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  1. // User RainRayd comments \\ How much for these scanners and radios?
  2. Krowski does free art for you

    Uh yes I would.
  3. The Tyler S. Log Collection

    Log .5 VirusResearch1.txt 6/24/3284 First day went well, got some results within a few hours of arriving, couldn't have happened without the help of previous research though. If the people I'm working with get one of these files, I am very greatful of you. I might be late tomorrow since I've barely gotten sleep in a day, so I'll need a lot of tea tomorrow, but nothing else special in this log. 
  4. The Tyler S. Log Collection

    Upon the small ship CVS Teller are the logs of a lone doctor, a mix of text and video documents stored on a flash drive, which he would have mailed to his sister incase of his death. Log 1. A video opens up to a man with bright blue hair in a leather jacket and a red bandanna tied around his forehead with around big grin on his face, "Finally got my own ship! Cost me most of my earnings in the Kingling cup but it has been worth it. I think it's high time to go see what's going on in the Fringe, I'll get this thing fueled up and get an official call sign here and head out!" Log 1 End. Log 2 //CORRUPTED DATA// Log 3, .txt file Been about a week since I left home, I should be getting to this place called Haven shortly. I've got my short stories and my cat to keep me sane during this trip, nothing but boredom is on this ship, I could've brought a few more things but noooo, my cousin says "Oh you can't bring more stuff! Then it'll just make your ship weigh more blah blah blah!" Heh. I really wish I shouldn't have listened to him. 
  5. Krowski does free art for you

    Maybe. But tftm (thanks for the mug).
  6. Gamer's Stash

    For now
  7. Gamer's Stash

    This is just a dump for my art, poems and any other crap I take pictures of.  
  8. The Tyler S. Log Collection

    Log 4. Cantsleep.txt 6/24/3284 Might as well start keeping dates on this. But I can't sleep and well, this would be the record of yesterday so I guess it's actually 6/23/84. But I was at Haven today, sitting by the tree as usual and someone asks me "Why do you dye your hair" and well, I dodged the question for a bit but I guess I should've just told him I didn't want to talk about it. Didn't know it was rude to try and change the subject, but after a few more minutes of sitting enjoying the sun and the tree I went back to my ship. A few hours later I decided to go and check out that "Help needed" thing on Havens Nexus place, so I decided to sign up. Well, I got the job and I think I'll start tomorrow, I'm just happy I have to wear a doctor's coat, man I hate to wear uniforms. Well, while I'm on the subject I might as well write down why I don't like wearing uniforms and why I dye my hair. The reason I dye my hair is in the honor of my Hylotl friend back home, we were best buds since middle school and I had just gotten out of nursing school and I was assigned to Kingling Hospital. Two years in and I had helped thousands of people recover and get through diseases and tough times, then my friend had fallen sick. See before I went to nursing school I had studied Virology at Kingling University, I knew exactly what my friend had been infected with, but I couldn't legally diagnose him since he wasn't a doctor. The professional doctors apparently didn't know it was a registered virus and couldn't get a treatment, my friend ended up dying and after that I tried to work a few more weeks but I threw in the towl. After that I dyed my hair my friends favorite color, light blue and I had always hated wearing a lab coat or doctors jacket. Don't know why, I guess it's because the doctors didn't listen to me, or because maybe I blame them for my friends death? I'm not sure but I'm ending the log here.
  9. // TRANSMISSION AL_94 //

    // User TyedHands comments \\ Damn that thing is ugly. But I'd love to see that guy in a horror movie.
  10. //PosiMin's Digital Journal//

    ((Git gnomeblasted))
  11. //Floran Drone.mp4//

    //User Kicky comments\\ You should name them Shadows or something cool, like a Doppleganger!
  12. //how is prangent formed//

    // User Kicky comments \\ I.. what?
  13. Really lazy but still existant griefer

    Witness, he also broke the elevator door since the time of the screenshot.
  14. Krowski does free art for you

    Ay lad, could you make me a book to hold and a phone please? 
  15. // Club SOLUS hiring guards! //

    // User Kicky posts \\ If I happen to enter the next Pristilite Prix, can I take a leave of absence for it? I am perfectly fine with not being paid during said leave as well.
  16. // CivNews BREAKING - Sol War Lost //

    // User Kicky replies // What if it's just a baby? And a mama can eat entire Frick galaxies?
  17. // HAVEN TIMES △ VOL 4. △ 4/1/84 - Grief //

    // TheGalley posts \\ I was in Haven at the time..  
  18. March 31st, 3284 "I've been twiddling my thumbs here for a month, or two.. I don't know! But it's been at least two weeks since I've left, I don't even know if I'm going in the right direction anymore. But hey, at least I'll explorer something unknown to me if I don't end up in the Fringe! I mean, I've read three of my books during this trip and drawn at least three drawings of stuff on my desk. That was fun! I'm sure I'll find other things in my spare time, I could write more I guess. Still need to improve my hand writing, I'll be arriving tomorrow says my ETA clock on the bridge. I doubt it's as bad as people say it is, I mean, how can there be so many chainsaw murders?! I think my friends have been feeding me false information to make sure I stay home! But I'll be able to message them via the Nexus!" -G. Razorblade
  19. "Into the Fringe!" Gallion Archives

    April 1st, 3284 "So I finally arrived today, and I beamed down to Haven just to witness the Grand Protector die on television. Then a few minutes later I saw some guards carry him off, I had never seen a dead body before in my life, it was so.. terrifying... to me at least. I saw people not even be phased by the body and others at least paying respects. I just finished drawing stuff on my desk to relieve my welcome shock." -G. Razorblade
  20. General Information First name: Gallion Middle name(s): Kanine Surname: Razoreye Age: 21 Date of birth: 1/3/3263 Race: Avian Gender: Female Sexuality: Pansexual Current residence: IS Poseidon Relationship status: Single Social status: Middle class Traits of Voice Accent (if any): N/A Language spoken: Galactic Standard Other languages known: Avosi, English Style of speaking: Normal Volume of voice: Average Physical Appearance Height: 5’2” Weight: 71 lbs Feather colour: Green Build of body: Athletic Posture: Straight Tattoos: None Piercings: None Typical clothing: Close to a WWI pilot Is seen by others as: a dork Personality Likes: Planes, Spaceships, Soda, Optimists, Bright colors, drawing, and flying stuff in general. Dislikes: Whiners, Drunks, Pessimists, Arseholes and Snobby/Spoiled people Education: Slightly above average for airplane mechanics and flight Fears: Being dumped, Losing friends/family, and Guns Personal goals: Knowing how to repair an entire corvette and sub-corvette, losing the fear of guns, and learning to play an instrument General attitude: Optimistic, energetic and slightly sarcastic (when annoyed). Religious values: None General intelligence: High in aviation and airplane repair General sociability: Pretty good Health Illnesses (if any): Nope Allergies (if any): None Sleeping habits: 4-6 hours achieved most nights Energy level: High Eating habits: Normal Memory: Above average Any unhealthy habits: Sleeping habit Relationships Parents: Both are dead and vaguely remembered Siblings: None Any enemies (and why): Not in the Fringe Children: None Friends: Not in the Fringe Best friend(s): none Important friends/relatives (explain): Nope Love interest (if there is one): Not yet Combat Peaceful or violent: Peaceful, unless provoked or you somehow piss her off Weapon (if applicable): Baton Style of fighting: Cheapo, (Aims for the crotch when fighting men), and generally aims to incapacitate rather then kill. Others Occupation: Engine Mechanic Current home: IS Poseiden Favourite types of food: Ramen Noodles (Specifically chicken), and usually meats Favourite types of drink: Soda Hobbies/past times: Reading or Drawing Guilty pleasures: Ehhhh... Pet peeves: You know when you walk into a room then forget why you went there? Yeah.. Pets: None Talents: Quick learner Favourite colours: Bright green Favourite type of music: Blues, Jazz, Electro and Rock & Roll
  21. // A Band Formation \\

    // User Letter E replies \\ Awesome you're in!
  22. // A Band Formation \\

    // The user would come across a crudely built website, with a simple request. \\ Hey! It's been bugging me that there aren't many bands out there, and I wanted to form one! If ya like jazz, this'll be the band to join! We're gonna be called the Musical Mafia. Just fill the template below! Band Position Template Name:  Instrument:  (OOC note: I'll find some good jazz mods out there and PM the people joining them) \\ There's a section for comments //
  23. /// Calypso Station Job Application. ///

    // Old Tunes Host comments \\ So uh, how do I get a radio job? Haha.
  24. /// "Atlas has done something crazy."

    // OldTunesRadioOfficial comments \\ Awesome! I'll be sure to check it out.
  25. /// "Atlas has done something crazy."

    // OldTunesRadioOfficial comments \\ Awesome! I'll be sure to check it out.