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  1. The story of a dog and C4

    I wasn't there, but Rakkus has been asked to rebuild her, so I think I can vouch.
  2. The Icons

    Talked to him while they were being made. Cosign.
  3. //A Grand Opening//

    // Engigear replies // Well you did it. I'll try to stop by.
  4. Fuck

    1. PrivateNomad

      please dont swear thanks

    2. Sergeant Screech

      me please

    3. Raptor

      No swearing this is a christian forum


  5. //An Announcement//

    // TP777777 likes this post alongside a few alphas //
  6. // Echo Tech //

    // [^%#6422[]>??*=^ replies // Research more valuable. Expensive. More valuable for moolah than research. Faceplate useless to outsider.
  7. // Echo Tech //

    // [^%#6422[]>??*=^ replies // Willing to trade valuable echo research for faceplate.
  8. // HEAVEN \\

    // The_Nyxx comments // The odd things that are posted on the Nexus. At least he seems to have died happy. Do rest in whatever afterlife your heaven may be peacefully.
  9. // Day 7 //

    // Engigear comments // Justice.
  10. Chalk

    I like your style, very soft
  11. The Visitant

    Even though I'm shit and have have hardly made any posts. I am also curious to see what is to come of these. Co-sign if you're fine with that of course. fuck
  12. /// The Atlas Corporation. ///

    //Name: Tytius Tennen Tallius //Race: Avian //Age: 23 //Strengths: Bachelor's degree in specialized programming. Experience with AI, game, software, and application programming. //Preferred Career Path: Programming //Affiliation with any other organizations: No //Additional notes: I would prefer to work in my own place or office if at all possible.
  13. // Engigear comments // Well it's better than the alternative. (( the question is how committed are you to making a post like this every day? ))
  14. A Better Haven

    // Engigear posts // The same man who was too paranoid to talk around a guard just last week.
  15. // Saqqaf Q&A //

    // Anonymous posts // Whats your view on power armor?