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  1. RY-K3R Model Full Body Prosthetic.

    The use of some organic systems is an interesting, Grievous-like take on full-body replacements, I like it. Could the curling strength be reduced to three hundred lbs per arm for a total of 600lbs curl with both arms? Also, when compared to an average human reaction time of 269ms, how much better would the reaction time be when using this fullbody? Pending. @The Risky Biscuit
  2. GC's setting feels too hopeless

    The reason why Waffles did the whistleblowing was mostly to set up the chance for people to be able to more directly impact the power balance and shake things up. Also what @PrivateNomad said

    //A piece of amateur footage would be uploaded to a common video sharing service used by Havenites// //The video would begin from a shaky body camera, seemingly from the sky bridge of Haven's skyscrapers. It seemed to be from the perspective of two people facing a pair of guards, identifiable as Miyake ( @Deleted ) and Sean Castle ( @iamnotanumber2000 ). Miyake has a hand on their pistol, and their partner has a sword in hand. Standing near the man filming is a red giant novakid, a Winchester-looking rifle in his hands, face covered with a baseball cap and a black neckerchief.// Miyake: They'd unhook their weapon, holding it at a 45 angle to the two. The weapon looked like a Vector with extended, vertical grip, silencer, holo sight and a modified stock. Masked Rioter: "You stand to hurt this entire Federation if you allow those monsters to walk unabated!" Masked Rioter: "The shadows will fall!" Masked Red Giant Rioter: "Shadows fall!" Sean Castle: "What, hylotls? NOTHING I HATE MORE THAN RACISTS!" He barks in a deep Irish accent as his face-plate starts to glow brighter. Masked Red Giant Rioter: "Those monsters ain't gotta' be here! You know what they can do!" Masked Rioter: "Are you an idiot?! The shifters!" Miyake: They hold their hand out. "We understand your frustrations, but hurting people makes you no better than what they are." They step forward, putting their hand back on their weapon. //A loud crash sounds behind the person recording, causing them to turn. Standing before them is a massive, monstrous creature, easily over 10' tall, with several large, spider like legs; thick, chitinous plating, and a face covered in eyes and a gaping maw filled with sharp teeth. Its face would contort in rage as it stared down the one filming and his partner.// Sean Castle: "What you callin' our Echo friends down there shifty? Just cause they wear black." He takes another step forward behind Miyake. Masked Red Giant Rioter: "Every day they kill thousands! Their blood kills and their form invokes fear!" Miyake: Miyake takes another step forward, turning to hold her hand out to Sean again, telling him to stop for a second. "We all need to be quiet, an calm down." They made their voice loud. "I don't want to see anyone hurt that doesn't need to be." They'd turn back around. Masked Red Giant Rioter: "Are you a traitor, Protector?" //As Miyake speaks that, the Shifter would charge, legs carrying him forward. His arms extend, and with a simple swipe, he attempts to bat both of the masked individuals off the rooftop, sending the cameraman flying seconds before he throws a Molotov into the face of the beast, setting it alight. The cameraman shouts "SHADOWS FALL!" as he goes into the air, the Red Giant shouting as he grabs onto his hand. Miyaki would snap her weapon up, firing her ACP into the Shifter as it finished charging. However, the two rioters would end up letting go of their stance on the ledge, falling onto a bike hovering below, seemingly having been called by the two earlier.// Masked Red Giant Rioter: "Close one!" //Sean Castle would look over the ledge, firing an optic laser at the back of the bike// Sean: "Oh no you don't." //The Shifter turns to look at Miyake as she fires into him. The fire licks at his flesh, burning it black. He wordlessly looks at the protector.// "Are you quite done?" //The bike would take some damage to the back of it, though the Apex would speed off, it wasn't rendered incapable of being driven, or else that might've just doomed two civilians to a certain death. The video would end shortly after this, though the view was given of the two Protectors putting away their weapons and speaking to the beast which has just been responsible for charging the group.// The Guards who have been tasked with the duty of protecting Haven to their greatest ability have failed us. Members among them have attempted to kill their own citizens, trying to drop them to a certain death, and clearly have no idea what they are doing in even the most remote sense of the idea. They allow for the Shifters to roam freely, regardless of the chaos and damage they've caused to everything they touch. Shadows Fall.
  4. Corrav Hub Themes [Past]

    I think the joyfulness is a bit ironic, which is nice. Corrav was once a happy home to industry and a booming economy, but now it's just a rusted out shell of what it used to represent. 
  5. // Important News From Civspace //

    // VMIL would respond // A badly planned decision like this will only result in an unregulated creation of sentience intelligences by those either unfit to do so or those who have no other means of creation than to resort to black markets.

    ((recovered aerial footage of the airstrike responsible for Kevin's demise  https://youtu.be/pyA2_smy47k)) 
  7. Old Friends

    yeah these are the natural springs that are under Haven  
  8. Technician Application

    If you don't mind me asking, what languages would you say you are proficient in?
  9. Standardized Joint System

    I like the idea of standardization of production for androids and robotics in general, it seems like its a bit often on GC that people make every single android and robot 100% unique compared to any other, when that is the most inefficient thing you can possibly do when it comes to production of things like robots and androids.  Love me some plug-n-play. Pass, pending seconding. @Kappa
  10. Oh, How You've Grown.

    Its amazing <3 thank you sweetie.
  11. On behalf of all of the members, I'd like to thank the staff team for their speedy response to the deletion of the old Discord and especially Woogl for having all this mess happen on his first night as admin. You all are doing a really good job. I understand how stressful this must be and I hope you're doing well. <3








    You can do it boo. <3

    1. PrivateNomad

      god i had to stay up late because of this


  12. The Road to Recovery

    Get better soon, man. Glad to see you're on your way.
  13. The Gnomid Lore

    The Gnomid Loremaster: WowGain Overview: The Gnomid are a species of highly intelligent, highly advanced, diminutive cyborg beings with a sense of detachment from the rest of the Galaxy around them due to their size. Happy to exist outside of the minds and the worries of the other species of the Galaxy, they exist in their private societies, hidden away in small subterranean cities, far from the prying eyes of the destructive Giants around them and their feuds.  Physical Description (Biology): Long ago, the Gnomid discovered a means of ensuring their survival in the many hostile environments they began to settle. Through rigorous genetic and mechanical augmentation, they achieved a means of surviving a majority of unwelcoming environments that would have once sent them fleeing. Their lungs have been enhanced, reinforced against the constricting grasp high-pressure environments and protected from dangerous toxins in the air by filtering systems that are built into into their respiratory tract. Bones have been reinforced, strong and durable, even for their small stature. Ranging from 4 to 7 inches tall, they are one of the smallest species in the galaxy by far. The level of integration in their bio-mechanical augmentation is clearly visible, but on a level in which they appear almost as if they were born of metal and flesh, rather than those who only later came upon it. This observation, however, is partially true. The augmentation of Gnomid begins as they develop in incubation from their eggs, introduction of chemicals designed to prime the growing fetus for their eventual mechanical augmentation starting as early on as four days from initial oviposition. Genetic augmentation itself, has by and large, become hereditary within the species, desirable traits having been forced into a dominant position long ago to facilitate a speedy dissemination of the changes across the population.  Gestation lasts around four months, and maturation of an infant to an adult typically takes around 15 to 17 years, with a lifespan lasting upwards of 150 years with proper maintenance of mechanical augments. One of the final, and greatest, means of augmentations were those done to the mind. Access ports for hard and soft neurolinks are standard across all members of the species, allowing for a means of interaction with technology that is rarely found in members of other species. Direct modification to the cranial tissue has allowed for a higher ratio of mass to surface area, increasing the raw size of the brains of the Gnomid, and in turn their intellect.  Culture & Society: The culture of the Gnomid is one of artisans and spiritualists; viewing the world around them through the lens of their culture, science and the mathematics of the universe exist as beautiful creations, art and song, sculptures of the great force of life that allows all to exist. Largely pacifistic and non-confrontational, they avoid most conflict and destruction due to their rather innate trait of being able to go by unnoticed by most species, and able to quickly slip away if they feel that they’ve drawn too much unwanted attention. The Gnomid, although spread across the galaxy, leave little impact upon the worlds they create colonies upon, largely out of a respect held for the natural world and its intricate beauty, offspring of the mathematical functions that allow the universe to operate. Doing so by meshing their technology with the surrounding environment similarly to their mesh of technology in their own bodies, powering them largely with ZPE and clean fusion energy.  The arts are vital to the cultural heritage and identity of the Gnomid, with most members of society being trained in various fine and performing arts. History is depicted through song and art, both visual and literary, giving their factual history a sense of of as if it was a great epic of eras past. Those who perform vocally or instrumentally often have augmentations specifically designed to assist in these pursuits, such as additional breathing apparatuses, or means of self-harmonization. Those who find themselves privy to the visual fine arts, such as painting or sculpting, have specifically invented an augmentation for their mind. Using it, they can visualize nearly any image that comes into mind via hologram or even hardlight, allowing them to nearly seamlessly bring nearly any creation that comes into their mind onto the page or into the third dimensional plane. History: 3125 - 3284 “Mysterious and secretive, few in the galaxy know much about the Gnomid, and many are entirely oblivious to their presence altogether. However, this fact is to the benefit of the Gnomid, who would much rather be entirely forgotten and left to their own activities than be thrust into the chaos of the actions of “Kochiisedo”, or “Great Beasts”, whose constant warring and bickering has all but dissuaded them from attempting wider contact with the major species of the galaxy.” - Hideki Eto, The Hidden Peoples xxxxxx One century prior to the current date, the Gnomid were a species with most of their “territory” clustered within the western reaches of the galaxy. In this time, the Gnomid had not yet undergone the full scale of the modifications that would form them into the bio-mechanical species they are today. Living close to the nature that surrounded them, their presence itself was often considered a myth by the species that they shared worlds with. (A few historians claim human mythology of creatures such as leprechauns and fae-folk may be attributed to misunderstood Gnomid sightings). Although technologically the Gnomid had always been rather advanced, mastering micro technologies long before most species had entered early industrial revolutions, utilizing generational ships for colonization prior to the discovery of FTL technology, it was at this time that the Gnomid would make their next great jump to the state they exist in today.  xxxxxx In the central worlds of the Gnomid reach, a revolutionary discovery was made following the archaeological research of a Thol think-tank, where great wealths of information were stored providing details on the bio mechanical technologies once used by the Thol before they achieved their state of ascendancy. As the secrets of these technologies were decoded, the naturalistic Gnomid saw it as the truest means of being able to merge their constructs with the world around them, leaving a footprint the size of a cell and minimizing the amount of natural organic surroundings that would have to be removed for settlements. With this, the presence of the Gnomid became all but invisible, granting them the separation from the Great Beasts around them they'd so long desired.  xxxxxx Since the discovery of bio-mechanical meshing, little of note (as far as we know) has occurred in Gnomid society. Seemingly having reached what they appreciate as their zenith, the Gnomid are quite content to live out a simple existence in near-perfect coexistence with the world around them, perhaps searching for the next great step of integration in seclusion from the violent galaxy they share a home with.
  14. // NOTGAY //

    //User VVCCM I want to go back.
  15. //Atlas Fear.\\

    //User CAS-NAN replies Peace through Strength.