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  1. //A signal from space.//

    They would grab his clothing, nothing too close to touching him.
  2. //A signal from space.//

    They would look at them, nodding after a second of hesitation. Their eyes watched him.
  3. //A signal from space.//

    //The jelly's see-through... jelly tissue gave way to it's bones to be seen under the light of the sun, greatly resembling that of a human's skeleton. They raised their right hand as the Floran beamed off, retracting it slowly. They're going to get trapped, aren't they?//
  4. //A signal from space.//

    The sludge stood there, watching them. They held the bow casually. The black beads for her eyes flicking between people.
  5. //A signal from space.//

    //They would fire the arrow directly into the Glitches neck, drawing another and firing into it's heart, and then again with another round in it's head, each one exploding except the last.//
  6. //A signal from space.//

    //The jelly thing would stomp on their resching arm, their bow jumping out of their leg, a hard-light arrow forming as they drew it at the head of the robot bastard.//
  7. //A signal from space.//

    //They didn't, although thinking to themselves for a second. They'd go over to the Glitch body, gripping it. After a delay, they would drag it towards the sword.// ":Thinking:"
  8. //A signal from space.//

    //The sludgeskin would repeat their question, walking a step forward and looking like they might draw a weapon.// ":Person::blood::equal::knife::blood:"
  9. //A signal from space.//

    They watch, ":person::blood::equal::knife::question:: exclamation:"
  10. //A signal from space.//

    The subhuman would watch them. They seemed to be debating options.
  11. //A signal from space.//

    They just stand there, watching everyone silently.
  12. //A signal from space.//

    //They watch him for a second, the bow snapping into a 'U' shape before she put it into an odd slot in her left leg. They shook their head, the jelly that made them shaking with it. In the sunlight, they were translucent, their bones visible in the sludge.//
  13. //A signal from space.//

    //The purple jelly-looking sludgeskin in light knight-looking armor lowered their weapon, the arrow getting chipped away as they slowly reset their draw. Their black beads watched them under the purple jelly. They had no mouth.// ":Person::tag::question:" //They would repeat, watching him carefully.//
  14. //A signal from space.//

    The subhuman would draw another shot, aiming it at Lost. ":Person::tag::question::bow::blood:"
  15. //A signal from space.//

    //The arrows would explode as they missed, the shards of hard-light doing little damage and traveling little distance before vanishing. As the prior arrows exploded, another three formed in the bow, aiming slightly ahead of the figure; anticipating for movement. After a split second to draw, they would fire the arrows whistling through the air at them.// ":Robot::x::knife:"