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  1. // Little Joe's closed //

    // User Portabella40 posts \\ Thankfully I don't drink meatwine anymore...
  2. There's no point of writing with a broken pencil.

    1. ubermange 2.0

      maybe you have nothing else to write with man

    2. Lloyd

      use a pen fuckboy

    3. Stupid Internet Guy

      Pen machine broke

  3. //Floran Drone.mp4//

      // Portabella40 replies \\ You should just take care of your life which is very important, and be happy that you're able to breath, walk, and talk to friends, as well as make some... Anything humans can do.
  4. //Floran Drone.mp4//

    // Portabella40 replies \\ Aye.
  5. The Crystalbacks

  6. //Floran Drone.mp4//

    //Portabella40 replies\\ Why don't you just come over and say that to me deep in the Haven sewers, wuss? Close to the lake, as soon as you read this.
  7. //Floran Drone.mp4//

    //Portabella40 replies\\ I don't fight unless if you two are asking for it, why don't you two try saying shit to me again, but at my face instead?
  8. Hello there!

    Hey, welcome to GC!
  9. Hello!

  10. //Floran Drone.mp4//

    //User Portabella40 replies\\ Oh... I guess that's why, but know that I'm different and I don't even like fighting.
  11. //Floran Drone.mp4//

    //User Portabella40 replies\\ I disagree about what they said. Like, what's with the people hating on florans that much? Is it because our appearance? Anyone can be a bad person regardless of what they are, and someone saying that over a certain race is just terrible.
  12. //Floran Drone.mp4//

    //Portabella40 replies\\ Excuse me, mate?
  13. //Floran Drone.mp4//

    //User Portabella40 comments\\ Oh my... This is bloody brilliant, mate! And I thought I would never see a "copy of myself". I just can't wait to see you when we meet up again! 
  14. Hey, hi, hello!

    Welcome, I hope you'll have loads of fun in here!
  15. Is a guide about anti-gravity the only book that no one will ever put it down after reading it?

  16. Ayla the bootlegged Lara Croft / Indiana Jones

    Here's some trash I made today, which may come in handy as a good reference about how she ICly looks like. Ayla Portabella, which was mostly drawn over a Lara Croft image, and then, made it a full body. I had to count with the help of a shitload of references and some people to get this done. No wonder why I've never drawn since a long time
  17. // Solus club closed //

    //User Portabella40 replies\\ Hey, lighten up, my friend! We got the ol' Joe's bar; although, it's such a shame that the club is closed, I never got the time to meet it, but hopefully it will come back to business someday.
  18. //Haven Needs Help!//

    // User Portabella40 replies \\ And that's the reason why I always keep travelling instead of wanting to live in any place, no matter how much I visit them. Oh, and we're not dead unless if we don't move.
  19. // REVIEW: Don't visit Club Solus //

    // User Portabella40 replies \\ I saw "naked floran" and I got concerned for a second before realize that I usually take bath at lakes.
  20. // A warning from the Hylotl Empire of Axolotia \\

    // User Portabella40 comments \\ Eh... If any floran counts, I guess I'm one of the targets then. Welp.
  21. // TRANSMISSION AL_94 //

    // User Portabella40 replies \\ Well, at least I always got time to move if I need to.
  22. //how is prangent formed//

    // Portabella40 replies \\ Sorry, there's no way of taking all that shit seriously.
  23. // Solus pool closed //

    // User Portabella40 posts \\ How disappointing, although, I didn't even got time to meet that club.
  24. I was going to get a brain transplant but then, I changed my mind.