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  1. // the revolution begins.//

    //GV leaves a reply// wtf ill fight you, where you at
  2. // the revolution begins.//

    //GV leaves a reply// dude wtf ill wallop you if i see you
  3. //GV leaves a reply// what absolute legends
  4. // Prisilite Prix Final Race Announced! //

    //GV leaves a reply// oops
  5. // Prisilite Prix Final Race Announced! //

    //GV leaves a reply// Prisilite Prix more like yawn
  6. // ANGELS //

    //GV leaves a reply// what if you're in rakehell but not in the government
  7. //A post was bounced through the nexus, originating from Civspace. Another news article, it seemed...// The video enclosed within the post was from the same news broadcast as the last, the same logo flashing across the screen. A human man sat at a desk, organizing a small stack of papers. He cleared his throat shortly after, looking into the camera. "We have some breaking news relating to the earlier story we covered on the missing freight ships. A video clip was sent into our studio earlier today, now, I'm going to warn the viewers... This may be disturbing to some people." The video cut to a shaky camera being held by someone, heavy breathing audible. The person with the camera stumbled through what looked to be the cargo bay of a ship. The sounds of explosions were heard, the camera shaking even more. "Oh God, help me ple--" The man behind the camera was cut off by the grinding of metal, the camera snapping to look at one of the walls nearby. From a point almost halfway up the wall, there was a blinding light, the light starting to turn clockwise down the wall, cutting a circle out of it. The section of the wall fell to the ground after the light had made it's way around, probably being thermite or some other sort of breaching tool. The man behind the camera fell back, his legs visible as he started to push himself backwards, the camera still focused on the wall. Behind the section that was cut away looked to be a door, which slid open shortly after the wall was cut away. Three beings slid out from whatever was on the other side of the wall, it probably being a sort of drop pod. Two of the three beings were humanoid in nature, though the third, who was standing between the other two, wasn't. The lighting was dim, and the camera was very shaky, the two figures on either side of the shorter one stepping away, looking through the cargo. The camera man inhaled sharply as the shorter one slowly walked towards them, as they grew closer, it became apparent that they were a penguin. The penguin wore a large hat, which could be related to one that a pirate captain would wear. One of their eyes was covered by an eyepatch, a large scar running down the length of their feathered face, presumable passing through the eye covered. The penguin rested a flipper on a sword that was sheathed on their belt, shaking their head lightly . "My, what a selection we have here." The penguin's gravely voice said, looking down at the fallen cameraman. The penguin slowly extended their arm, the rasp of steel heard as the curved blade was unsheathed. They pointed it at the cameraman, tilting the blade to the side. "It's nothing personal, you were just in the wrong place at the right time. Don't think all your cargo is going to waste, it's not, really... It's going to help someone in need." The penguin chuckled, and shook their head again. "Oh, who am I kidding." "Wh-" Before the man behind the camera could finish, the penguin thrusted the sword forwards, presumably into the camera man. There was a pathetic gurgling sound, the camera slowly falling to the side. The bloodied blade and the penguin's feet could be seen heading away from the body, back towards the hole in the wall, the two other humanoids following shortly after, carrying some crates. "Load it up, we'll scoop the rest up after..." The penguin's voice echoed. In the corner of the screen, the three could just barely be seen climbing into the hole created earlier. The camera remained still, no noise heard at all. A few seconds go by, the sound depressurization being heard, whatever was on the other side of the wall was being moved. For a moment, everything was quiet, the other side of the wall being revealed to be the endless void of space. The contents of the cargo hold began to be pulled towards the breach in the hull. The camera was the first to leave the ship, spinning around in the void. As it rotated, the cameraman's contorted body could be seen just barely, floating hopelessly away. The clip paused as the camera turned to a specific angle, the blurry image of what looked to be the drop pod that breached the ship flying towards an even larger ship. The video clip ended shortly after, cutting back to the human news anchor. "Pirates have now been confirmed to be the cause of the missing freighters... If you're a hauler, be sure to have countermeasures installed into your ships... These pirates seem to attack at random across a wide number of hyperspace lanes. For more on this developing story, be sure to tune in whenever updates are available. Stay safe out there, Citizens..." //The video ended, the news logo flashing across the screen a final time before cutting to black. There was a space for comments below.//  
  8. // Rakehell: My Story //

    //GV leaves a reply// "uh oh lol"
  9. // "Wordless Tribute" \\

    //"GV" leaves a reply//
  10. // Haven Stands. Shadows fall. //

    //GV leaves a reply// "Lol i'm not even on the list. Get a more updated one and give me some credit, atleast :("
  11. //A news article from Civspace had been bounced and reposted across the nexus, it featured a video of a Human news anchor in a suit, sitting at a neat looking desk, the news station's logo flashing behind him on a number of screens. The video itself had a number of different subtitles able to be displayed.// Large text reading "BREAKING NEWS" flashed across a number of screens behind the anchor The news anchor sifted through a few papers, adjusting the stack so it was straight. He looked to the camera and cleared his throat "There have been a number of reports from freight companies shipping to and from the area known as "The Fringe" that their cargo ships had not checked in. Some companies investigated further, and discovered that the ships that had not checked in had been stripped clean of all their cargo and left to drift away from the hyperspace lanes. Unit-Five-Five-Seven-Eight has an exclusive look at one of the freighters, which has been recently discovered. Over to you." The news anchor looked over to another camera, before it cut to a different shot of a sturdy looking Glitch, wearing what looked to be an EVA suit. The Glitch put two fingers to the side of it's helmeted head, nodding lightly. The camera man and the Glitch seemed to be floating in space, the visible wreck of a large cargo ship seen in the background "Statement. Thank you. This cargo ship was discovered recently by authorities in the area, there seems to be a number of hull breaches along the entire ship." The Glitch turned around, looking at the ship for a moment, before turning back around "Concern. The ship's pilot and all of it's cargo are nowhere to be found, obvious signs of fighting are seen inside. Shell casings and laser burns can be found within the ship.  Closing. Back to you." The camera cut back to the Human anchor "Are pirates really stalking the hyperspace lanes? Should you and your cargo be concerned? Stay tuned on this developing story." The logo of the news station flashed across the screen, the video ending. There is space for comments below.    
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  13. // Lorch Meltdown's LoveNEX account //

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