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  1. //how is prangent formed//

    //user 'rfgtikoljmk,dewsujkidews' ((Riksis)) posts a reply//   I hope you have good genetics if you don't have good genetics and the hatchling is weak kill it. You cannot afford to have your species weakened by weak young so you have to kill it if it is weak so if yo   (The user seems to have accidentally hit the enter button)
  2. The Ravir - Sample Custom Race Application

    -References for Ravir appearance, as close as I can manage. A bit of a necro on the post itself, but I decided it'd be best if I actually put in the best references I could if anyone ever looked these scalie nerds up.     Saurus are cool. Anways, this is as close as we can get to portraying a Ravir's build. Large, muscular, scalie sillies. Cut the number of fingers down to two fingers and a thumb on each hand, all extended into sharp claws, and three clawed toes on the front of a foot.     This is pretty much Riksis to a T.  This is pretty much exactly what I'd imagine a Ravir's head to look like. Spiky, angry. Hornsss.       Aaand here's Rath in game.
  3. // Club SOLUS hiring guards! //

    //user 'rfgtikoljmk,dewsujkidews' ((Riksis)) posts a reply//   Are you a restaurant Thieves are welcome additions to meat supplies Your city's food  restaurants are insufficient
  4. // ANGELS //

    //user 'rfgtikoljmk,dewsujkidews' ((Riksis)) posts a reply//   When are you building more restaurants This makes me hungry Your city's food supply is insufficient
  5. New/Nervous

    Hey, welcome to the server. As Nomad said, feel free to ask questions.   As for your potential character, being a racer is a cool idea- Especially with the server's new appreciation for such characters due to the recent 'Pristilite Prix' event, where we RP'd a full race in Discord, complete with rolling and stat systems.  Perhaps your character came to the Fringe upon hearing of the race?   If your character is a racer, it is likely they've also heard of / raced against a member of one of the server's custom races, the 'Rantori' Basically 4'9" dirty furries weirdo space foxes from Civ Space who have great reaction times and an appreciation for going fast. Racing is their most popular sport by far, and a Rantori hosted the Pristilite Prix.

    //user 'rfgtikoljmk,dewsujkidews' ((Riksis)) posts a reply//   Let it destroy the settlement. There is nothing of value present. It is worthl   ((It seems the spacelizard accidentally pressed the enter button too quickly. BOTHER.))
  7. The Geryon Glitch Anomaly

    Hey hey. I thought I had posted a judgement on this last time, but apparently I didn't press the submit button. Cool.   All in all, it seems an interesting and believable being in a race full of technical glitches (heh). Moreso, I'm fairly sure you've got the stuff to make interesting characters out of this. Passed / Accepted.   Just do it. DO IT.
  8. // Rantori Patriarch dead at 82 //

    // User ForFoxSake posts // Good, the prick's finally done for. I've seen those slums, and it isn't a good time.   Old Rekatas was the head of the Unbarai family, and controlled the region the Unbarai own. Thank whatever deity is out there that he wasn't the ruler of the Rantori at large, or we'd be in the Long Dark's sequel by now.
  9. (An article is spread through the Nexus, originating on a Rantori-Civspace news network)   // Breaking News! - Existence of life outside the Milky Way confirmed! //           Earlier today, the CCXR (Collective Center for Xenology Research - Rantori Collective) of Kamdor released what they call ‘infallible proof’ of life in the nearby galaxy of Triangulum.           Researchers of the CCXR Wide-Beam radio satellite facility ‘Zen’, currently orbiting Kamdor, reportedly intercepted an extreme long-range signal three galactic-standard years ago that has been traced to the Triangulum galaxy, also classified as ‘Messier 33’. Packets of information were beamed across some 3million light years using a yet-unclassified Tachyonic method, including both a largely-uncorrupted cipher for the unknown aliens’ language, as well as a disturbing message, among other things.           Through the past three years of keeping the packet of information secret, the CCXR worked on translating and archiving a percentage of the Triangulum beings’ language, meeting success in completely translating a series of messages that were beamed along with their cipher. One such message is as follows, and included a single largely-intact picture of a world in this faraway place.           However, this image  is not something of pure wonder, but also something of horror, especially when paired with the message that was included with it. What is shown seems to be a ruined city, destroyed by a force referenced in the message. What follows is translated text taken directly from the CCXR’s translation file into Common. A 'portrait' is included alongside the text, apparently of who sent the packet, possibly an Avian-like being.     -------------------------------------- (-note, this seems to be recorded using a speech-to-text program?)           Hello, friends... I must ad*** (*admit) we made a good go of it. Faced with absolute *******(*destruction), we did not fall so easily. We fought against the darkness, and preserved our dignity, at least in a... Posthumous manner. Despite the overwhelming force the invaders clutch in their claws, we will die as a mark on the cosmos. Noble.           **** least, *** ** * * ^Corrupted^ (*'At least, that is what') I would have recorded here if I were someone more 'important'. The Councilors and all of their lackeys have let go. A few have offed themselves, while the rest go to sleep in stasis. To await a 'better future'? I don't ******(*general expletive, fucking) know. If it was one of them writing this, I'm sure it'd be a novel's worth of garbage detailing how valiant we were, coming together, the Council Races *******(*Shoulder-to-Shoulder) with each other as we defended our home. But they're asleep, and I am a mere pawn in their incredibly-stupid decisions. Likely one of the last 'fighters' this galaxy's 'Navy' can offer to those hungry maws. And I've seen it all.           It started only a few hundred Heidran(?) Star Cycles ago, and I count myself lucky to still be alive today after seeing all of this bloodshed... But like our races at large, it is not due to strength or skill, but cowardice. This all started like a bad story-move (*Movie?). We received signals from one of our outer-rim drones that a large ship had just exited hyperspace in an impossible place, far too far away from any relay, and in a rather large form. The readings sent back to us detailed... Well, something massive. Fearing monsters from the abyss, the Councilors convened and sent a scout ship.           The scouts reported a single vessel, if one could call it that. It was an enormous capital ship, nearly ten times the size of our Councillate's flagship. Along with readings, the scouts sent back intercepted radio chatter and *****(*Extra-net?) information that suggested whatever the hell(s?) controlled the vessel was warlike, aggressive. Following their perfect decision-making skills, the Councilors dictated that we send our ENTIRE fleet out to meet this moon of a ******(*general expletive, fucking) ship as to 'defend our homeland by showing them unstoppable force'. Yes. They tried to intimidate these things. Of course, this backfired, and I got to watch remotely from our FOB in the Hiskana(?) system as our fleet entered attack range, then panicked as they found themselves in a FTL-tether. Their connection to the nearby ******(*Hyperlane Relay) scrambled, as well as being caught in the gravity well of the massive juggernaut, 'Grand' Admiral Vistos ordered all ships to fire. The ship was huge, yes, but it was also alone. We might've been able to disable it.           If it weren't for the fact that it was all a trap. As soon as we started firing on the thing, thousands, tens of thousands of ships exited Hyperspace around us, encircling us in nearly every direction. These ships shrugged off everything we threw at them. The Juggernaut itself took our Flagship's main cannon and laughed at it. Nukes did nothing. Not like our ranged weaponry had any use in less than an hour after the swarm of ships surrounded us. These ships were built for war, but carried no torpedo tubes. No cannons. No guns, no missiles, no nothing. Just paint, armor, and a ******(general expletive, fucking) attitude. The invaders' ships were built for ramming. Crazy, right? But since Vistos cocked it up completely, he was forced to order everyone on EVERY ship in our entire Councillate Navy to prepare for boarding. We numbered four thousand ships. Only one at the end of the battle would be spared, quite literally.           You see, these ships would ram into our vessels, or through them in the case of our smaller ships, and go for a boarding. I watched the cameras between a few different ships before I looked away that day. It was... Horrific. The Invaders smashed into our ships wearing hard suits, blades that could cut and smash through anything and everything that stood in their way wielded like toys. Giant beasts, some nearing eight and a half feet tall, and that's not counting their horns... Shooting them, blowing them up, it just seemed to piss them off. The marines and crewmen aboard those vessels fought as they could, but even our largest ship, crewed and protected by the galaxy's finest, fell in a mere two hours of 'combat' in its corridors, atriums, and hangars. I say combat, but it was a slaughter. There was no cover against them. It took so much ******(general expletive, fucking) firepower to bring just ONE of them down, and there must have been half a million of them throughout our ships. Didn't matter if a marine took cover and hid, the beasts hunted them down. They could smell them. We tried everything we could- scuttling parts of the ships, turning off Artificial Gravity... Their suits had thrusters and mag boots... We fought... But at the end of it, we were fighting tooth and nail for survival, and they were fighting claw and fang to destroy us. Hours of brutality, sadism, and a complete lack of mercy...           They painted the corridors with entrails and meat on their ways to their destinations, even covering a few of my cameras. The engines, and the bridge... Anyone who tried to surrender was executed. Slowly if the lizard had the time to do so. I just thank Ankala(?) that the cameras had no audio. It didn't matter what we threw at them. Our ships were emptied of their crew, some messily devoured on the spot... Those that were not scuttled by the beasts were captured and probed for information. Whether it was the incompetence of the poor dead bastard Grand Admiral Vistos, or the simple fact that the boarding and butchering happened far too quickly, the invaders had their prize- The local intel files aboard the flagship were not deleted. Star maps. Co-ordinates. Logistics. With a single move, the beasts had all they needed to start this 'war' on top.          Even this far into a war, and we still don't even know the name of those who would devour our existence...  The Councilors showed no mercy to these newcomers, intending to cut them down while they were still but a sapling... But they were a jungle, and they brought it to our homes. They were 'Yissk'. Beasts from the ether. They showed us no mercy, no respite in turn. To date, the only mercy they have shown besides the rare quick and painless death has been allowing a single vessel from our original fleet to escape and spread the word of their arrival. It didn't matter... None of it mattered. We built defenses, went into hiding, but we simply couldn't fight back. They had numbers. They had technology. Ferocity. Hunger. We weren't even left with hope. They attacked our Home Worlds, crushed them. Over the past three hundred cycles, we've been driven from the warmth of the planets that once cradled our forming civilizations... All the way out to the deepest, darkest reaches of the galaxy, just hoping that we do not one day wake up to see the skies full of stark-crimson ships.           The... Councilors are going to sleep. Like I said earlier- I think they're hoping to wake up one day in a brighter future, where these things have killed themselves off or left for the next galaxy... But they're not going to get far, I'm afraid. They've put me in charge of safeguarding the facility in case the Yissk find us... Over the years of fighting, running, hiding... Just watching the bloodshed from the sidelines, I haven't had the chance to defend my home or my people. I could only watch as world after world was swept clean of intelligent life. Any planet we lived on, any planet we were in communication with. The Yissk spent the time and resources to directly attack each and every one of them. I've seen one such raid in person, actually, before I was ordered to slip away. They would ram city buildings and towers, even military bases with their ships, then hop out and get 'busy'... But I digress. In these centuries of WATCHING my culture being torn asunder, consumed by those ******(general expletive, fucking) lizards... I haven't been able to wring a single ounce of revenge for our fallen. I haven't shot a single round at one of these things, but I'm a Commander in the Navy... I just watch. But enough ******(general expletive, fucking) watching. ENOUGH ******(general expletive, fucking) WATCHING. I'll have my ******(general expletive, fucking) revenge here and now, on the people who caused all of this suffering, this loneliness only I have inherited on this desolate ******(general expletive, fucking) ball of ice... … …           They're asleep right now, the Councilors. And all the bureaucrats, politicians, and scientists that watched right along with me... The 'best and brightest' making the decisions that would kill trillions... No, all of us. They did it. They brought the wrath of those ******(general expletive, fucking) monsters upon us. They killed our future. And I'll make damn sure they don't ever wake up again. I'm afraid, even with our level of technological prowess... Those Stasis pod life-supports do have a rather high failure rate when the power is accidentally turned off...           This is Xidix Narveer(?), Commander of the JCNF. Whoever is out there, I am sorry. I can't share my culture with you. Our creations, our art. I don't have time. I'm going to beam this out, and I'm going to give the Councillate the end it has earned. Then... Then maybe I'll announce the location, this tomb-to-be for a hundred thousand souls... To those ******(general expletive, fucking) Yissk. Then I'll finally shoot at them... Then I'll join my love, and the rest of us.         If there are any of my kinsmen still out there. Hells, any member of our former Council. If you're still alive, may the gods watch over you. Good night. Good luck.   ***(general expletive, fuck.)   --------------------------------------            It is unknown how long ago this was recorded, but what is clear from the message, as well as several other files in the packet, is that in the Triangulum Galaxy was a Galactic Council whose power spread across their known space, apparently wiped out due to a single bad decision. Whether this is a warning for the future, or a relic of the past, it still proves that in the end, like the question asked by all of us when we first looked up into the night sky, we are not alone in this vast universe. For better or for worse, we won't know until we meet those from across the emptiness of space.         The head of CCXR, Vinni'Ichin, was available to give our correspondent  Aina'Lennvo'Anbas a single comment-   "We will continue the process of unveiling all that the intercepted packet hides in the interest of learning more about these races from across the emptiness, and will be sending this information to the research teams of the other Civ-Space races. We can only gain understanding through this... We're actually incredibly lucky to have caught this, considering the direct nature of the signal that was sent... But personally, I don't know if I want this message to be days, or millions of years old. This only sheds light on the fact that this universe is larger than we could ever comprehend... And that the only horrors in it aren't just from home." - Vinni'Ichin, head of CCXR.     -Article source: KKNN, Kalus-Kamdori News Network, 12/10/3283 -Written by Tijah'Ruanta'Maeor ~Kalus Junrai.     (There is a comment section below the article.)     ((Yes this is about the Ravir))
  10. John joins the fray!

    Hey, nice to see more players joining. New input on things is always appreciated, especially when it comes to the big stupid story we're trying to form together. Getting started just means finding your way to the Outpost and using the 2-stop teleshop telepad to beam to one of the Hubs. Roji is the most popular at the moment.   Also, in case you didn't catch it elsewhere, this server isn't focused on survival gameplay. It's recommended that you make your character in casual mode so you don't have to worry about beeping every 10 minutes for food. Using Starcheat is also encouraged. Hell, you can even change your character to casual mode in there if you want.
  11. Jetniss on board.

    Get to the Outpost, then use the 2-stop teleshop telepad to go to one of the hubs. The most popular one at the moment seems to be Roji. ... As dull as asteroids are.
  12. Just did some singleplayer for the first time, and it made me think. Some of the planet backrounds are fucking sweeeet. Why the hell can't we make a hub (like bathshire) with an interesting backround popular?


    Roji's built well for what it is, but an asteroid is the most dull location for an rp place in this game. Building on a planet also makes the area feel alive instead of incredibly stale.

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    2. 409

      See Yozakura for an actually good hylotl themed place.

      Also @Lloyd that goddamn straight line is still in there and if it isn't fixed it's still going to be a 0/10

    3. Lloyd

      Bothers me too, but the sky actually moves. @409 Just was there during the cap.

  13. Spoiler Slight addition, added Rantori Collective claimed space in orange on the far right, totaling only 3 star systems.
  14. The Ravir - Sample Custom Race Application

    @krowski_nall  The Ravir Exiles are all still alive, and continue to serve as weird-ass hungry aliens.   As for the Ravir in Ravas (Triangulum), the galaxy they call home at the moment, the Ravirrin continues to spread throughout the galaxy, crushing local races and assimilating/destroying them. The current Emperor of the Ravirrin is promoting great advancement of Ravirri power and relations with non-Ravir Ravirrin races, and is doing a fine job of his position. So much so that he is taking rather dishonorable measures to ensure that no challengers step forward to take his seat by swordpoint, which is the tradition.   Seeing as there are only 3/4 Ravir in the Milky Way at the moment, their existence is still likely largely-undocumented, and mostly unknown by Civ Space. They're still tanky bastards.