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    I'll also work on that. ((But he definitely will not be on every day.))    
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    ...I did NOT expect good stuff from this. Huh. Thanks!  Right, I'll work on it.
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    DISCLAIMER: THIS IS THE BASICS, MORE WILL BE ADDED, DETAILS, PHOTOS ETC. IN THE FUTURE. THIS WAS DONE EARLY. I WAS TIRED. YES I KNOW IT'S NOT THAT GOOD. YET. General Information Height: 4.0', 1.2M Weight: 74.04lb, 33.5kg Mental things: ADHD, DSED Friends: Mr.Esteban, lost, angel, "Ms.O" (More to be added later) Physical Appearance Mike is around 4' 0" Or around 1.2 meters tall, being of a small and scrawny build, mike lacks any solid physical strength, albeit being very agile. Weighing around 74 pounds (33.5 KG), mike is pretty light and easy to pick up, knock around, or even throw. He has very vividly icy blue eyes, dark brown hair (Which is always in an EXTREME mess, albeit usually having two clumps sticking out in the form of spikes (Cowlick) And is usually either wearing Shorts with a blue shirt, or shorts with a red shirt. Always having a backpack. "I like shorts! They're comfy and easy to wear!" -YoungsterMike Here is an old screenshot I found which has him in his original like, iconic (For me at least) Outfit. <Being a red protectorate T-shirt Personality Personality Type: UH...Happy-go-lucky kid who just wants to befriend everyone. Political Ideology: Mike is very extrovertish, often going up to any random stranger and trying to befriend them, in fact a large key trait is how open he is to anything (Except max) and anyone (Also except max). He ALSO loves to explore and climb things. And nap. He naps a lot after strenuous events, or after eating. Sometimes he just naps cause there's nothing to do. He has NO IDEA what politics are. Backstory Ah, you see, mike's story starts with two people, Lucy and Thomas Engel, who had a child(Which, yes, was mike) and raised him on the ship mostly (aside from going out to eat, etc.) but one day they were just drifting about in space when they were attacked, By none other than MAX, who boarded the ship and murdered his      parents, within his sight too.  SO er, yes, that event transpires, but mike actually blew a hole in the wall of the room they were killed in (via hand grenade, there's a crate full of weapons on his ship, his dad owns it all, it was fixed later, they landed on a world so SAIL could tell mike how to fix it so they didn't risk anyone flying out again, mike rearranging the room to be as it was, despite the large bloodstain. He blocked the room off after.) which flung max out (Along with the bodies of his parents) into space. Max however surviving due to him having the necessary gear(Oxygen, suit). After being retrieved by his men from floating in space, max, not the type to leave survivors,  wanted to get the kid, also angered that a literal 6 year old escaped from him. Anywho back to mike (Who literally spent all the ship fuel getting away) spent two years idly going about space(the ship AI keeping him alive via           emergency rations and teachings), until the ship was mildly repaired, and he wandered about the galaxy. He came to haven when the ship ran out of fuel and           drifted into the area., him beaming down, getting to now. (max quotes provided from ooc player) (Made at 2:24 AM for me) ((Yeeaaaah.))