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  1. My brother's character just passed away in the most recent roleplay I participated in..

    His character had never ending sorrow from the deaths of our parents. He blamed himself for their deaths and could never come to terms with himself. I made his situation worse by ignoring him. But I soon learned he was dying of his wounds and we were able to communicate before his passing. I forgave him for his actions... 

    May his soul rest within the cosmos...

    1. PatMartins

      -Plays taps on trumpet-

      Godspeed, you magnificent bastard.

  2. My brother plans to start Roleplaying on GC as well!

    Can't wait! ^^

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    2. BomberNut

      I don't know whether to take that as a joke or not...

      I'm serious here.

      That's not what I was making reference too...

      I was just stating my excitement that a sibling in my family is interested in Roleplay at GC.

      So please don't assume something like that.


    3. Stupid Internet Guy

      Don't take him seriously, Bomber. Galaxy Citizens are usually like that...

      Although, I can't wait for Ayla to meet his char

    4. NublarRex

      I agree It'd be nice to meet him as well.