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  1. Lets face a scary possiblity


    think about your assets they put it in a pak so they can fit it on your computer an a 1/2 hour if they didn't have that .pak your computer would be stuffed full of assets and you probably couldn't do anything else and it would take overnight.
  3. Lets face a scary possiblity

    but I will miss sbse and they probably won't update it is sad but someone like apple might make something somewhat like sbse I don't know who but it will happen or sbse and starcheat will both update and apologize for the timing.
  4. Lets face a scary possiblity

    you guys there's mods that are like for this in game
  5. Ship Bug

    yeah most defiantly a ship world error  
  6. Suggestion: Please don't add the downvote button back

    I agree with yong
  7. Galaxy Citizen: The game

    ((I don't like the edginess to much))
  8. //-Bounty available-//

    ((this is where you find bounty's thanks))
  9. Guys its here

    chucklefucks I hate the update
  10. Does anyone remember our TS adress? straight answer
  11. A question.

    409 I'm sorry for invading I will delete it
  12. A question.

    your cool with me  
  13. Happy 2nd Birthday GC

    bean here for 1 1/2 years and let me tell you no time wasted it was fun
  14. Apple's Tutorials
  15. Apple's Tutorials

    there is a version for mac il find it and get back to you