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  1. // New Irish Republic \\

    in the 23 century the UN after forming a independent earth army the neutral state of Ireland became scared of the fact that they may be subjugated into the UN's empire so they focused everything they had on leaving the system the highest officials of the republic left from earth half way through the 23 century a month after there departure Europe was attack by this force of united nations in the 24 century the new officials landed on a new world they called New Eire. In the early days of this young republic food shortages, disease outbreaks were prone it took about 7 years for them to ready up by this time they had established a foot hold on this new world they brought all of the knowledge and production capabilities with them and a population of 10 million including 2 million military personnel and 8 million required personnel. it took them 10 years to finally conquer there system they were on fire there was no stopping them morale was high corruption low crime near non exsistant.  we also sell pingonium caps. ((this page is a work in progress if your interested just message below))
  2. /// The Atlas Corporation. ///

    //Name: Greg //Race: Human //Age: 28 //Strengths: Decent shot, Initiative //Preferred Career Path: Asset Protection //Affiliation with any other organizations: no //Additional notes: