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  1. Wisp Heeleon

    General Information First name: Wisp Middle name(s): Lite Surname: Heeleon Age: 29 Date of birth: 07/04/3259 Race: Novakid Gender: Female Sexuality: Straight  Current residence: Fringe Relationship status: Single Social status: Talks to anyone one who talks to her, trying to talk until she out of ideas. Traits of Voice Accent (if any): None Language spoken: Common Other languages known: None Style of speaking: Soft and cheerful Volume of voice: Low unless she is having fun Physical Appearance Height: 5'8'' Weight: 60 lbs Brand shape: Heart Gas colour: Yellow Shape of face: Small, round and supple Distinguishing features: Has a very sassy walk Build of body: Slim Corona colour: Yellow  Hair style: (Look at the pick above) Complexion: Smooth and shiny  Posture: Sassy Tattoos: None Piercings: None Typical clothing: Always changes Is seen by others as: "You should see her when she is drunk she whole different person." Personality Likes: "Gardening, when people talk to her, playing the guitar, and singing, Dislikes: Rudeness and Stone cold killers Education: Normal Fears: Helplessness  Personal goals: Live your life happy and do things you want to do General attitude: Cheerfull "The glass is half full." Religious values: The Stars give us life General intelligence: Average.  General sociability: Very sociable  Health Illnesses (if any): None Allergies (if any): None Sleeping habits: 9=10 hours Energy level: High Eating habits: Elegant, unless she is drinking the it goes to crap real fast. Memory: Normal for a Novakid Any unhealthy habits: Drinking History Birth country: None, was born on a ship Hometown: None Childhood: Spent trying to help with her parents experiments .  Teen years: Spent building her mind both in school and combat Adult years: She's still living them Past places of residence: Family's ship History of family:Average happy go lucky family. Briefly (or not) explain life story: Average life as kid/teen , traveling all the time, making and losing friends as she goes. Once she was old enough she left to be and adventurer, but later settling with a honorable mercenary group called Tetra Arch Militia (T.A.M)  Relationships Parents: Off traveling living their lives once more. She loves them, and they love her. Siblings: None Any enemies (and why): None Children: None Friends: Lara(Human) Best friend(s): Lara (human) Important friends/relatives (explain): Mataro Sharelight, they grew up together, they were best friends that no one could separate. But one day he disappeared and she never heard nor see him ever again. Love interest (if there is one): Mataro, Vance Vailman Combat Peaceful or violent: She only violent when her job calls for it. Weapon (if applicable): Owns a few different types of rifles, pistols, and knifes  Style of fighting: She has a damn good shot, and knows a lot of disarming techniques.   Others Occupation: T.A.M. issued mercenary assistance  Current home: A house on small moon that supports life Favourite types of food: Sweets/junk food/desserts  Favourite types of drink: Fruity, good tasting drinks. Hobbies/past times: Play the guitar and singing Guilty pleasures: Getting crazy when she drinks Pet peeves: Prideful/ cocky people Pets: Two orange Snuggets Talents: Playing guitar and singing with a beautiful voice that would rival all others. Favourite colours: Purple Favourite type of music: Slow songs  Theme Song: dark cat - BUBBLE TEA (feat. juu & cinders)    
  2. Mataro Sharelight

    General Information First name: Mataro Middle name(s): Jack Surname: Sharelight Age: Actual age is 25, but he can't remember his actual age. But off of a guess he thinks he is 29 Date of birth: Is unknown by Mataro so he goes by the day he was found. Was found on the 22nd of May, 3277. Race: Novakid Gender: Male Sexuality: Straight Current residence: Ship Relationship status: Single (As far as he knows) Social status: Normal for a Novakid Traits of Voice Accent (if any): None Language spoken: Common Other languages known: (Unknown to Mataro)  Style of speaking: Calm and collective. Volume of voice: Mid to low volume Physical Appearance Height: 5'11'' Weight: 70 lbs Gas colour: A cross between purple and pink Shape of face: Smooth, Oval shape. Distinguishing features: Four slender, black, metal devices, that are located on his chest and back areas. ( 2 one each side of his body, one higher one lower than the other) Build of body: He looks average but leans towards a slimmer body type Corona colour:  A cross between purple and pink Corona style: (Look at the picture above that's his Corona style) Complexion: When he sick or wounded  he appears more purple. Other then that he is normally a cross between purple and pink Posture: Brawny, but slouches and chance he gets. Tattoos: None Piercings: None unless you count the metal things I mentioned before. Typical clothing: He sporting a normal leather jacket and scarf, with a tough silk pants and combat grade boots. Most of the time he is seen with a hat and large bag Is seen by others as: "Hey it's that guy. Who the hell is he?" Personality Likes: A bottle Starshine, utter silence, chilled music while enjoying a sunsets/sunrises and or the scenery, his crewmates and adventuring Dislikes: Hangovers, his vague flashbacks/dreams about his family that he can't remember Education: College leveled degree in engineering. (Unknown to Mataro)   Fears: The person he once was or could have been, and Boredom Personal goals: Finding Someone who can tell him what flashbacks/dreams mean? General attitude: If things are bad they could always be worst, and if things are good they can always could be better. Religious values: Worships all stars in the universe as the life bringers for the rest of time (Or multi-Solar deity)  General intelligence: Average from what he knows, but can fix small devices with ease.  General sociability: Very dense, and will keep to himself, But he won't turn down a conversation.  Health Illnesses (if any): Amnesia (a partial or total loss of memory.)  Allergies (if any): Deathly allergic to death. Sleeping habits: 7-8 hours of sleep, that if he doesn't wake up from the frequent flashbacks/dreams  Energy level: That of a small child when excited or drunk. As for day to day  Eating habits: Eats his fare share, not too much, not too little Memory: Meh, He remembers things better if he interacts with them on a weekly to monthly basis   Any unhealthy habits: Drinking History Birth country:(Unknown to Mataro)  Hometown:(Unknown to Mataro)  Childhood: Fun simple farm life (Unknown to Mataro)  Teen years: Spent his time building small devices to help with around the house if he isn't out in the fields helping out. (Unknown to Mataro)  Adult years: He still living them Past places of residence: A normal sized farm house where he spent his teen and childhood years(Unknown to Mataro), and the barracks of mining company. History of family: His crewmates are his new family, because he can't remember his gas related family. Briefly (or not) explain life story: Mataro can not remember much from his Teen years and back. He was found by Jet, a fellow Novakid that came across the crash escape pod. All that was with Mataro was his little blue snugget cuddled up with him, a hunting rifle, the clothes on his back, and a gallon hat with his name stitch on the rim of it. Later Jet help Mataro onto his feet and landing him a job a at mining company. A Job Mataro later comes to hate. Two years pass by and he get a promotion for his hard work. That night he went out to celebrate have a lot of drink, then a Hylotl woman gives a drink. Mataro drunk as can be accepts it a passes out. After a while he come to in the holding cells of a slave trading ship and was later shipped off to one mining site after another other for 4 long years later escaping with his what will soon to be crew aboard a mid-size mining ship. One heroic escape later Mataro and his new found crew set out to find all their families before they were captured. Mataro being the only one who can't find his family he helps the others returned to theirs first...But much to Mataro's surprise they all stayed with him, try to help him find his family. Lucky for them they all served similar jobs or roles aboard a ship or outpost. Every few months or so Mataro's crew returns to their families for a week, leaving him to visit Jet for awhile.  Relationships Parents: Dead (Unknown to Mataro)  Siblings: A sister-Alphonna (Unknown to Mataro)  Any enemies (and why): None as of now Children: None Friends: Still deciding Best friend(s): His crew, 8 in total (including him). Cree (Hylotl), Zensabi (Floran), Mowa (Floran), Kim (Hylotl), Jennifer (Human), Lara (Human), Raven (Avian) Important friends/relatives (explain): Jet (Novakid) He was the one who found him and took care of him Love interest (if there is one): *blushes* "I'm not telling you" Combat Peaceful or violent: Peace tending to avoid conflict with others ass much as possible. But come after his friends and he'll come at you with the fury or a thousands stars. Weapon (if applicable): Hunting rifle, and survival knife. Style of fighting: Will always go for his rifle because he is a good shot with it. When it comes to hand to hand combat he fights very sloppily on purpose to throw off his enemies. Others Occupation: A Wayfarer of Iluhuli Current home: Ship Favourite types of food: Jerky Favourite types of drink:  A concoction he makes of Starshine, hot sauce (the hottest he can find), Pussplum and lemon juice. He has come to calling this drink mix Solar Fury.  Hobbies/pastimes: Drinking and eating jerky Guilty pleasures: None *Wink Wink Wink* Pet peeves: When people who feel sorry for themselves. It pisses him off to no end Pets: A little sky blue Snugget that was found with him at the crash site Talents: His high pain tolerance. Favourite colours: Doesn't have one. "Each color has it's purpose, no use in picking just one." Favourite type of music: Chilled beats and soothing rhythms Theme song: JANEE - Lake
  3. An update to Lore?

    Yep that's what I'm saying in a nutshell.
  4. An update to Lore?

    To get this out the way, If I'm posting this in the wrong forum page please inform me right away or take care of it your self or both to get it fixed. Let's get started:  I have been visiting the server almost daily for (in a few days) a good month now. I read just everything on the lore pages to a fault. Granted that I'll forget it within a few days, but I will good back and reread it if need be But...It has come to my attention that the lore needs to be updated. Reason being is often times, new people say something not that goes against lore and they are corrected by a admin or a server veteran that are there . Which is 100% reasonable that's a common mistake that new people make when just learning the ups and down. It is the instances where the correcting information that is said, is not in the forums lore pages, is where things get problematic. This information is said to be lore, but isn't on the the pages is said to be "common knowledge". Now, being the person that I am, applies actual game mechanics to almost everything lore related. To defend my character's story, I would instantly say "Well it doesn't say it on the lore page and it happens in game." Then I am corrected once again saying  "It might not be there but most have grown to accept that as lore." My goal of this post is to turn "common knowledge" into sold lore. By updating lore pages that have a good year under their belt or are just lacking, would help avoid these situations. I have only notice this with the Novakid Lore but I won't go as far to say that other lores can be lacking. As a side note: I have a few more pressing question about the lore that I would like to be answered as well. So, message me here if you can. (I will react the fastest to discord messages. My discord name and tag is: BullisStick #4912)