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  1. The Galactic Rangers

    Name: Zuki Moniq Age: 22 Race: Avian? Gender: Female Skills: [Excessive skill with close range weaponry] [Knows lots of languages] [Escape artist] Any existing alliances: Nope Reason for joining: None
  2. The Galactic Rangers

    Name: Hiro Valohty Age: 19 Race: Hylotl Gender: Male Skill/Position desired: Unsure Any existing alliances: None Reason for joining: Saw an ad and decided to join
  3. Nezumi and Coca

    Gonna do an origin story. I don't even care if it's too early http://nezumiandcoca.tumblr.com/ Spoiler  
  4. Nezumi and Coca

  5. Nezumi and Coca

    Hey, here's the new comic http://nezumiandcoca.tumblr.com/ Spoiler  
  6. Nezumi and Coca

  7. Nezumi and Coca

    Hopefully a lot of people get to be in it, since it's about this community
  8. Nezumi and Coca

    Gotta meet you in starbound if you wanna be in the comic
  9. Nezumi and Coca

    Ur prayers hab been answered
  10. Nezumi and Coca

    its death. He's a creepo
  11. Nezumi and Coca

    Here's the first comic Spoiler  
  12. Nezumi and Coca

    Nezumi and Coca is a weekly comic about an avian and a hylotl living together in the fringe You can find the comic here: http://nezumiandcoca.tumblr.com/ This is where people can discuss and get notified about the news of the comic Writing by Death and Art by H4ilking
  13. Yuziqu

    Maybe you should commission me~~~ hMMHMMHMHM~
  14. Real life depiction of my suffering

    Kill me, kill me good

    © H4ilking

  15. Yuziqu

    OOOOOOOOOOoooohhh, you better stop or your gonna get one HECK of a reaction gif