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  1. Richard Clarke

    General Information Richard Clarke has had a long standing career as an unremarkable maintenance engineer in Haven City...perhaps that's all he wanted, to be seen as unremarkable. Like any other normal person, he gets up, grabs a cup of coffee and something to eat before heading out to do the day's orders for repairs. Everything is linked up to his trusty datapad that he keeps on him at all times, and his eyes are, more often than not, glued to it as he goes to and fro repair job. However, Richard's job of work does not end there, this is only his day job. [NOTE: This part of the profile is unknown to anyone IC]  Richard lives something of a double life. He may be an insignificant engineer, sure, but that's just a cover for his real line of work. You see, Richard Clarke is a Courier. Now that may sound unremarkable since Couriers were nothing more than messengers, but this is much more. As a Courier Operative, Richard's job is to obtain information for a client by any means necessary. I suppose you could say he is a thief who's pockets are lined by information and intelligence. As a maintenance engineer, Richard is able to go many places most civilians can't, which makes his job all the easier. Physical Appearance Hair Color: Dark brown, almost black Eye Color: A dark shade of blue Complexion: Slightly tan Body Build: Richard has a pretty average build of lean muscle Personality Personality Type: As a maintenance engineer, Richard is quiet and respectable. However he sheds that away while he is working as a Courier. He becomes calm, collected, and aggressive. Political Ideology: As a Courier, Richard does not have any political standing, but simply works for those who will pay top Pixel for information. Backstory