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  1. // Al-Dhaid Masquerade Event \\

    // User Gnengniegor replies // Oh, look, an extravagant party funded by slavery.
  2. Modding Question

    Those hair mods wouldn't work, same for those mods that seem to be crafting stations. Wardrobe and such would work. Basically, if it adds any items, it won't work. Any mods that edit the textures of races would just be clientside. Any mods that add extra customization options other than colours won't work. I think I covered all the mods in there.
  3. The Crystalbacks

    Cosign on this cool sheit
  4. // TRANSMISSION AL_94 //

    // User Gnengniegor replies // They should make a kids show with this guy in it.
  5. // REVIEW: Don't visit Club Solus //

    //User Gnengniegor replies // Seems overly negative and frankly a bit unrealistic.
  6. Undercrypt Minicampaign: Eldssmith

      ((Character Name: Gnengniegor Discord ID: 8jaaroud#1121 Character Skills: Axes, Engineering and geology.  Character Experience with UC/Adventuring: N/A (Currently busy with Levinskies, if that counts.) Why you?: Who doesn't want a 16cm tall midget to come with em?))
  7. //"Protector" Crowebar//

    //User Gnengniegor, reluctantly, pays the 100 pixels and replies // Yay.... dammit? Yammit?"
  8. //"Protector" Crowebar//

    //User Gnengniegor likes and replies // I'm betting 100 pixels he aint gonna do it.  
  9. // Sarracenia Subdued //

    //User Gnengniegor replies // Couldn't have said it better myself.
  10. //User Gnengniegor replies// I'll have you know, I'm agnostic. Not an atheist.  And, judging by your name, you're islamic . The worst of the worst. Your religion is built only upon the hatred of those who do not believe, and fear of severe punishment if you even dare to question it. I do sincerely hope it dies out, it will be a boon to every living creature.
  11. //User Gnengniegor replies// And, I believe what I said, is called a snarky reply.
  12. //User Gnengniegor replies // Last I checked, I did. Don't use a tongue to type now, do ya?
  13. The Newest of The New

    Welcome!   Run while you still can. RUN MAN, RUN!
  14. // User Gnengniegor replies // Why can't religion just die already?
  15. Recruiting for a trader guild start up

    Could be interesting if done correctly.