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  1. //mercenary work needed//

    //on some sort of job finding site a user named 'Hex' would post an available job//   "I require a couple of mercenaries prepared to deal with ending some drones as well as aiding me in dismantling and transporting them. This job will take 3-4 days but you will be payed about 2k credits if you do your job well. Other more private details will be provided before departure. If interested please contact me asap.  //a link to an online address to contact him is listed and the post ends//
  2. -Shuttle Cymbeline Log 2-

    ((Na I'm not telling you to remove them I was just wondering, was planning on interacting with ic if they were broadcasts))  
  3. -Shuttle Cymbeline Log 2-

    ((are these meant to be broadcasts of logs or like a blog on a web page or something or what))  
  4. U.M.M (universal malleable material)

    Does the material require electricity to work? yes. Will slower movements cause the rippling effect? The rippling effect will become more and more apparent the faster the material moves while cloaked. does it hide anything on or around the affected object, or simply anything covered by the material? the material will naturally cloak anything touching a none scaled side of the material as sides without scales will also lack the sensors necessary to cloak it unless purposely added. For the material to properly cloak it must have two sensors each on polar opposite sides of the object to hide their assigned areas of the material. 
  5. // Levinskies //

    (( costava and I are Australian so could we work on a middle ground. 7:00pm is about 10:00am here so if it could be on a weekend that would be great))
  6. // Levinskies //

    ((A week from now at what time))
  7. // Levinskies //

    *user under the name Hex transfers 4,500 px and leaves a comment on the site if able*  "How will the nature of this place effect electronics such as AI or droids?"
  8. // Levinskies //

    ((fair enough, ill probs be there))  
  9. // Levinskies //

    ((I'm considering signing up and seeing if I could convince some friends to come with because it sounds fun but my main character is a bandit and he's more of a tank than anything and I don't wanna have to clone him if he gets offed.)) @costava
  10. // Levinskies //

    ((try not the shred people's characters so hard if their-their main if your gonna use NPCs but don't hesitate if their dumb about it))  
  11. U.M.M (universal malleable material)

    sorry, it should say  "The material will not longer function and break at temperatures at or above 60 degrees Celsius or below -25 degrees Celsius". my mistake. I'll edit that in. 
  12. Name of Aug/Tech:  U.M.M (universal malleable material)    Description: U.M.M is a smooth, black, elastic rubber-like synthetic material capable of independently flexing, bending and stretching anywhere across the surface of the material.  How does it work:  A woven series of tiny synthetic muscle and nerve like material. Connected to it a series of tiny scales capable of cloaking the material and also independently changing the colour of each separate scale. The cloaking functionality works the same as the HERMES MK XII Cloaking Suit "Meshed into the suit is a system of smart nanotech sensors, these sensors pick up the surroundings and once activated begin to mimic their surroundings with a smart moving display." The tiny synthetic nerves and muscles connect throughout the entire material. This means that as long one of the nerves of an almost detached piece of U.M.M is still connected to the main mass it will continue to function. For the material to function it must be commanded by a directly connected computer with the matching programming or an advanced AI.  What is it’s intended use:  The material is designed with the purpose of practical civilian, industrial and military use. U.M.M can be used for the manufacturing of suits, droids/drones, tools, vehicles and more.     Strengths:  It's agile and tactical functionalities are extremely useful for military applications.  The flexible and lightweight material allows for stealthy movements.  Can be applied to nearly any vehicle, droid, weapon and more.    Weaknesses:  The material is fairly weak and is capable of being torn in half by hand  The material will not longer function and break at temperatures above 60 degrees Celsius or below -25 degrees Celsius  Not resistant to emp  Like the HERMES MK XII Cloaking Suit, the cloak has a slight delay in updating to sudden change, causing a slight shimmer to appear, the same happens upon initial cloaking, which appears like a slight wave of scales "flipping" that spreads across the body.    Attainability:  Open    Tags:  Industrial
  13. Weejimmy's second app

    I'm using your parts to build a droid along with some other parts I got. although this won't be you.  vouch
  14. post your best gc memes