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  1. //Vote Xexanoth//

    //User xexy replies// I didn't know there was a monster in our sewers  
  2. //Vote Xexanoth//

      //User ‘xexy’ creates a webpage, of much higher quality than the original Q&A//   \\VOTE FOR\\ XEXANOTH       Hello! I’m Xexanoth, and I’m running to fill in one of the two vacant Senate seats. I believe the Guard needs additional funding to deal with the problems facing the city, especially in Corrav, and is in need of some additional scenario training to avoid the situations such as that of Protector Crowebar.   As Senator, I will push for waste bins in the Haven plaza, and growth in Haven industries and businesses. There is a distinct lack of homegrown businesses and available work is a serious issue. To address this, I propose tax relief for local up-and-coming businesses so as to allow a fair chance.   As far as the quarantine in Corrav, I believe the current administration seems to be taking the right course of action to protect the city.   //Below is an area to let the candidate know of any issues//        
  3. //Xexanoth for Senate Q&A//

    //Another Response// Sensitivity training for the Guard. The guard is meant to protect the people, not endanger them. This is a failure in properly training them to do so. If a guard commits a crime or does other extreme public endangerment, then they should be tried like anyone else. Thank you for your question  
  4. //Xexanoth for Senate Q&A//

    //User Xexy replies// Kinda a loaded question there, really hoping for more narrow ones, but uh. I'm just trying to make Haven a better place. The Guard is vastly underfunded, Mael's death is still a mystery, and Corrav still suffers from rampant crime. By addressing the first problem, we can hit the other two. A small increase in excise taxes could bring much-needed funds to the guard, and that can be split down the line with better equipment and better training.  I can't help but notice that there aren't many local Haven businesses. My solution to encourage business growth on Haven, and hopefully supply jobs with it, is to offer tax relief to businesses founded on Haven by Haven citizens. If you have more specific questions, I'm an open book //End//
  5. //Xexanoth for Senate Q&A//

    //An apparently quickly made post on the Haven political forum// Hello! I'm Xexanoth, and I'm hoping to get a Senate seat for the remainder of this term.  Willing to answer any and all questions.
  6. I drew my character + Requests (PART 2)

    Name: Xexanoth General Personality: Extrovertive, sarcastic, paranoid Reference Photos:   Spoiler Credit to the very talented @-Miley-  
  7. Haven Federal Bank | FC Exchange, Loans, and More |

    Citizen Name: Xexanoth Initial Deposit (Px): 1,000
  8. Lata

    He got banned.
  9. Praise Haydee

    what a time to be alive
  10. Deep Problems.

    That's a lot of text walls there, chief. Will pay five (5) pennies for a summary.
  11. // RoC - Ottawa District //

    @Duskmantle Name: Xexanoth Age:22 Race/Species: Hylotl Job Applying For: Bartender Can we background check you?: Of course.  Photo:
  12. //User XEXY Comments// If I had a pixel for every time you retired I'd buy out your company and convert it to toy manufactoring    
  13. The Roadmap: What's Next for Purgatory?

    Democracy returns. Bless.
  14. Logo Stuff Things.

    We can only dream
  15. //Pool Party.//

    //User XEXY responds// Name: Xexanoth Age:  Species: Hylotl Preferred food or drink: Not picky Bringing any guests? If so, name?: Probably, will get back to you ((OOC part: Weekends are the most reliable, especially Saturday nights.))