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  1. Looking for a pair of hands and brains

    Before I clicked, I thought it was a nexus post about someone wanting a transplant... Kek Oh well, do you mean like, an art of a pair of hands with a brain hovering between them?
  2. I once went to drink water, and I noticed something strange, the water was, somehow, wet.




    I seriously need to stop posting facts while on meth

  3. Taking a break

    Well, see ya, even if we don't know each other that much, I'm honestly gonna miss you
  4. Ardent fashion magazine NO. 1774

    It's too hot
  5. Fleeing from yourself is impossible, because wherever you go, you're always there.

    1. Randy

      *Runs away* Oh fuck, I'm here!
      *Runs into the other direction* Oh fuck, I'm here as well!
      *Runs to the mirror* Oh fuck, now there's even more of me! WHY CAN'T I JUST LEAVE ME ALONE?!

  6. //Drone Test.mp4\\

    // Portabella40 replies back \\ That's awesome! Can't wait to see you again, been working way too much I haven't even been touching Technology. Lots of new things to both of us
  7. //Drone Test.mp4\\

    // User Portabella40 comments \\ Bloody hell, that... That... That was very interesting.
  8. 25 facts I learned during my life of survival

    // Portabella40 replies \\ Whoa, nice one expressing your opinions about the facts, I really like how it's all organized, but I can understand about how places like Haven are dangerous, but I got to be honest, you made me laugh at most of them, especially about how some are accurate! ((But seriously, that made me laugh so hard, not gonna lie))
  9. Hello, World

    Welcome, Stamp!
  10. Greetings

  11. Hello! (Again)

    Well, hello there! Welcome back!
  12. What is going on with Haven these days?!

    // User Portabella40 replies \\ Dammit, why I always miss those moments? ... Not saying they're good, but I wish I was there to watch or do something.
  13. THE RISE OF EVIL!!! Chapter 2

    //User Portabella40 replies and upvotes\\ That really made my day, 10/10
  14. 25 facts I learned during my life of survival

    // User Portabella40 posts \\ "Hello! I really don't know how to start with this, maybe by introducing myself? Oh well, I'm Ayla Portabella, adventurer floran since many years of exploring for survival until coming to Haven and starting to become... Social! I always wanted to put some tips like some kind of survival guide but instead, I decided to put 25 facts I've learned during my life in my ship, reading books, exploring new places, and 'socializing'. I hope you'll at least find them mostly useful or interesting. Well, here I go:" 1 - The smarter the person is, the more often they dream at night; 2 - The chance to die suffocated in your own saliva is greater than dying in a ship accident during a hyperjump; 3 - Florans can manipulate plant life for multiple purposes; 4 - Female humanoids have double pain receptors than male ones, but their pain resistance is much greater; 5 - Many species of flowers can bloom in various types of deserts, but dies in a shorter time; 6 - Red is what mostly causes the impression of power and trust on people; 7 - At this moment, there's about 35 millions of cells that are dying in you; 8 - Drinking water is good, but in extreme excess may kill you; 9 - Many centuries ago, humans invented a bullet that "brings life", the Flower Shells, made with plant seeds for shooting on the ground to plant trees; 10 - Staying awoken for about 3 days leads you to death; 11 - As more funny as it sounds, thinking is an exercise that burns calories; 12 - There are rumors about a lizard hylotl that was used to wander across the galaxies, some says it's an urban legend and others says it's just story to avoid radiation; 13 - Most scientists tends to have a bad writing; 14 - Sarcastic people can be the most honest people to their friends; 15 - You can easily kill a person by punching their chest right in the beat of their heart, with your maximum strength, making it stop and incapacitate the person; 16 - Relationships can change a person forever; 17 - Moving your hands while you talk makes you look like a more trustful person; 18 - The maximum amount of best friends you can have is 5; 19 - When you're blushing, besides the face, the lining of your stomach also gets red; 20 - Taking a few quick breaths before diving grants you longer time underwater than before taking a deep breath; 21 - Graphite put under intense pressure produces diamonds; 22 - Snowy cities are the most silent. This happens due to the snow absorbing the sound, decreasing the ambient sounds; 23 - Cloning the person after multiple deaths may cause terrifying brain and physical changes; 24 - Sitting for hours will decrease your life time; 25 - High temperatures will literally make people more aggressive and violent; "Just to be clear, those are just like 15% of what I've been reading in books and of what I've heard from friends. I don't wanna make it very long and such, but yeah, I hope that brings you some... knowledge, heheh. I hope that also compensates my poor introduction."
  15. 'Ello galaxy.

    I'd advice the same things that Hastur said. Oh well, welcome!