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  1. // A warning from the Hylotl Empire of Axolotia \\

    /User monstrumFramea posts a reply./ /listening to kirito say shit makes me wish I was a hylotl sometimes tbh/ /End./
  2. If staff ever gets the time, they should add more reputation ranks beyond the 1,000+ Galactic Guardian.

    1. Short-Factor

      If that's the case, they'd have to redo all the rank pictures since they were made by whom shall not be named (Apple) for the sake of consistency.

    2. JeeJee

      I'd rather just have pictures of Dave Ward in various poses after 1000+. Much better than shapes.

    3. PrivateNomad

      galactic god

  3. // Atlas gone invisible?

    /User monstrumFramea leaves a reply./ /fuck/ /where am I going to go clothes shopping now/   / / /End./
  4. //An Announcement//

    /User monstrumFramea leaves a comment./ /volatile substance designed to eat away at outsider life? you mean like mercury or acid or some shit?/ /just so you guys know unless it's a gas that probably means there's nothing stopping people from just shooting you still right?/ /End./
  5. // Nexblur: Echo goes shopping wtf? //

    /User monstrumFramea leaves a comment./ /hey look the man on the moon's real/ /lol/
  6. Weekly Update #26 [7/5/2017]

    The Minecraft server's coming back? Hey, that's pretty good.   Solid update as always. If I could say one thing, I'd say they should be like...monthly updates though, since that's about how often they're posted and not weekly. Not that it's bad, I'm just saying that'd make the name match better.
  7. Are Spiders bug-crabs or are Crabs fish-spiders?

  8. Bring descriptions back

    I feel like a good and easy way to do it would be to make a few commands that let a character set their character description using one and let anyone check a character's description using the chat box with another. Almost just like the widely-used Discord RP-Bot, actually. For example: /setdescription [character name] [description] or /sdescription [character name] [description] <Silver> /setdescription ^#228b22;Hollow^reset; A large human-looking android that towers at nearly eight feet tall and is adorned with a large coat and bulky olive armor. Friendlier than he looks.   /checkdescription [character name] or /cdescription [character name] <Silver> /checkdescription ^#228b22;Hollow^reset; A large, human-looking android that towers at nearly eight feet tall and is adorned with a large coat and bulky olive armor. Friendlier than he looks.   Though on a side-note I agree with what JeeJee said above.
  9. The Edgelord is no more

    Looks like a scientist with a lab coat now.
  10. //VOTE FOR DAVE- Q&A//

    /User Dickenmouff posts./ /How exciting it is to finally see an individual worthy of such a position of Grand Protector of this lovely Haven of the Fringe./ /To anyone who questions this candidate, and although I know the word of a faceless random galactic denizen seem weightless, I can confirm as an individual that this man lives up to represent that of such a vast position he wishes to enter, more so than any other man, woman or child present in this galaxy. With all he has endured throughout life and how hard he works daily, I can only ask you give him your vote. He's both qualified and deserving./ /With that in mind, some questions for him of my own;/ />While your policy of equal treatment of all races and never banning any single space-faring species is certainly an ideal one, how do you think this might change in light of any events to come? With so many conflicting ideals and cultures between most, do you think that if, say, violence ever became too extreme, you would reconsider if you must?/ />How well do you believe you would work with other members of the lovely Haven’s government? Members - individuals - of the police and guard you will oversee?/ />With such a weighting position on your shoulders, do you believe you will be able to stay calm, collected, throughout your duties, however long you intend to serve?/ /End./
  11. Nightmarch

    He can't be. It's 3284, so that'd be around 6,000 BC. Glitch simulation began around 3125 if I remember the lore right.
  12. //Haven Hotties Fan Club.//

    /User monstrumFramea leaves a comment./ /word porn isnt hot/ /End./
  13. Profiles give HTTP 500

    I thought this only applied to certain members like Miley and Krowski, but yeah. I can confirm this issue is...farspread.
  14. Clockwrench/Clitzclank

    There's a lot wrong with this character and I thought you'd be best for discussing such, since you usually do that.
  15. Clockwrench/Clitzclank

    @Pinkbat5 @Nemo