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  1. The Kixaxzi

    The Pitch: Strange aliens with a rigid caste society and electromagnetic abillities The Snapshot: The Kixaxzi (Keeks-acks-zee) are a strange race of putty-like aliens from the planet Delta Cyanis IV (Known by the Kixaxzi as Takiz (Tah-keez). They have a very rigid caste-based society, lead by the Kixaxzi “Intellectuals” and “Mothers”. Various other castes maintain their colonies, also known as “Hives”, such as the “Collectors”, whose main job is to collect natural resources for the hive, or the “Miners” which break down volcanic rock and gather inorganic resources.     The Kixaxzi’s biology is largely a mystery. Their body is made up of a strange, white, putty-like material, which appears to be made from fungal material and flesh from other creatures. Somewhere on their body is a round orb, which gives off high amounts of electricity, and is thought to hold their bodies together and for use in movement. They do not appear to have any typical senses, instead relying mostly on electroreception, similar to sharks and rays, but at least 100x more sensitive.     The Kixaxzi are lead primarily by the help of a “Mother Kixaxzi”. The Mother Kixaxzi is often found in the center of a hive, and sends out a constant electric pulse, which can easily override lesser Kixaxzi and force them to stay in line with the hive. It is unknown if Kixaxzi near the bottom of the hive’s hierarchy can even function without the help of the Mother Kixaxzi.     The only Caste in the Kixaxzi’s hierarchy that is not constantly under the control of the Mother Kixaxzi are the Intellectuals. The Intellectual Kixaxzi are allowed to think on their own, and act as ambassadors of their hive and as advisers to the Mother. They are similar to philosophers and scientists of other races, pondering the many questions the universe and their own existence brings to them. Pictures: | Examples of some Castes (Ignore the old name)  |  an Intellectual | a Collector |  a Worker (Sorry no GIF) Co-signers: @zecon125 @Stupid Internet Guy @Pandaxe_
  2. I need a bird like hard

  3. Wakey, wakey, Lorchie!

    Those human eyes   But still much better than I could do, bravo.
  4. When your rival is back at the worst possible moment



  5. Finals next week.

    They haven't even started yet and I already want to die ;-;

  6. So my friend has a bird and she's a sweetie but everyone at his house is like she's a demon but she's too precious and I need her.


    also hi

  7. >TFW one of your favorite composers ever does a shit ton of other game's music such as Star ocean and Dark Souls and your all like fuck yes daddy.

    1. Ace of Fours



  8. Mei-tztli

    A-MEI-zing!   this took like 2 hours to make (3 if you count drawing the thing in the first place). I'm not shading that shit I'm done.   (also btw Metz has red nails now its canon cuz its kyut af)
  9. Birb

    I was planning on it, I have an Art Class next semester so I was going to wait for that.
  10. Everyones all like "shit school starts tomorrow rip" and i'm all like "bitch I started wednesday whaddup"

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    2. Apple

      Pls grade 12 chemistry will force feed your soul cyanide.

    3. The Risky Biscuit

      you all be like "shit school starts my break is oveeeer" then you get in to the real world and realize that there are no breaks for adulting anymore.

  11. Birb

    Wow, look at that tit!
  12. Dean became an AI save him


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      I need this.


    2. EPS-Reborn

      Dang. That's pretty awesome.

  13. Blep

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      The goat has returned it seems, yey.

    3. dean is top gote

      CURSES, my planned profile pic has been leaked by myself!

  14. >TFW you just want to draw your terrible not-fusion-its-called-a-chimera-because-its-alchemy but you can't because your hands aren't working and you haven't drawn in several months but at least your taking an art class this year even if it is second semester whatever so how was your day guys