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  1. GC's setting feels too hopeless

    As a returning/new kid on the block, yeah, I agree. Before my leaving, I was interested in setting up a business or something of the sort, but I had no motivation to. After all of the vacant posts I'd read in the nexus from years ago, I see no room for the little guy, or any chance of it succeeding. In a post-post-note, objecting Nomad's point on foiling Shin'kali's plans: I agree that backstage interaction is nessisary, but when it doesn't affect anyone, or nobody knowing of it in the general public, it doesn't exactly leave a lasting effect if nobody knows.
  2. I have returned from a welcomed break. I do hope none of the people I have RPed with have left.

  3. Forum Cleanup/Making It More Welcoming

    As a new kid, it is a bit much.
  4. //A signal from space.//

    // The man circles the asteroid, confused. What does this mean? He writes this down, while maintaining autopilot. He dons a spacesuit, in the exception someone was stranded. Due to this, he doesn't have any weapons. (( @ZachChase )) He replies back, .-..-. .. ... / - .... .. ... / ... --- ... .-..-. //
  5. //A signal from space.//

    //Several hours after the Novakid left, a small green ship appears, drifting slowly. It's not militarized, but it has limited self defense measures. The man inside attempts to respond with a small, but limited string of Morse. In other news, the ship appears to have arrived from somewhere else in the fringe; hence the reason he is not out of fuel quite yet.//
  6. // Lorch Meltdown's LoveNEX account //

    // Snip crops out the photos, which are promptly printed out and put into a deep brown-red leather notebook. //
  7. // A Notice From the Senate //

    // Snip posts. // Suicide is quite a tragic response for this man. Quite a overreaction, and a cowardly way out.
  8. // Occasism School Founded //

    // User Snip replies. // Such a disgusting people.
  9. // Reply from Snip. // This Vauge project sounds suspicious.

    // User Snip.//   Smart man. Marrying a brute would end up badly.
  11. Tyler the Sociopath and death consent

    I would say the least generic part about Tyler is his humanity, if he has any. Simply making him a boring killing machine will not earn any merit, and I honestly wouldn't care if it had justification. If your character's main and least generic trait is that he knows how to use a weapon, you may be making your character wrong. Give him humanity, smarts, and traits before you move onto martial prowess, or he'll just end up a boring character. We have enough brutes here at GC, but we lack intellectuals in terms of characters. Just try something human.
  12. Tyler the Sociopath and death consent

    Swords are not irrelevant. The amount of characters that tote them are numerous, and the technological succession of them with Plasma is on going. By this vein of logic, a snipers would be out of fashion as well. My point is that you aren't doing yourself any favors by being generic and boring, as nobody wants to the the victim of a "oh man let me just pick you off with my instantaneous military knowledge that usually takes years to learn but it's okay because synth" characters. If you want to go that route, go ahead, I won't stop you. But good luck establishing yourself as a villain?
  13. Tyler the Sociopath and death consent

    Assassins, it seems, are always snipers. Why not poison or something more subtle, such as traps or more indirect means.
  14. //Atlas Fear.\\

    //Reply from Snip.// Something could also be said for blind faith and bias. One tends not to see the wrong in a friendly face, but only intentions. Your citizens are afraid due to their lack of involvement, as this mega corporation suddenly begins encroaching on their homes and space. More over, natives may not trust the word of those in government due to them being outsiders, and especially local business owners. Bias is also very common with this, and as others have said, the presence of Atlas in the Senate is quite large, so decisions may be influenced by this. We should worry about the Black Empire, yes, but we should still care about our neighbors. Atlas suddenly becoming militarized is worrying, especially so with their presence in Haven, and their extremely close proximity. People are bound to be threatened by this, especially since I've seen no business able to compete with them. I've also seen those in Atlas become quite violent at times, but this may just be my vision of it. I'm quite certain a few bad apples do not ruin the bunch. Please, take a look from a Citizen's view. If Atlas begins to stamp out other local businesses, it could become catastrophic. A monopoly shouldn't be part of Haven.
  15. //Atlas Fear.\\

    //Reply from Snip.// I'm getting very angry and possibly condescending tones from your word choice in this statement. Perhaps instead of attacking the people who are paranoid, instead prove to them that you aren't imperialistic people.