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  1. How Cloning Should Be Treated

    Despite how completely impossible brain transants would be under urgent conditions (y'know, like, whenever they are useful in the first place), I do agree with you @PrivateNomad I based my opinion on modern understanding and feelings of how cloning is done, so not all of it is supposed make sense. And for the most part, this is supposed to be for people who aren't Lange and have only had one life like the rest of us simpletons. However, people would still care after even 1 or 2 clones, because data gets more and more corrupted the more it's transfered, so they become more and more worried about how much of themselves they still are. And of course, @Loo (Sorry for tagging you I did it on accident ahhhhhh my phone why will you not let me remove it ahhhhh) Uhm, I mean, @Lucian, nothing is 100%, and there are exceptions for multiple reasons as you mentioned, but for the most part, this will be the case.
  2. How Cloning Should Be Treated

    Cloning is definitely not something that should be treated as the best of options ever ICly. You scan yourself and then live out the rest of your cut short life and someone clones you. All you remember is up until your scan. You remember yourself getting your brain scanned and computed and then waking up in a new body, knowing that you lived out a life and died and that now your someone or something else. You go through an emotional crisis knowing that you died but not knowing anything you did before. You live in an artificial body with an artificial mind and are completely unsure of what really is human. Cloning should be treated as about the worst option you could take in a situation, and most characters would be ICly opposed because it's not really you walking around. Think of SOMA.
  3. //Lange's Logs - 7//

    // User Reed replies // What happened to Lost being with Miyake? She seems upset by this.
  4. A clarification on the tech level of the Fringe

    That cracked my heart.... Kill me, please.
  5. //A signal from space.//

    They would grab his clothing, nothing too close to touching him.
  6. //A signal from space.//

    They would look at them, nodding after a second of hesitation. Their eyes watched him.
  7. //A signal from space.//

    //The jelly's see-through... jelly tissue gave way to it's bones to be seen under the light of the sun, greatly resembling that of a human's skeleton. They raised their right hand as the Floran beamed off, retracting it slowly. They're going to get trapped, aren't they?//
  8. //A signal from space.//

    The sludge stood there, watching them. They held the bow casually. The black beads for her eyes flicking between people.
  9. //A signal from space.//

    //They would fire the arrow directly into the Glitches neck, drawing another and firing into it's heart, and then again with another round in it's head, each one exploding except the last.//
  10. //A signal from space.//

    //The jelly thing would stomp on their resching arm, their bow jumping out of their leg, a hard-light arrow forming as they drew it at the head of the robot bastard.//
  11. //A signal from space.//

    //They didn't, although thinking to themselves for a second. They'd go over to the Glitch body, gripping it. After a delay, they would drag it towards the sword.// ":Thinking:"
  12. //A signal from space.//

    //The sludgeskin would repeat their question, walking a step forward and looking like they might draw a weapon.// ":Person::blood::equal::knife::blood:"
  13. //A signal from space.//

    They watch, ":person::blood::equal::knife::question:: exclamation:"
  14. //A signal from space.//

    The subhuman would watch them. They seemed to be debating options.
  15. //A signal from space.//

    They just stand there, watching everyone silently.