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  1. Crowebar_small.png

    for just a second the haven tree looked like an explosion
  2. Nistorum

    The description section just needs some edits it seems, also, I'm a bit confused what you mean by "-- they can get into the material easily. As easily they can enter they can also easily exit," @Dorfus
  3. I.S.F (instant sealing foam)

    Similar to other insta-hardening foam apps of its kind, so, Pass, awaiting seconding. Also, I suggest that the category be made Materials and the tag be changed to Industrial. Although this can be used for immobilization of people and vehicles, it doesn't exactly fit the grounds of being tagged military or weapons. @Doc Shibe
  4. // A warning from the Hylotl Empire of Axolotia \\

    //groupscoop replies Do you live under a rock? The Nayama have been the reason for the fall of entire planets around CivSpace, countless deaths have been at their hands.
  5. // REVIEW: Don't visit Club Solus //

    // User averyshadyguy responds // wtf racist i wouldve thrown the orange juice in your face // User averyshadyguy downvotes the review //
  6. //Earth's Fauna//

    // A user would reply to this thread shortly after // Humanity was preserving the future of most of their homeworld's species long before the Tentabeast was even a distant nightmare in a child's dreams. By the time Earth was taken, the genomes of a vast majority of the species that had inhabited Earth, even those that had long gone extinct, were sequenced and available for the purpose of cloning in the situation that they would need to be recovered. This goes for their plants, as well. Some of the oldest efforts at preserving species were a large bank of seeds kept in the arctic regions of their world, and because of those efforts, we can all enjoy the interesting species that have come from Earth's long history of life. And yes, that includes falcons. / /Hey, the poster even links to an exotic pet website that sells Falcons. How nice. //
  7. Haven 2.0 Changelog

    The drains are invisible 
  8. Nistorum

    Yeah, mention me when you're finished editing the application.
  9. Aeson Rebuilt

    Seconded. @Nemo @Lucian
  10. Just to clarify, since either seemed as though it was a point of confusion here: Communications on the Nexus work by radio signals going into a Tachyonic relay which are then boosted out as an FTL communication signal. The Nexus is effectively an FTL Internet of smaller electromagnetic communication Internets and networks, much like how our Internet is a wireless network of physically connected and small wireless networks.  The smallest Tachyonic relays around are those installed in ships, since a ship having its own relay makes it so they can communicate from anywhere, without worry for being too isolated to send something out like a distress signal.  Due to the way Tachyons work fundamentally as a particle that can move much faster than light, they can be tracked if one has the resources possible and is willing to put the time into it due to their nature of being able to travel nearly anywhere almost instantly and the cherenkov radiation that is emitted by anything that moves faster than light (to greatly generalize how cherenkov radiation works).  Hope that can clear up some misunderstandings of how communication works on GC. 
  11. ArMSST or "Armascat"

    Interesting alternative to ENDI Scanning, Seconded. @Nemo @TheRagnaRoek
  12. Archangel missile

    Seconded. @Nemo @Partiϟan
  13. Nistorum

    Alright, with that out of the way, just a few things, then. A planet being on the edge of the galaxy shouldn't necessarily mean it would be of a higher density than any other, and Violium isn't a naturally occurring metal, and is entirely synthetic.  Perhaps this would be better done in a route where it is a synthetically made metal, where it is printed out on a molecular level in artificially increased density environments.  @Dorfus
  14. // Sarracenia Subdued //

    // ORANGE-GLO responds As opposed to throwing rocks for some savage in your "civilization".
  15. // Sarracenia Subdued //

    //  ORANGE-GLO responds The website lists that you can request them with their teeth and their claws removed, or with implants within them that would derive them of their will. You're a vile person if you can look at that and think to yourself that a free life is somehow worse than that.