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  1. // A news reports is spread around the Nexus, coming from Metalfawn // BREAKING NEWS Tensions High in Metalfawn Four days ago a letter was leaked throughout the Nexus detailing the murders of Lord Dillon Hildegarde and Commander Marquis of the Queen's Guard.  As a direct result Aaron Hildegarde, or Lord Aaron Hildegarde since yesterday, found out about his fathers murder the worst way possible; in a letter he was not meant to see.  Yesterday Lord Aaron Hildegarde officially succeeded his late father as Lord of Moonbath and the realm has already seen dramatic changes, causing a lot of tension.  At 6:00pm yesterday, eight hours after he was officially sworn in, a letter was believed to have been sent to his leige, Her Majesty Queen Arianne, expressing his anger over the attempted cover up. It is rumoured that in that letter he also announced his decision to close Moonbath's borders, refusing to supply the rest of the realm with any goods or produce manufactured or harvested within the state. People are also not permitted to enter or leave the state. As of 8:30pm Moonbath has also gone completely radio silent. Tensions are high and many believe that war is approaching although with Moonbath being the least populated state ever since the Great Plague in 3140 it would be unwise for them to declare war on their own liege and kingdom, as well as Metalfawn's allies spread throughout the stars.  Lord Aaron Hildegarde of Moonbath's intentions are currently unknown and the realm awaits eagerly to see their next move. 
  2. // A Mysterious Crime //

    // An emergency broadcast was sent out to all the lords and ladies in Metalfawn. The broadcast was accidentally leaked onto the Nexus by an unknown perpetrator // Vires in Genus Lord Dillon Hildegard and Commander Marquis are Dead. Lords and Ladies of the realm, this messages is sent with complete secrecy.  Lord Dillon Hildegard of Moonbath and Commander Marquis of the Queen's Guard have been murdered in the West-tower here in the Sisheer palace complex. It is believed that Commander Marquis was visiting Lord Dillon for an unknown reason when the murderer attacked. There is a possibility that there were multiple perpetrators as Commander Marquis was one of the greatest fighters the realm has seen. The deaths of them leave two empty seats in the council, as Lord Dillon was acting as Master of Foreign Affairs. It is in the realm's best interest that their deaths remain secret until more is known about the mysterious crime. We worry that Lord Dillon's death will result in anger from the Hildegards, Lords of Moonbath, and will cause them to distrust the crown and the capital. We have doubled the security in the palace as a result and the Queen's safety is our top concern at the moment. When it is made public, the realm will mourn the death of these two brave men, just as us all in Sisheer have been.  May peace come to us all.
  3. A warm greeting to you all!

  4. Joining Metalfawn

    Hi All, If anyone is interested in being a part of Metalfawn let me know! (Contact me on Discord @Shaenne Lys#2397 or DM me here.) For information feel free to check out the google doc; There are a variety of roles available so be sure to enquire if interested! When the new user submitted folklore / lore page thingy is ready I'll be sure to post all the information there. Thanks!
  5. // An official document was uploaded to Metalfawn's site on the Nexus. It was titled 'Welcoming the Newest Members of the Queen's Guard' // Vires in Genus Welcoming the Newest Members of the Queen's Guard Greeting Citizens of Metalfawn... and all those who are reading this. Recently Her Majesty Queen Arianne Clemente of Metalfawn has approached in court by two experienced fighters who have sworn felty to her and accepted the honoured position of being a member of the Queen's Guard. Tigrovi (( @GregPeters )) and Gale (( @Kappa )) are the new members and will soon become accustom to protecting the Queen above all else. There are still more positions available as well as other positions within the court of the imperial palace or being under the service of the Queen. (( Discord me @Shaenne Lys#2397 or DM me )) The Queen thanks all who are interested and may peace come to us all.  
  6. // An official message had been circulating the Nexus... It's source of posting is unknown but the contents implies it is from the kingdom of Metalfawn, the top of the page was the logo of Metalfawn followed by the motto of house Clemente // Vires in Genus Attention Citizens of the Galaxy Her Majesty, Queen Arianne of Metalfawn is requesting the best fighters in the entire Galaxy to appear before her and accept the job as her personal bodyguard to protect her from any harm and to do as she commands. This request comes as her previous guard, Sir Krasic, died after a period of illness. It is requested that anyone wishing to take up this offer attend court at Metalfawn to swear felty to the Queen herself. (( You can just DM me instead )) She eagerly awaits your presence and may peace come to us all.   
  7. General Information Queen Arianne Clemente, properly known as Lady Arianne Maira Catra of House Clemente, Queen of Metalfawn and the Taellualro Mounts, Protector of the Metalfawnians, The Young Queen, The Mother of the Birds and the Trees, The first of the name, Child of the Wind. Queen Arianne is a human with striking golden hair, almost down to her waist. She is 29 years old and has fair skin, a slim build and is of average height. She is a straight female and is currently single. She resides in the Aele' Palace located in the imperial palace complex in Metalfawn, a small single planet nation although she is often out doing diplomatic missions. As she received a royal education she is very smart in the art of diplomacy and intrigue. She can also speak nine different languages. She is extremely eloquent and talks as formally as she writes. She also talks in a soft calming tone. Her eyes are as blue as the sea. She always looks her best wearing expensive and formal gowns etc.  Physical Appearance Summary; Hair as gold as the sun Skin as fair as the white sand Eyes as blue as the sea She's fit and attractive. Personality Queen Arianne follows the religion of The Four Mothers. The Four Mothers is a religion believed to only be worshiped in Metalfawn. The basis of the religion is that many years ago there was the mother of Fire, the mother of water, the mother of the rock and the mother of the wind. It is said that they four mothers created the entire universe. When ever a child is born they are believed to be the child of one of the four mothers and the priests perform a ritual to determine which mother. Queen Arianne was determined to have been the child of the Mother of the Wind.  Queen Arianne is fairly easy going, although is entitled and puts her duty as Queen of Metalfawn before anything else. She is generally a happy and cheerful person when relaxed, but that is not often the case. Being Queen is stressful and leads her to many sleepless nights! She is motivated by her ambition to protect her people and let Metalfawn remain as a beautiful kingdom. As mentioned before she is skilled in the art of diplomacy and intrigue. She is also fairly quick minded. Backstory In the year 3255 Queen Arianne, or Princess Arianne as she was, was born in the imperial palace complex in Metalfawn to King Baezer and Queen Ilassai. She's their only child. 21 years later her father died from the red death, a plague that swept across Metalfawn, resulting in her inheriting the kingdom at the age of 21. Her mother, Dowager Queen Ilassai is her most trusted advisor. Queen Arianne has been spending a lot of her time travelling through the rift to improve diplomatic relations and find allies for the Metalfawn in times of great wars throughout the universe.  (( I got so much more lore about Metalfawn and The Four Mothers that I made but I think I'll leave it for now ))
  8. Introduction!

    Well, it's not like anyone knows what she looks like out of her disguise so without it she's fine in places like haven.
  9. Introduction!

    Hey Everyone! My name is Shae and an real new here.  In game my characters name is also Shae (hehe). Shae is a human who comes across as quite girly, a little bit flirty, outgoing and very friendly, (Her clothes change from time to time  ) unfortunately for some she is hiding a secret persona, a master thief known as the Black Star who is renown around the galaxy for her stealth and speed. She assumed this identity as a way of living due to her rough childhood and being forced to fend for herself at a young age. Thanks y'all! Can't wait for some awesome RP!