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  1. // Haven Stands. Shadows fall. //

    // TO REPAIR MY MISTAKES // Apologies, then. Allow me to remedy this: Many members of Rakehell were not fully involved or did not participate at all. To make it easier, allow me to list those who did, in fact, contribute. Saqqaf, Zel'nara, Syed- Apologies, Caliph- Myself, Sergeant, Lloyd, Ontra, Diana, and Reggie are the only members who did truly anything. Those who were members, but did nothing for the cause, include Gary, Elsie, Sterling, and Shep. They should not be your enemies, people of the Fringe. They are merely bystanders and unlucky common-men who were tied into this. Long live Haven.
  2. // NO MORE // Cry me a river, Lloyd. Cry me a river for all the "good" you're doing for the galaxy, Your Highness. Sorry if I'm a bit tired of your hands in my pants all the time. No longer will I rebuild your empire on the bones of my people. People of Haven... No, people of the Fringe. I have lied to you. We have lied to you. We, the members of the Rakehell Club. What is Rakehell, you ask? What is the puppet master behind all your woes? I have realized the truth. There is no use hiding it anymore; I have sinned, and before my God, I must beg mercy so as to not reach the ninth circle. I, much like many other of the Fringe's elite, am a member of this organization, a second OFTO that seeks to play you like a chess game between sickeningly close friends. Saqqaf, Lloyd, Sergeant Purgawitz, even me. We all play you like fiddles, instruments before the Robot Devil. We are the 'bad guys', here to sell you out to one another. I will tolerate it no more. I've created a list of the 'members' of this cult of the damned, for your viewing pleasure. You'll note the members. Every emperor, dictator, or corporate egomaniac of note in this entire sector, ranging from the fascist of Purgatory to the Shapeshifters from beyond. Every threat beside Blackhelm himself is hiding behind this wall of disgusting filth.   But it doesn't stop there. Haven has sat by and allowed this to happen. The incident on our soil was merely the latest in a series of interactions between Saqqaf and Lloyd, and myself. I am no innocent party in these psychotics. I allowed them to puppet me, order me around, smell their hysterics and laugh with them. And here, as a special extra, is Senator Saqqaf selling Haven to Lloyd, as part of their infernal club. One of many such transactions. I see no honor in hiding the truth any more; No more dishonesty in a sea of lies and filth of my own excresion. I brought in the Hellwalkers on request of Sergeant, originally- They merely believe it to be my own doing, more pawns for the Club. Their first innocence in decades, as they blindly serve Haven believing it to be in need of their aid. I won the election by requesting votes. I ran on a sham, ran to get an agent of Rakehell into power like a shapeshifting demon rooting itself into office. I am not fit to call myself 'elected'. I am not fit to serve Haven. I am a monster. But you don't have to be. Rise up against these tyrannical lunatics. Overthrow these 'rulers' and claim the authority once again for the people, not some shadow council of ingrates and nobles who only want to profit themselves. How many more have to die before we realize this? Think on my point, people of the galaxy. Think on your own crimes, before they consume you. Long live Haven. Long live the galaxy. "Grand Protector" Von Quinn, Traitor to Haven.
  3. Hey there, @Kudzzy. Isn't this something already possible with existing engineered life-forms and technology? 
  4. ZOOM Discs

    Hey there, @Abbygale. I don't see any precarious or abusive things about these- They function quite akin to modern mines, beyond the science fiction of ZPEM technology- and are well enough to warrant an initial pass. Awaiting secondary grading.
  5. [Human Subspecies] The Subhuman Lore

    THE SUBHUMAN LANGUAGE: :WEARY: Unique among the languages of the Fringe is the Subhuman language. Unlike other tongues, it is not spoken by the mouth-apparatus, but rather by implants in the mind, visualizing the feelings of the speaker in a form little can comprehend in mere writing. Simply put, it is to speak in emojis. Not many can do it beside the Subhuman; It requires intensive implants and biological components most beings are not born with, while the subhuman has them from conception. These will be only available to non-Subhuman players if they contact the Loremaster (Read: Waffles) with a logical reason and explanation as to how a character had the implants added. The Subhuman implant systems are complicated feats of biomechanical engineering; There is little way to replicate them in common circles outside the finest of Civspace facilities. Drawing upon the radiant cuils in all beings, this is melded into the desired image; Such it is that Subhumans are more vulnerable to Hyperspace phenomena than most, while at the same time living off of it. SPEAKING IN SUBHUMAN As the title, it's simple enough. ICly, just type out the Discord emote, like ":weary:" or the like, and go as follows. This is a privilege, not a right, and the implants will be ICly removed if you abuse this to do stupid things that shouldn't be possible. Don't speak in images, gifs, videos, whatever, just the default Discord emojis. It's cancerous enough as is; Don't make it even worse. No sentence spoken in Subhuman is longer than ten characters. Innuendo wisely.    
  6.   THE SUBHUMANS: A CREATION OF THE ENGINEERED LIFEFORMS LORE LOREMASTER: WAFFLES   SUMMARY   “They created us… Molded us, shaped us- The Geneweavers made us to serve. We were their tools, their pitchforks and shovels. Now, we are the dagger in their back. We are the heirs to their empire, the reaper come from the dark..” -Freemason Jordi An-Alaas, 3283.   The Subhumans of the Fringe are an experiment gone, in the eyes of their creators, horrifically awry. Birthed to be a servant race, a collection of subdomains bound to a single origin, the Subhumans are the heirs of an age long past. Now, in government labs and garage-clinics alike, their race continues to grow, adapt, and die each and every day, in a vicious cycle of eternal evolution. The Subhuman race consists of several generalizations, each consisting of several subtypes spliced from humans and the Fringe’s other races. All Subhumans, however, share common features, most of which stems from the inclusion of human DNA in their creation; Two arms, two legs, the whole ‘humanoid’ shebang, is almost essential to their classification as “Subhuman”. A Subhuman is not particularly different from a Human in any regard save for their appearance and actions, although some may possess a level of augmented strength akin to a human born with a higher threshold for such. Their brains, while similar to their origin species, are the most glaring difference; Each is instead produced in a very specific way, microtechnology installing various implants directly into the matter of the mind before it has a chance to develop without. This gives them their abilities, specific appearance, and in many cases, their truest identity. Without these implants, the organism would simply develop as a hideous hybrid of human and alien DNA, and eventually either kill itself from malfunctioning, go insane, or otherwise fail. The appearance of the Nas’beru varies greatly by type. Each has their common features, however; All of them have two arms and two legs stemming from the central torso, and a head to match, although hands and feet will vary as well. Being a synthetic race- More on this in a further category- They all feature heavy augmentation from their creation, mechanical and organic implants throughout the body. All subhumans also feature a heavy ‘fantasy’ aesthetic to their appearance, the blueprints of their creation being forged by some RPG-obsessed nerd.   Much like Deadbeats, Subhumans may be modified in the table below, by selecting a single breed and utilizing it as such. Breed is heavily differential cosmetically, and only modifies ingame behavior slightly. One must be selected.   Breed Drawback Appearance Knifeear You’re a fucking elf. Elfen; Human, with pointed ears, angular features, and a wider range of eye colors and lighter hair colors. Greenskin Turns to stone in extreme sunlight. Genetically programmed to be cowardly. Green-to-brown skin coloration, with rough, leathery skin. Often lanky and wiry in build, while rarely muscular and tall. Stoneskin Must consume rocks, minerals, and fuel to survive. Cannot survive in the cold. Rocky, sand-like skin. Taller and more physically built than an average human. Longbeard Violently ill when exposed to light. Painfully accurate hearing. Shorter and wider than your average human. Rapidly grows facial hair. Hardshell Cannot travel in space. Honorbound to not retreat, despite imminent death or bodily harm. Cockroach-esqe bipedal insectoid. Beady black eyes. Range from the size of a medium-sized dog to a tall human. Barkskin Cannot survive darkness or fire. Cannot eat save for photosynthesis. Wooden, bark-lined skin. Golden eyes and vined hair. Taller than the average human uniformly. Sludgeskin Cannot survive in oxygen. Must wear a suit at all times to remain alive. Gelatinous, purple skin, liquidizing if exposed to oxygen. Black orb-eyes. Lacks mouth. Medium height and build; Weaker than the average human. Skin appears translucent when exposed to light, revealing skeletal muscular system.   “The idea to integrate the genetic profile of the Floran was… Unfortunate. The first few subjects were little more than Agaran, overgrown corpses with little to do and little to prove their worth. Only when we moved the location of our efforts to [REDACTED] did we create… Hybrid, Director.” - Senior Genespinner Arnold Barthur   History   [There exists more to the story. Contact Waffles if you wish to organize an expedition with your fellow players.]       After nearly two centuries of isolation after their creation, the Subhumans were finally found. Purgatory had grown into a bustling metropolis, unknowing of their neighbors and the growing masses they possessed. When the first craft arrived to scout out the system, they found a civilization of poverty-struck, unfortunate creatures coexisting under the same racial banner, all based off of human DNA and that of the native creatures. The Empire saw opportunity. The Subhumans saw freedom. So began the Freedom Lease: Subhumans would submit themselves as a colony of Purgatory and be granted citizenship, and thus freedom from their exhausted world if they so chose. Subhumans flooded into the galaxy, and began to spread, finally free. Their origins, and birthplace of their species, remains their shadowy, fortified holding at the point of Nas.              After their freedom from their mysterious homeworld, the vast majority of subhumans settled within the borders of the Purgatorian Empire. They currently make up about thirty six percent of the total population due to rapid breeding, while at the same time expanding still to places such as Haven and Maladh while simultaneously avoiding both the Black Empire and Civspace. Their origins remain shrouded to this day… But maybe the adventurous could reveal the truth.   IN THE FRINGE Subhumans have been in the Fringe a very short time. In the Undercrypt, for instance, they were introduced a mere hundred years ago when a portal was discovered on Nas to the Undercrypt. There an occasional group will stumble in, fortifying from the ancient gate and leading to their population in Erebus and Djarus rising exponentially. Now, Subhuman Spacers begin to take to the stars, exploring their origins and their new, intergalactic home alongside all the other races of the Fringe.   CULTURE Subhuman culture widely depends on the nation in which they reside, although their heritage provides some unique grounds. They believe in an afterlife of eternal suffering, where they will be judged and sentenced accordingly to their enjoyment of mortal life. Those who lived in utter agony will be awarded a glorious seat in the towers of their gods, while those who existed in luxury will be forced to live amongst the demons and angry spirits of those wrongfully slain. The ultimate sin is to speak to an outsider as if kin, for the only kin is those of their breed; This has faded with their introduction to the galactic community, although some extremists still refuse to even look upon the aliens. Subhumans, being depraved, unfortunate savages of the galaxy as a whole, are intelligent, but not smart. They design advanced weaponry and ingenious contraptions, but taunt aliens and possible allies from afar with infuriating language and heartless heckling.   TECHNOLOGY Subhumans use an almost universally advanced-yet-simple design of melee weaponry edged in plasma and hard-light, alongside an arsenal of laser weaponry based around the appearance of bows and crossbows. Some even hurl spears of hardlight, although these are exceptionally rare and unconfirmed sightings. Their own technology features a range of cybernetic implants that allow their biology to exist, such as the necessary brain implants to meld human and alien genetics in their creation, or the lobe implant enabling them to speak their language. Some of the extremists even further augment themselves with cybernetics, some still further becoming mere nervous systems suspended in machinery.   [ Find supplementary lore images at http://imgur.com/a/gsli2- More will be added as I find cool shit. All images are property of their respective owners and may be removed as requested. ]  
  7. The Goemi

    I see no major faults. Here is your initial pass to write stage 2.
  8. Firstborn Phase Drives

    Seems fair enough. Initial pass.
  9. Firstborn Phase Drives

    Hey there, @PrivateNomad. I have a question- Can this work with organic matter, such as unfortunate humans and the like, to bring them into Hyperspace? Or does it simply work on non-organic matter?
  10. // Dawn of the Second Galactic War //

    The Neo-Catholic Western Schism “By God, we shall triumph over the nonbelievers. They cling to their archaic notions of equality of extraterrestrial to Man, yet when in truth, it is solely Man that is God’s chosen. Let there be no doubt in our destiny as the sole inhabitants of the universe He forged for us, alongside those built by God to mimic us. Be there no doubting our dual purposes as Man, be it Man of Christ or Man of Steel.” -Pope Ernest-Quincy The Indicator, Head of the New Catholic State               After centuries of existence, the remnants of the Catholic Church have finally stepped back into the light, in an age where humanity is spread among the stars, to call for a final, eternal crusade against sin across the galaxy. The Pope’s ideals have created a gap in the views of the remaining members of the Church, ranging from his loyalists in the Vatican- Now freely floating at the center of his Civspace nationstate- to sedition in the outer colonies of the Church’s holy empire, a split based on the status of alien life as holy or unholy. Now, a combined force of humans and Glitch rage across the cosmos in roving bands of armored knights, seeking to exterminate all traces of foreign life beyond what the Pope deemed right.          Holding him to his borders are his own former constituents, an equally powerful if less organized resistance of bishops and cardinals turned against what they deem to be an unfit ruler, corrupted by the Devil to seed wrath in the ranks of God’s men. Small bands of the Pope’s men break free from the theocratic state war every now and then, and these continue to grow in number henceforth. The war seems to be nearing a dangerously high imbalance in the Pope’s favor, and soon, he may have the resources he needs to expand into the rest of the galaxy.   “Look to no other outdated being than that of the Pope, in his ancient citadel of stone and lies. The Vatican is a holy temple, defiled over the last century by the ilk of the Devil as an affront to the Lord. Are we not duty-bound to contain Hell to whence it came? Are we not all beings capable of attaining Heaven, as God willed?” -Bishop Malcolm Geartrod, Speaker of the Neo-Catholic Prodigal Sons
  11. The Visitant

    I want to play one so I'm cosigning now so I get that sweet early access bias
  12. // VON QUINN: A HAVEN FOR ALL [Q&A] //

    // Quinntuplet: // I was asked by President Purgawitz to step down after ten years of service, as he recommended me for greater and wider pastures out in the Fringe. I assure you we parted on the most favorable terms I have ever endured with another being.
  13. // VON QUINN: A HAVEN FOR ALL [Q&A] //

    // Quinntuplet: // I hold allegiance to Purgatory no longer, even after having served there for a decade. I am firmly committed to building Haven into a better world for everyone, no matter their race, origin, country of allegiance, or otherwise difference from you or I. I encourage co-operation with Purgatory and her allies only if such will directly benefit the day-to-day life of Haven.
  14. // VON QUINN: A HAVEN FOR ALL [Q&A] //

    // Quinntuplet posts: // Radec has ruled for a good length, but the Fringe is changing at such a rate that new, fresh breath may be enough to shoot Haven into true success. Mr. Ward, on the other hand, has a good heart and a good soul, but he is young, and inexperienced with the day-to-day running of a nation like me or Radec are. I respect both immensely, but I believe in myself above all others to be the most aptly-suited.
  15. // A website arises on the Haven nexus, an advertisement for someone's political campaign no doubt. The website is exceedingly well-funded and well-supplied, featuring various posters, sections, and even a commentary board for a new Grand Protector wannabe. // { THE HONORABLE VON QUINN } { IN COUPLING WITH RENUNCIATION OF HIS PURGATORY CITIZENSHIP } { A HAVEN TO BELIEVE IN } Tired of the empty promises of Civspace politicians? Aghast at the political inexperience of other candidates? Dedicated to the promise of a brighter future without sinister motives? Vote Von Quinn. WHO? The Honorably Glorious Effervescent Von Quinn, of Ten Thousand Titles, hails from the glorious under-city of N'hazj'iej, in the Undercrypt, carved by his people ages ago. There, he united the fifty clans of the Wormoid people for the first time in a decade, then began his work on Purgatory as a Senator shortly thereafter as a sign of peace between above and below. Bringing about revolutionary economic and political changes, Von Quinn has remained devoted to the ideals of sapient rights and abilities for his many years of work in the political field, and is ready to prove himself to the people of Haven and the Fringe as a whole. Despite his obvious communicatory issues, revolutionary developments in translator technology have finally allowed him to truly bring himself to the forefront of political stability. HOW? Von Quinn believes in the finest possible treatment of Haven and her people, a guiding hand toward the glory and perseverance they deserve. A few of his promises for his time as Protector will include: * A fight against outsiders come to bring terror and unrest to Haven through revolutionary new donations to the guard, funded by his own foundation- At no cost to the taxpayer! * Legalization of previously abused substances, so as to finally put an end to the galactic epidemic of drugs and addiction that have cost so many so much. Now, government-taxed, lighter versions of these substances can be provided to those on the path to redemption. * To provide for the people, Von Quinn recognizes that he must listen to the people: Anonymous commentary-stations and appearances whenever possible will give anyone the opportunity to speak personally with him. * A more intelligent Haven: Money previously spent on chasing no-good vermin off the tree will go toward the children and student immigrants of Haven, allowing for more, cleaner, better schools, libraries, and institutes of higher learning. * Through work, unity; Von Quinn hopes to foster a healthy relationship between the government and Haven's many businesses, through forging a powerful unity between business and unions while creating a massive array of exciting new jobs for people of all backgrounds. * A better tax for the people: No longer shall society's elite give nothing while the common man gives everything; Now, all will be given a fairer break from their daily donations toward the city's well-being, no matter their place in life. * To better live in the Fringe, Von Quinn believes in better speaking with the Fringe. After the isolationist policies and legislature have finally been purged, he believes in a proper channel through which all the governments of the Fringe may communicate, no matter their ideology, background, or place. * A better Guard: Through importing specially-trained instructors from the nations of the Fringe, Von Quinn hopes to foster a Guard better suited for the people that may respond to any situation with true honor and respect. FURTHER QUESTIONS? Leave a comment on our official board to communicate directly with the Honorable Von Quinn. We even allow anonymous commentary, for those who- understandably- have a bit of anxiety about the future of Haven! } Von Quinn- A Haven to believe in. { // The site does, indeed, have options for both logged-in or anonymous comments. //