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  1. "Paper Cranes" Talent Agency!

    //A user named 'Ducky' posts in a very optimistic manner//   Name: Bruce 'Ducky' Clansman Race: Human mostly, I suspect there is some deadbeat in me. Not sure though Skillset: I'm very strong, and large, but I also love me vehicles, I can tell ya, and build ya, any vehicle you might need! I also am very good at breaking stuff... Criminal History: Do I have to say publicly? But I can say I once 'accidentally' removed some blokes 4 stroke and walked off with it! Contact Information: Message me on this doohicky I'm sure it'll buzz in my pocket...
  2. // the revolution begins.//

    // Sade posts // Death threats, all of you sending them, I challenge you to take me on. 1 on 1. I shall lend you my sword, and we can duel it out, may the better swordsman win.
  3. // the revolution begins.//

    // Sade replies // Well, it seems my actions have not been taken well by the majority. My reasoning for the attack may not be seen as 'fair' judgement. When someone very dear to you, is taken right from your grasp by one of these 'Things' Then you may know the pain that has brought me to this conclusion. All that you have said has been taken into consideration, I will refrain from my hypocracy, of taking away the lives of those who take a life away from me.
  4. // the revolution begins.//

    //A video is posted, it starts from a very bushy view, almost impossible to make out any details aside from leaves and sticks. Suddenly the camera picks up audio as it pans to the right, only for it to view and Echo ((SP)) to be inspecting the Haven tree, the audio of belts being unbuckled is heard softly in the background, moments later the Echo begins to float away when suddenly the camera shakes as it lunges out of the bushes tremendously quickly, a swords blade comes into view, only to stab the Echo from behind. The video cuts to a few seconds later as it corrupted some footage. The echo is standing in view with its laser weapons pointed at the camera man, whose sword and arms are in view, the Echo shoots a few times, the camera man shakes and jumps back, before quickly going in for an attack, they go to attack the side of the Echo landing a successful strike. The camera cuts forward a few more seconds. The camera man lunges forward to stab the Echo but it blocks his attack, he then uses this to lever his sword upwards into the Echos faceplate, badly cracking it. More of the same happens before the camera man kicks the echo down the Stairs and jumps down as well, he stabs the echo through the chest and down about a foot into the ground.  SP started talking in an unknown language. "<You know... ME... I have a couple of things to say...>" . SP would be interrupted by the knight, they step back and prompted an imaginary crowd to cheer, they squatted down a meter of two away from SP, it looked like they were mesuring a field goal, while saying: "Coward, do burden others with your incompetence, it only wastes your precious breaths."  They ran to SP, and kick him in the head, SP would've been kicked in the head, their speach was now glitched out. "<First of all, thank you. Thank you for everything you have done. I really couldn't have done it without you, ME. You're like a father to me, a father that I never had, you're someone I look upon, someone I admire, someone I deeply care for, with all of my heart. I wish I could've spent more time with you, when I had the chance, but now, there's no looking back, I'm in a situation... a situation I know I can't win. ME, if you're listening to this... don't feel bad, I know you can't always be there for someone, or anyone, you have your own life, and I have my own, that I could say... it's at it's end... ME, I don't think I can last for very long... this is too stressful... the pain, the suffering... well... I could say, that I'm going to be free, aren't I?>"  "<That's something you should be happy about, and even though... we haven't really talked much, I'll let you know again, you're like a father to me. I wish my little life wouldn't have ended on this note... as this... Irksi... no... this... person... attacking me, he's too strong for me... a worthless, defenseless, and weak Delta, I will never be like you, a strong, proud, and protective Beta, I'm just a coward... I don't know why I even decided to become a Delta, I should have became a Gamma, it would have made things eas->" SP would be interrupted by the person before him, which had a sword, ready to strike their chest. "COWARD!" They would say. SP would be quiet for some time before they spoke again.  "<I guess they agree... anyway... ME, I'm sorry... I really am sorry, if I did cause trouble... or did make mistakes... but enough about me... you always helped me around, even when I was an alpha, and I am greatful, for all of the fun, happy, and even sad moments that we had together."> "<Now… here comes the part… the part that I never wanted to do, but I have to… my own will... A pause. I, SURPRISEPARTY of channel_243673_355238 declare that this is my last will and testament. I hereby revoke, annul and cancel all wills and codicils previously made by me, either jointly or severally. I declare that I am of legal age to make this will, and that I am sound of mind. This last will expresses my wishes without undue influence or duress.>" Sade interupted again,"Do you ever stop talking? this is beginning to tire me."  "<I hereby nominate, constitute and appoint RIGGEDICE-777101-DELTA as Executor. If this Executor is unable or unwilling to serve, then I appoint RAINBOWANGER-112818-DELTA as alternate Executo->" Sade cut him off again "Hurry up, i begin to question why i'm doing this." SP sighed, they weren't even going to finish the will at this point.Sade Tried to stab his second sword into SP's chest, trying to copy the way he did it the first time.SP would shrug, and slowly started speaking, their voice a lot more distorted and glitched out."<ME... Pl-Pl-Please... pro-o-o-omise m-m-m-me one th-th-thing-thi-thing...>"  "OH, here we go again!" Sade sighed <P-Prom-i-i-ise me... th-th-that... you-u-ou-u'll tell R-R-R-REDARM-OR-OR, HAN-N-N-N-N-NAH, B-B-BELL-E, D-D-D-DEMO-NE-E-EY-Y-EYE-S, A-A-ANT-L-E-LE-RS, P-P-P-POINT-Y-POINTY-HA-I-R-R-R, F-FLAM-IN-IN-IN-INGE-EY-ES and T-T-T-THEDON-N-AT... OR... th-h-at... I'm... m-o-o-oving...>" A pause. "<on...>" (( Bold = Galactic common ))  Sade removed his Main golden sword from SP's chest. "What did you just say fool?" "I think i heard a name i'd like to hear more about."  Intrigued by this the camera man squats down beside the Echo to repeat itself, it stays silent so the camera man stands up and asks "I'd give you your final words, but you seem to if just told me your whole life story." The camera man  Beheads the Echo and the recording cuts// //Sade posts// "Many days after that i was sworn to protect was torn from my grasp, like the lives of those lost in the coldness of war, trying to keep myself stable i slowely fell into defeat and anger. No longer could it be contained, I swore to hunt down the beast that stole her away from me. Then I decided to take on the whole species of these devilish things, all until I got my maiden back. Today is the day I met her captor. A savage beast no more, I have simply removed it from this life it so wishes to ruin for others. Often I'd expect such a brute to fight back, but alas I was to fast for it to retaliate, it fell like a mighty tree onto the ground as I pinned it with power. This beast was defeated, in a pointless attempt at freedom it spoke, as if giving it's life story, but this heathen was not to deter me and the lord from unleashing its reckoning! The demon lost his head after mentioning my lady, who I assume is soon to be slaughtered. If any of you wish to help me in my campaign, start a revolution against this infidel species, I have proven they can be killed! We shall prevail! Sit primo revolution!"   (( @Gun ))
  5. // Nexblur: Echo goes shopping wtf? //

    //User KewlDamodog245 comments.// Heh, what a freak.  
  6. The Goemi

  7. Yo, I'm really bad at staying alive and all.

    I'll work on it
  8. Yo, I'm really bad at staying alive and all.

    Yeah, that's what I was thinking
  9. Yo, I'm really bad at staying alive and all.

    What if some strange mutant cell activated? Willing to go straight to Extreme Mutations and total memory loss if so, like not even being able to speak   also, trying to send replies on the phone is aids
  10. Yo, I'm really bad at staying alive and all.

    Riiiiiiiiiiiip, I must think of something
  11. Yo, I'm really bad at staying alive and all.

    Or there is possibly the weird lake in the sewers, I know Grut spent a lot of time there
  12. Yo, I'm really bad at staying alive and all.

    Honestly dunno, trying not to lose this char. I love him too much
  13. Yo, I'm really bad at staying alive and all.

    These are all good questions, but by the looks of things Browes pet had brought his head to the hospital, surely the Haven guard would intervene and confiscate it?
  14. Yo, I'm really bad at staying alive and all.

    Funnily enough I usually try not to fight or initiate it.
  15. Character Name: Grut'yunn Avazak Cause of Death: Here's the rundown, Grut decided to travel to corrav for dumpster food. Crowe was also in Corrav, Grut decided that he wanted a proper meal. Moments later Grut was running from Crowe after stealing her wallet, the fight continued when Grut dropped all the pixels and became saddened. Standing there crying next to Crowe who was busy on her phone, Grut noticed her metal horns and tried touching/cleaning them. Critical mistake, Crowe head butted Grut twice and shot him in the leg,Grut retaliated by unloading 20 bullets or so at Crowe only about 5 hit. Savage tribal hand to hand combat broke out, it shifted from Crowe attacking Grut to Grut slashing at Crowe almost every moment. Minutes passed of this savage fight, Grut (I would lik to think was winning at the time) Began to slice rapidly at Crowe (like a Hunter from L4D) this was directly after breaking her hand and jabbing her eye. Warbitch. The Warbitch came to intervene, at this stage Grut had shoved his metal talon like claws into Crowe's throat and started slicing.Grut was pounded on and shot many times by Warbitch and Browe, this lead to the decapitation of Grut.  # of Previous Clones: 0 Member Vouch:  Character Sheet: in the process of writing it   Cloning Method: Can hospitals clone? If so that is the preferred method Skills: Grut is a very fast runner and an experienced Climber, as he was used to running away from things in Schelor as a child ((been approved by Nomad)), But do not underestimate him in Combat as he is quick and deadly. Razor like talons made of scrap metal surround his fingers, these help him climb, cut, intimidate and slaughter! Grut is also very crafty, and able to make a lot of things using objects others would see as junk, Did I mention he has an almost lover like attraction to scrap metal? Grut is unable to speak common and speaks in Armenian as his parents did. things to forget: Grut has learned a few words in Common since he arrived in Haven.  Grut has also learnt the Glorious taste of chocolate. People Grut remembers nice people and bad people.     reference image below ((not Grut but similar))