves, the computer built inside the Armascat then processing the data to depict multiple information about the object on the datascreen such as age, molecular makeup, comparable objects, possible places of origin, etc. For example, deposits of nitrocarboxy molecules are being created when clay is burnt into pottery, the amount of it decreasing over time. Thus, the less of these deposits are included in an object, the less certain particles can be reflected and picked up by the Armascat, which is then abled to date the object into a certain timespan. It is also capable of radiocarbon dating, which is mostly and especially used in scanning organic leftovers such as fossils: Over time, the carbon enriches inside the fossils until it gets to a point where the carbon molecule can no longer get bigger without a considerable amount of energy and pressure – a chain of 14 carbon molecules. So, it is more or less a ‘reversed’ way of dating in comparison to pottery, because here, the more C14-molecules can be found, the older the fossil is. Flavor text: Invented by doctor of archaeology Ruvak Pravuu. Most mass-spectrometers are either too big or cannot cover enough information of an item during a scan on a small scale, also lacking the possibility to utilize radioactive particles or roentgen-radiation, which can be quite useful for archaeologic examination. Thus, to shorten the process and give a good, initial overview of any scanned item – which at the same time allows him to inspect any given object in regards to its authenticity. It does not replace a complete, thorough examination of course, but it helps to decide whether an object is worth to be selected for one. Referenced Technologies (Optional): If it does exist, I have not found it, neither have I found anything that utilizes mentioned technologies in the same way as they are here. Attainability: Open Tags: [Civilian] Category: Tool (note: Might fit into [Industrial], due to the possible dangers coming with the usage of radioactive material, medium-power electromagnetic waves, roentgen-radiation, etc.)


  13. Random harassment and insults by two players

    That's the reason I've been reporting it. As I said, I was not sure if that is really ban-able but thought to better be safe than let that just slip by unnoticed. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  14. //A Grand Opening//

    // A message was posted by user Beard // Good day to you, sir. I have sent a working application for this delightful tavern but have not yet been informed whether it has reached ye. If it did not or got caught in the vastness of cyberspace, I will resend it gladly. Otherwise I'd ask ye politely to at least inform me of my rejection, if such took place. Yours truly Benedict Boltbard
  15. Just picked that chat up. They started insulting two Avians on the server, playing racists ICly and I'm rather sure expressing it THAT harshly is not quite within the rules. And it's going on that way while I type right now. The two I mean are Denny and Jean ingame, they were talking to Xoco and Erasi.