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  1. GC's setting feels too hopeless

    I can confirm this.
  2. My Wonderful Trip to Haven

    (( Excuse me? ))
  3. //Haven Military Advisory Notice//

    // User Uni posts a reply // "I was unaware that primitives are now mistaking us for woodland monsters."
  4. // Echo Tech //

    // User Vetertigo replies // "I am unsure why this mask has such a high price?"
  5. // Repeat. //

    // A sudden wave of emergency broadcasts appear out of no where, one of them sticking out the most, a transmission named "Sector_48 "Last Frontier" drone" // // Establishing connection . . . // // Connection established, loading interface . . . // // Complete, playing transmission  . . . //   // You are greeted by a chaotic battlefield, several unknown ships holding off a large fleet of bioships, fighters swarming the battlefield with larger ships returning fire at one another. Several bioships have strange markings on their hull, the quality of the transmission not allowing for a closer inspection. Several voices are speaking in the background, a few of them being louder than the rest. // "Sector overrun, I repeat sector overrun. We have lost our fallback point and Infested fleets are rapidly advancing. Leave ground troops and prepare an emergency jump. We cant deal with this anymo-" // The voice is cut short by a massive explosion, the camera turning as a large ship approaches the battlefield. It seems ancient, the hull beaten and old with biomass growing ontop of it, a maw slowly becoming visible at the tip of the ship. Its being briefly scanned, making it obvious that its some kind of bioship inside the hull of some ancient ship, much older in design. The video feed begins to decay in quality before cutting short. // // Connection closed. . . // // New transmission found, connect? Y / N? // // Connecting . . . // // Connection established //   // A young human male stands infront of the camera, several fighters flying over him towards a destroyed city, larger ships descending from orbit. He looks at the camera man for a second, mumbling to himself before she directly looks at the camera while his hand runs through his hair for a second // "Hello ladies and gentleman of all races, I am Timothy Gen from Placholdr news reporting outside the city of New Montreal. As you can see by the action going on behind me, this is one of the many cities currently under siege by the Infested scourge. Since our last look regarding this topic many have asked themself why the Infested have suddenly halted their invasion efforts, well everyone. The Federal Biohazard Command has reported that they are currently thinking about handing over the intel they have gathered while fighting the Infested and during one of their meetings with interested scientist did they hint on a new dangerous project our Infested friends have been working on, dubbed the Relic. We dont know what it is, but apparently the Federal Biohazard Command does, and everyone is waiting on their ca- // An explosion can be heard in the background, the man infront of the camera covering his head as the feed breaks off, silence returning once again. // // Connection closed. . .  //    
  6. Schaden Vos

    Might wanna go into detail with modified, Simply just aesthetic stuff or actual modifications that improve/impair physical attributes.
  7. Schaden Vos

  8. // Sydney Jones for Senate //

    // User "KorScrew" replies // "I think you dont understand diplomacy
  9. // Sydney Jones for Senate //

    // User Kenla'Maklr replies // "I do remember quite alot of comments regarding Syed al-Quresh and Zel'nara. Is your political bias going to affect your decision with those political powerhouses?"
  10. Shin'Kali Combinator Growths

    Name:   Shin'Kali Combinator Growths   Description: Growing on ore or material deposits, they can reach sizes between 2 - 30m and diameters between 3 - 25m. Several fleshy struts come out of the main body, connecting to the ground and forming roots deep underground, often causing massive damage to nearby flora. The roots grown by the Combinator come in two sizes, smaller roots which grow to avoid ore deposits and bigger roots which grow towards ore deposits. Underneath the protective cap are several sacs, producing a slight glimmer during the alloying process. Spoiler   Abilities: - Able process raw ores and refine them. - During the processing stage it is able to break down metals, causing defects using applies pressure which are then Recrystallized to form an alloy. - Able to produce high amounts of heat inside its body. - Able to withstand extreme heat.   Conditional Abilities (Optional): - Able to purify the soil underneath it. - Removes any contamination underneath it. - Survives on most planet types. - Able to withstand high or low pressure environments   Limitations: - Growth dies after the product is harvested. - Cannot survive on planets that feature sub-zero temperatures - Grows very slowly ( Growth matures after 2 months, from then it will start harvesting ) - Produces heated and acidic gasses that causes respiratory failure when inhaled.   Conditional Limitations (Optional): - Roots kill nearby plant life over time. - Can overmature, exploding as it releases new spores.   How does it work: The large roots release acidic liquids into the soil, causing metal deposits to break down into smaller chunks. These chunks are then sucked in by the smaller roots which it sends into the deformation chamber, located in the center. Large muscles break the metals down further, bending and hammering them until they break down into finer pieces which are allowed to be relocated into the heating chamber. The blast chamber has two sacs connected to it, both sacs have a viotile liquid inside that when combined cause a chemical fire which can produce temperatures up to 2400 °C. To control the heat, the chamber is vented ever so often to prevent overheating and the detonation of the blast chamber. The product is then released into the storage chamber, where it is stored until the growth is harvested.   Flavor Text: Combinator Growths were discovered on a remote chain of systems inside Shin'Kali space and quickly used to fuel their rapid expansion. Often seeded on infested planets they are left alone until they are matured from which they are closely monitored until deemed "Ripe".   Attainability: [Semi-Closed] Can be found on Infested planets and spores can be harvested from mature growths for own use.   Tags:  [Industrial] [Racial] [Genetic]   Category: Tool
  11. Shin'kali Parasitic Deconstruction

    Name:  Shin'kali Parasitic Deconstruction   Description: The Parasitic Deconstruction can appear in the form of limbs or specific areas on the Shin'kali detaching, legs ripping the flesh its covered by open to enable it to walk. Shin'kali Parasites often have long spider like legs with a several smaller claws on the tip, allowing it to climb on rough surfaces. They possess several teeth at the area of detatchment and repurposed legs used to guide the mouth towards the target. Spoiler A Shin'kali limb starting to assimilate a captured host.   Abilities: - Quickly deployed. - Very mobile. - Able to scale rough surfaces. - Able to assimilate organic material ( Plant matter / Flesh, Bones etc. ) through the course of 2-3 hours. - Can root into the flesh of an unwilling host, often inflating the skin before causing necrosis at the affected area.   Conditional Abilities (Optional): - It can force a new host body to supply the parasite with blood by releasing angiogenic factors into the host. - It can switch hosts by merging with the flesh or plant matter of a victim or a Shin'kali.   Limitations: - Has a lifespan of 20 to 30 minutes outside of a host. - Very fragile. - Is unable to Infect a new host. - Unable to shapeshift. - Not sentient and unable to form any intelligent thoughts.   Conditional Limitations (Optional): - Not as responsive as a real limb when still connected to the Shin'Kali. - Increases hunger.   How does it work: The parasite forms inside the Shin'kali, immature as it wanders into the desired area. From there it will start replacing the flesh in the targeted area as it reaches maturity in the time span of 3 to 4 days. The trademark legs start to form and wrap around the flesh of the Shin'kali to stablize the main body. Blood flow towards the parasite is decreased as it reaches maturity, the only blood vessels that supply the body with nutrients and water leading into the mouth of the parasite. The parasite will live off the host until needed. Incase the parasite replaces a limb, for example a foot or a hand then the main Shin'Kali organ will control the parasites muscles for the time being until released. The Shin'kali releases a group of hormone which increases the aggresivity of the parasite and causes it to reject the body as a host, forcing it to tear its way out of the body.   Flavor text: Recently discovered when Infesting a species which seperates their own body when faced with a threat and then reassembles itself when the parts have found a safe location, the Shin'kali used this method as a way to increase the potency of Infestors, however many Royals have found a liking to this form of body manipulation, using it when found in a situation where they are outnumbered and need to escape quickly.   Attainability: [Semi-Open] , Shin'kali racial, the Shin'kali being the only race currently able to manipulate their body enough to allow this parasitic bond.   Tags:  [Military] [Racial] Category: Genetic
  12. Thanks Chucklefish


    Property Location: Spoiler   Character who shall take up the lease: Zel'nara Justification for the ability to pay lease: Funds recieved by her husband.