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  1. Whoa.. 2 years ago today I started GC... technically it was yesterday, but June 1st is when I consider when I officially joined GC... boy I feel old.

  2. A Thanks to Lloyd.

    I may have never been involved much in Atlas other than helping Reggie way way way back in the day. (even though I have a character in Atlas that I barely use, whoops) It makes me happy to see that Lloyd has done good with it and has rightfully earned the spot as one of, if not the top faction in GC. Also even though some may make fun of GC for being a very unserious meme filled server at times and/or being upset with staff, Lloyd is usually there to yell at us and say he genuinely loves the server and tries to make it better; and that's good on him, I'm glad that some people love GC for what it's worth and try to make it better than the rest. All hail our Llord and Savior. (When Im able to return to Discord and my PC, We gotta have another Arma night, Lloyd. -thumbs up-)

    1. -DZ-

      Yea, that sounds like a good idea, babe.

  4. // My Collection!! \\

    // RegalasNumber1 would reply \\ Would you know where I could get a piece, perhaps?
  5. // My Collection!! \\

    // User RegalasNumber1 would reply to all of these \\ Why would you say something so mean to me? I only wanted to share what I thought was cool with you
  6. // My Collection!! \\

    // Same user would reply here as well \\ You sound like you need a hug! // End \\
  7. // My Collection!! \\

    /// A VIDEO IS POSTED TO THE NEXUS \\\ // Username is "RegalasNumber1" \\ -It would start off with a seemingly normal girl with long wavy dark red hair, and bright blue eyes staring into the camera with a smile, a bright orange shirt with some sort of necklace around her neck. The background would be a messy room with clothes all over the floor and what appeared to be photographs all over the walls, however the focus of the camera would make it hard to see what said pictures were of, family perhaps?- "Hiya people of the Nexus! My name is Regalia and I wanted to make a fun video where I shared my favorite collection ever with you!!" -she'd turn the camera around to her desk in front of her, although she'd push some "stamps" off to the side muttering- "You uh.. don't need to see those." -There would also be lots of various papers covering it, but the camera would be centered on a binder and an urn- "Well this is only part of it. The urn is one of my favorite pieces of this collection.~ But we'll save it for later!" -she'd give the urn a light pat, then also moving that out of the frame with the rustle of some papers as its pushed, then placing a hand on the binder- "This is something I had worked on for /at least/ a year and a half before he left. I'm so proud of myself for putting all the work into this." -she'd open the binder and there would be some... leaves? Each held onto the page by a thin transparent plastic. Starting to turn through the pages without saying much, all of them on the first few pages would be covered with white paint, but the paint would be chipping off a little bit in various spots revealing that /all/ of them were red leaves. About the same color as her hair.-  "My leaf collection!" -she'd exclaim as she got to a page where all the leaves were no longer covered with white paint- "But not just /any/ leaves. Nonono. They're /Regala's/ leaves." -she'd creepily giggle- "My favorite person in the ENTIRE world! Aren't they so pretty?" -she'd close the binder and the camera would turn over to a decently sized cooler as she started scooting her chair towards it, pushing clothing on the ground out of the way as she did- "I have even more cool things for my show and tell!"  -The area around the cooler would seem to be very tidy and well taken care of, unlike the rest of the room, there would be what appeared to be a small box atop of the cooler, which she'd pick up first and open up, revealing lots of.. Floran skin and small bone fragments? Blue skin, although some different bits were painted orange and as with the leaves, some bits of paint was breaking off revealing it was blue-  "Chunks of Reggie's skin from fights he'd gotten into! I keep it in this cooler so I can look at it whenever I want!" -she'd pick up one of the hard wood bone fragments, spinning it around slowly for the camera before turning the camera back to herself, a big creepy smile on her face as the "pop" of the cooler opening could be heard- "And I also have this!"  -she'd then pull the contents out and press it against her cheek, her opposite eye would start twitching a bit. The contents being what else but a somewhat shriveled arm. Painted orange and the paint cracked in many places, the arm actually being blue, like the skin collection- "It's Regala's arm! The one he lost when that meanie-face Wilbee broke it! ...It's her right one, in case anyone was wondering though." -she'd kiss the back of the hand and put it back in the cooler, closing it again- "So that's it for over here. Back to the desk!" -as she returned to the desk, she'd turn the camera to a bulletin board above her desk, covered with pictures of Regala, all from different hiding places, such as bushes or trashcans, and all in different occasions, like when Regala died and had a party in Apollo- "All these pictures of my girl! Isn't she the coolest?" -the camera lowering back down to the desk, and she'd slide the urn back into frame- "We're almost done, only a few more things to show, sadly." -she'd state, turning the urn around, there would be a picture of Regala sleeping in his bed taped to it, with some red lipstick from where Regalia kissed the corner of the picture, with Regala's old Atlas ID taped to the urn below the picture- "This is my favorite picture of him." -she'd lightly scratch at Reg's chin on the picture- "Isn't she so cute in it? I think so. I also have his ID from way back when, was probably the hardest thing for me to get." -she'd tap the ID once and then proceed open up the urn, what else goes in urns than Ashes, of course!- "So these are Regala's ashes after she died... I'm so glad she was cloned though." -her tone of voice would go very sad- "If he was permanently dead, I would have been so sad, I don't know what I'd do with myself..."  -back to a happy tone- "For my last trinket I have this!" -turning the camera back on herself, and she'd be holding what was hanging from the necklace up to her cheek, smile bigger and creepier than ever.. a crushed eye floating in a jar filled with preservative jelly- "Regala's eye that she lost! Yes I have it and it's my favorite thing ever! I wear it all the time so I have a little piece of Regala with me wherever I go!" -letting the necklace hang around her neck again- "I wanted to share this since its nearing the one year anniversary since my Reggie left us. I miss her soooooooo much! If you see this, Regala. Just know that I love you, honey!" -she'd blow a kiss at the camera and give a finger wave- "Byee~~" -as the video cuts off, there would be a box at the bottom for any comments people may have-
  8. Oh hey, I can actually sign into the forums again... so uh.. hi..?

    1. iamnotanumber2000

      Hey man, nice coat.

  9. I need the helps

    You can also just right click starbound on your task bar after you've opened it, click "starbound" in the list that comes up and boom, another starbound open.
  10. You put your hands in the air
    And then stick out your rear end
    And then you wiggle it real hard and you hug your closest friend
    And then you wildly remove your clothes and tearaway pants
    This is the cool patrol dance

    Now rub the peanut butter on you
    From your head to your feet
    And cover up your nudity with different cheeses and meats
    Then slap a camel because this could be your only chance
    This is the cool patrol dance

  11. *kicks down door* hey there

    I usually dont hop on trends... but. Akila: Spoiler Made this one forever ago. Dom: Spoiler Sevasti: Spoiler With Glasses: Without: Devin: Spoiler Well... way less muscular Devin...  
  12. I bet the people who run the Canadian Immigration site are having a really good time right now. Especially since its getting such an overflow that its crashed.

  13. God isn't dead.

    Our god hath returned to us.
  14. why dont you make love to me like you used to

    1. -DZ-

      Because you left me for that dirty whore.

    2. -DZ-


  15. Angry Man Dave

    You know we still love you, Bort. <3