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  1. Name:   Shin'kali Organic Targeting Assistance   Description: An elongated tendril curling along the body of a Shin'kali over one of their eyes, ending in a semi-transparent, circular membrane.   Abilities: The membrane acts as an improved visual sensory organ, though the appendage is actually a separate organism from the main Shin'kali. The organism is linked to the Shin'kali's eye and its primary arm, allowing it to snap control both of them in an instant. When a hostile is spotted by the Shin'kali's eye through the membrane, and the Shin'kali begins to focus, the organism automatically adjusts the arms in order to ensure a near perfect, well placed shot.   Conditional Abilities (Optional): Can be used to properly align the arms to face anything really, though its main purpose is for firearms.   Limitations: The membrane can easily be torn, rendering the organism useless. Even strong, concentrated gusts of wind can tear it. Dust and debris can collect on the membrane, obscuring the Shin'kali's vision, and hampering the ability to aim. Only one target can be focused on every four seconds. The organism needs this time in between locks to be able to re-focus with the membrane. Cannot be hidden. It is very obvious that one latched onto a Shin'kali's face.   Conditional Limitations (Optional):   None     How does it work:   The targeting organism is attached to both the Shin'kali's arms and its assigned eye, usually the one the Shin'kali uses to aim with. The membrane which lays over the Shin'kali's eye functions as the organism's very powerful, own eye. It locks onto organic or inorganic beings, guiding the arms towards the target when allowed.   Hook like teeth secure the tendrils, allowing the user to move as freely as they did before. This again increases the infection risk for non Shin’’Kali   Flavor text: The OTA was created after the introduction of the Combinator growth, allowing bio research to refocus on new technologies while the industry stabilized itself.   Referenced Technologies (Optional): None   Attainability: Semi-Closed Non Shin’Kali risk an increased Infection risk as the augmentation burrows itself into the arm.   Tags:   [Military] [Genetic] [Racial]   Category:      Genetic, Wearable    
  2. Name: Shin’Kali acid based weapons                Description: Shin’kali acid weapons can vary in appearance, some being more metallic while some can have an entirely biological look to them, the base mechanism behind remains the same however. Biological versions have noticeable lungs on the side, giving them a very recogniseable look.         Abilities:   - Strong anti-armor and anti-infantry response - Area around the target is affected by the acid as well - Grip and trigger on all variants is organic, reducing theft by increasing the chance of being Infected simply by carrying these guns.                        Conditional Abilities (Optional):   -  Acid leaves behind acidic fumes, which can affect the lungs of the victim after a certain time. - Acidic fumes can contaminate the area for around 20 minutes, often blocking entrances or exits.   Limitations:   - Limited to short to medium distances - Shots scatter after a certain time, making precision shooting hard. - Low rate of fire    - Long reload time.         Conditional Limitations (Optional):   - Acidic fumes leave the barrel, risking self harm         How does it work:   Shin’kali Acidic weapons have two variations when it comes to their firing mechanism, the first variant being the fully mechanical one. Using simple high pressure canisters and Shin’kali acid grenades. The acid is shot as high speeds towards the targets, however it starts to spread in a wide arc when attempting to shoot it at long distances.   Fully Organic versions use the same system, however they have lung like organs on the side which forces air into the loading chamber, increasing the pressure in order for the acid to be shot. The lungs are however susceptible to gunfire, being cheaper to produce than the fully mechanical versions.   Both versions suffer under a low rate of fire and a long reloading time. A side effect of using Shin’Kali acid grenades as ammunition is the acidic fumes it spreads when shot, forcing casts except the corroder to wear protective gear to prevent any self damage.         Flavor text: Shin’kali Acidic weapons have been around for a long time, however mechanical versions were produced with the discovery of the combinator growth, giving their boosted industry the resources to mass produce these weapons         Referenced Technologies (Optional): Shin’kali Acid Grenades Shin’kali Type D Mutation                Attainability: Semi-Closed Attainable by removing it from the cold corpse of a Shin’Kali warrior or simply being a Shin’kali warrior yourself.            Tags: [Military] [Genetic] [Racial]            Category: Weapon
  3. // TRANSMISSION AL_94 //

    // An offical transmission made by the Ascended has surfaced, playing proudly on public systems and being copied onto the Nexus. // // Some kind of creature stands infront of the camera, its three eyes staring into the void before it focuses onto something behind the camera//   "Being... High Ascended Keartu... Orders, establishing control of civil space borders... Hylotl empire.. aggressive response... Threaten war, unlogical due to already ongoing conflict... Resources expected to be low... War meaningless to Ascended.. Will distance from borders... Border extrusion into Ascended space.. Punished... Vessels of Civiian space entering Ascended space... Punished... Do not tolerate foreign matter in Ascended space.. highly punishable... Focus on new plans... Evolve... Adapt... Spread... Fringe unpredictable... High resistance met... Resistance futile.... Civilian space.. to be avoided..."   "All active fleets.. distance from civilian space... borders... if.. Hylotl break their own request... and break into fringe... Conflict to be born.. Death will be endless... fear will spread... Illogical outcome... We shall.... Leave civilian space.... Civilian space.. should leave.. Fringe."   "Keartu... spoken.. All ascended... this being has given... Command... New orders to be expected..."   // After the transmission ended it attempted to repeat itself as it continues to copy itself and spread //
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    // User Zel_Suspects_A_Thing replies // "I should be worried that you're programming a girl.."
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    // Reply // "Go to civil space if you want a military ship, but even there they laugh at you."
  8. Looking for a Ship

    // User Zel_Laughs_At_This // "You aware that barely anyone in the fringe has a military ship? Most of the ships were are scrapyard projects or modified civilian vessels."
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    // User Zel_Does_The_Thing posts a reply // "This is an offical declaration of war against user Gnegniegor." "All active units are to combat this threat and eliminate him from this galaxy, so may the great one will it." "We shall see you in combat."
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    // User Zel_Is_Here_Too replies // "Are you retarded?"
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    Novas dont have puberty.
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