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      Welcome to Galaxy Citizen, new player! Feel free to introduce yourself, and read our guides on RP if you need to, check out our lore and get a feel for it, and remember to contact any of our staff if you need anything. GC is a serious roleplay server which means we cater to users who enjoy immersive roleplay both on the server and even off of it. Remember to read our rules for both OOC and IC matters and to be courteous to others. Other than that, to get started, just go to the Outpost and check out the Two-Stop teleporter for our list of player-made hubs - you can also spawn your own hub teleporter by going into singleplayer, and after typing /admin, doing '/spawnitem 2stoptele' and placing it.  If you like it here a lot, remember to vote and help us keep up! also, remember good grammar

        ~  @PrivateNomad, friendly neighborhood CM
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      For various reasons, we've moved to a new Discord. Follow this link to gain access. Just a note, the Dark Citizen rank is no more, as Discord has new rules about NSFW chats. It'll now ask you to confirm you are 18+. https://discord.gg/qqaN8pG


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  1. Queen Arianne Clemente

    Hey! I'm actually happy to talk to you at length for a bit about this! I'm curious. I'm not a fan of outright rejection without talking to someone. And even if you don't get to do it right away. We can discuss how to make what you want work in the future! Feel free to send me a message on the discord. (easiest way for me to communicate) or a pm on the forums! As I said. I'm. Happy to help straighten stuff out. 
  2. Network Exception Error

    Were you ever able to join before? 
  3. I cannot post statuses

    That's probably the error 500, its unrelated, And I've recently gotten word from someone regarding the issue.
  4. I cannot post statuses

    I need more information from Hastur to have an idea what the issue is.
  5. Why can't I visit my profile?

    Technically. I'm still waiting on a certain someone to make said fix possible, but they are not existing. Working on a second solution if I don't hear back.
  6.          plz ignore i neeeeed to do this to copy out the raw emote pictures.
  7. hullo good peeps

    Hey! Its been agggeeeeeeeessssssssss. Miss ya lots! Glad to see you are well. (I am aurora) Your profile exists, but the website is having some errors. If you want to PM me about what settings you were trying to change. Go ahead.   I'm hoping I get news from the person I'm waiting on about the profile issue soon.
  8. What workshop items does this server use?

    1. SilverGallium

      I doesn't use any.

    2. EarlyBird

      I says my assets do not match


    3. SilverGallium

      Just check 'Allow Asset Mismatch' in options.

  9. Androids seem to love blindfolds... Who'da-thunk.

  10. Profiles give HTTP 500

    Yeah. Well.. Seems like the downtime never happened as scheduled... Either way. It might be related to the websites file system being bloated. Im waiting on someone to help me with things when they have time. 
  11. Profiles give HTTP 500

    After the downtime on saturday, Let me know if the situation isn't resolved, and I'll try to narrow the issue down as best as I can.
  12. An apology.

    We've all been there, Especially me, as I'm sure many are aware. Though those days are done, they weigh heavily on me.   Nobody is perfect, many people will degrade from a mass of stress. oh my god why did i switch this to default theme my eyes are melting. It takes a lot of strength to admit wrongdoing like this, and I thank you for it.   You are quite entirely forgiven, Things happen. I've been there, and there's no way I can pretend I haven't, and make some stupid quip about what you did. I've done things when my mind was ripped apart from stress and exhaustion. But we get back up, right out wrongs, and move on.   I cannot express how happy I am to have you as a Tech. Thank you for all that you do. Don't let this be a scar on whatever you do moving forward. You are entirely, completely, forgiven.
  13. Arma 3 is on sale for a really good price.

    Bought it awhile ago, never actually played it yet. Now that I remember it exists, might try it sometime.
  14. Come listen to me whine!

    Not to mention that taking the same player base. and bringing them to a different but close copy of the current server... wouldn't make sense for a solution. You are inviting the very people you claim to be the cause of this, and that's a majority of the server... to another location, and you expect them to suddenly stop playing how they enjoy playing? Sure, you could not say anything. But that wouldn't really change much either. one way or another those same people, if interested, would find their way there. and nothing would truly change... and  I agree with Waffles breakdown.. There isn't truly a problem to begin with.   Also, Most non-Warring faction posts tend to go to the Nexus on discord now. That's more like a chatroom for more casual non declaration of war things. Real time chatrooms are fun yo.