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  1. Really lazy but still existant griefer

    Config issues happened. and they are fixed now. Handling it.
  2. Is that what this is about? As someone with no affiliation to any group here. (I have no stake or claim to the haven faction) I feel that this situation is too heated and mixed up on all sides for this rp to continue between you and him. And letting any loose ends slide now just seems like fuel to a fire. To me this is between the ooc people involved. I'm locking this now. Any further conversation about this can be brought to me directly. 
  3. Okay. First. I'm going to state up front that this setting isn't mega hard-core super science rp. I'm the first to admit I'd rather have fun and be creative over hard science. I like things to make sense and be balanced. But I'll be dammed. If i want to fire tacos out of my butt. I'm going to make it happen so long as it's properly balanced. And explained well enough that it sounds feasible in a pretend Sci fi setting that doesn't adhere only to real life reality. (otherwise novakids wouldn't even exist)    Anyway. On topic.    My original plan was to void the whole badge left. And chase thing from the beginning. I decided to leave room for it to continue. But seeing as even that's causing problems I'm just calling it now.    The badge was left behind. And there was never a chase. Every side move on now.
  4. Carl can have his stuff where you say it is. But I'm also letting the police force take his behavior however they want. If they feel his behavior is enough to keep watch for him. Or search for him for answers for his behavior. They can. Which could mean restricted Haven access until he complies with them. Or whatnot. It will be under their discretion should he be sighted. Its not my preferred choice. But it's the best one I can think of that allows both sides power in what they want to a degree.
  5. ..Okay. Last time I ask. Are you guys sure you won't be able to come to a compromise? Because if not I'll force a resolution. But it will more than likely take from both sides.   
  6. Ohhh. I see now.  Just to make sure. This course wasn't training to be a guard. But a scheduled thing for all guards to undertake. Right? 
  7. Regardless. I'm going by the order of events. And the fact is that I need to objectively not take the stuff that happened after the report as evidence. Because it's not something that can be proven to me was the original intent. Even if I suspect your intentions were right. And it was going to happen this way all along. I can't just ignore the phrase "I'd rather not" in the dialog. I need evidence to counter that. Evidence that doesn't come after this report.    How long ago did this start? When carl contacted to join. Etc. 
  8. Okay. Going down this path means that he'd probably have the badge. And this situation continues. Though I'm honestly not sure it's the best idea. I think both sides should stop interacting with each other as soon as possible to avoid further heating this situation.
  9. //Martian Ark report//

    //An announcement is Posted in plain text// The Martian Ark is en route to provide study samples of the beast to various galactic governments that request it. The samples contain the same mutation signs that caused us to flee home. We do this in hopes that it can be understood as soon as possible.  //digitally signed by Martian dictator Dr. Laura Alurney//
  10. There is no way to prove that this would have all been the case if no report was made. Etc.   But I suppose the question is if they want to accept the badge is in their stuff. Or persue this further 
  11. Yeah. The wording makes it seem like he still has it. And... Considering these events. It's hard to just accept that was the plan all along. 
  12. Also. Rox isn't wrong about the iPs.   The nexus forum on the forums. And the chat on discord is a Civspace service which is used essentially everywhere. I can't say this anyone's fault if they didn't know. So I'm going to see about making it clear in the future. IPs aren't just displayed on everyone's nexus posts and chats. You'd have to go through the company that has the info. And have them give it to you. Again. This is all info that got buried and forgotten over the years. So it's nobody's fault. But it's clear that we need to make nexus lore/basic info. We should have ages ago.   Anyway- W-wait what. 
  13. I do fail to understand the point of tracking him outside the system. He refused to hand in his badge. But he can still be purged from official records. So his badge would be meaningless.    Anyway. Tldr; If his background and ship are what they are. I can't see the police getting to him that easily/quickly. But I also don't believe it's impossible. In fact I think it's totally possible. Just not within the time frame given.  Though if anyone has more info to add. Please do. 
  14. So. From my understanding. The device he used to connect to the nexus was ditched. Right? Just asking questions first. 
  15. I can't access my profile page :/

    One day I'll get the email to start the actual work. Nope! Still waiting on it. I sent another email out tonight.