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  1. Character/Family Themes

    Kit: Passive: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S0ximxe4XtU Combat: https://youtu.be/xC03hmS1Brk?t=41
  2. (( Removed ))

    // Reply // Dude it's a limited edition they don't sell it anymore. IDK why they ended it,   PEW PEW PEW! Strategy GUY! PEW PEW PEW! 7 The Return Of PEW PEW PEW  WAS WAY BETTER THAN  PEW PEW PEW! Strategy GUY! PEW PEW PEW! 24 THE END TO THE PEW PEW PEWS
  3. (( Removed ))

     It's for " PEW PEW PEW! Strategy GUY! PEW PEW PEW! 7 The Return Of PEW PEW PEW "
  4. (( Removed ))

    // User Crack Baby Replies // " Yeah no problem. When you take them over make sure to force feed them their own friends to make them talk. "
  5. (( Removed ))

    (( Removed))
  6. Starting to get that RP feeling back

    Sorry for being so late, I've been working. Anyways if you make an Italy faction I'm down to support you and even make a character to join. It sounds cool as hell.
  7. Starting to get that RP feeling back

    Yeah these sound really good. I like the Germanic avian using strong gear that looks like WW1.  I also like the human with the royal family. Yeah these are good ideas man, very creative.
  8. // Upon entering the website you are greeted by a poorly done home page. It looks like a very old website from the old days. On the top of the website are different threads you can navigate. In the bottom is a popular thread being featured. //  // Title: ICIF is controlled by parasites! //  FFS when will you blind asshole realize that the ICIF is indeed controlled by parasites. Fuck guys the world is over, everyone is going to be mind controlled soon. We're done we're fucking done. I'm building a parasite secured bunker on a deserted ISLAND armed with AA guns, and I'm going to live in there for the rest of you life. You mindcontrolled ******s on the other hand are going to enjoy doing slave work for the aliens. Listen whatever you do DO NOT DRINK THE WATER. There are parasites in the water.  // Post ends // // In the bottom there is a chat to reply to the post //
  9. Starting to get that RP feeling back

     Here's some ideas for some characters: Someone who pretends to be gay but is actually straight. Adolf hitler's biggest fan now actually goes hard, he carries WW2 SMG full of modern bullets and a lot of grenades. Apex who is tired of always being laughed at decides to go HARD and put on a full black trench coat. He is armed with a machine gun and makes his way to a colony to start shooting people up. DEUS VULT GLITCH who's only goal is to kill ICIF. Bandit who doesn't want to rob you for money, but rob you for clothes.  A sick bastard who's fetish is to strangle puppies. OH here's a LEGIT good one: A pirate skeleton that is armed with a musket and joins the undying army. To make up for the slow reload of the musket the musket could possibly have a REALLY REALLY strong armor-piercing bullet. A Soviet Union glitch who is armed with 2016 Russian gear and is ready to kill for communism. A cross between race and cultures.  A tribal apex. Okay I ran out.
  10. // To the Rebels and Delinquents //

    // Random User //   God is great! God is great! God is great! Praise ALLAH! Filthy Rebel Scum should only be spared to watch their own failure. // Emoticon posted // DEATH TO REBEL SCUM!  // Post ends //
  11. "Welcmoe to the Corporation."

    He's naked, he doesn't look so innocent to me. He was planning a sevensome. 
  12. // RoC - Ottawa District //

    Name: Cyruell Lynn Age: 24 Race/Species: Human Job Applying For: Security Can we background check you?: Yes. I have a clean record. Photo:
  13. Suggestion About The Story

    Oh alright thanks everyone for clearing it up. I just get confused with the story sometimes.
  14. Complaints: I kinda have a problem with the server's story and it's just that it doesn't feel like a sci-fi space opera. I can't put my finger on it but if I had to take a guess it's probably to do with the main villain being medieval and the lack galactic nations conflict with each other ( or lack of galatic nations in general). As far as I know there is only the Fringe, Civilian Space, Vitus, and Black Empire. Space Opera is all about conflict where's the Space Opera without any major political conflict? Suggestions: We should divide the galaxy into different nations that own their own part of the galaxy and are constantly trying to conquer new land and solve political issues. This would A: make it a great space opera and B: give players a villain to fight. It could be a bit like Stellaris. EX: X nation is angry that Y nation is colonizing on it's border so it threatens war unless they stop. So Y nation needs to figure out if they should go to war or make an agreement.  The galaxy could be divided by some major event or so.

    // User Igorion_Fur414 replies //  " I want to enter into this little group. With my political experience I can give great help in making peace. " // Reply ends //