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  1. NEXDAQ Stock Market | Exchange, Trade, Sell |

    // user B purchases 10 Atlas stocks for 762.20 osi //
  2. NEXDAQ Stock Market | Exchange, Trade, Sell |

    ((Seems reasonable. Thank you.))
  3. NEXDAQ Stock Market | Exchange, Trade, Sell |

    ((Those percentages are very large. o_o What are the betas on these stocks?))
  4. Basic Gun Drawables [SIMPLE]

    Alright. Sorry I couldn't help any further. I hope you figure it out. C:
  5. Basic Gun Drawables [SIMPLE]

    You are very welcome. C: I haven't tried messing with any .png assets, personally, so I don't have any idea. As you can see, though, there's a way to change its color. Past that, I've no clue.
  6. Basic Gun Drawables [SIMPLE]

    Open the item's full json in Starcheat, and scroll down. There's a part that looks like this: Spoiler   "lights": { "muzzleFlash": { "active": false, "color": [ 90, 90, 0 ], "position": [ 0, 0   You can change the position values to make it look right. Just like in the Drawables Generator, I'm sure the first value is x, and the second is y. Negative being down or left, and positive being the opposite. C:
  7. Basic Gun Drawables [SIMPLE]

    I do not personally know, or have a way to test such. If it does work for any mac user, then I would be sure to edit my post to reflect such.
  8. Ascendant Order

    // Name: Ferax Age: 20 Appearance (Picture, if possible):  Medical/Criminal records: Perfect health. No criminal record. Past faction affiliations: N/A Skills & Experience: Basic martial training, Sales (Fuel), and Pre-Mathematics Student. Your reason for joining the Order & Desired occupation: I have access to large amounts of money and fuel from my recently sold business, which could be an asset, and looking for some spice in my life. No occupational preference. One may be assigned according to the current or future needs. -Nullius in verba- // ((Do you have a discord, and if so, would you be willing to join a guild-related chat?: Yes, and yes. Username is Blight.))
  9. Basic Gun Drawables [SIMPLE]

    I'll look into it. C:
  10. Basic Gun Drawables [SIMPLE]

    I don't believe I said anything about melee. I'm not sure how you managed to quote something I haven't said. Yet, in answer: I haven't messed with it much. I will, when I get the time. I assume that it functions similarly. Meaning, there's some format for an animation area that has to be met, and then pixels can be swapped using D_Xs. But this is not based on any information. Also, I think individual sections of a swing animation would have to be drawn, which goes into lua files. I have no experience with making multi-frame animations. If anyone else does, and if they have a tutorial for it, go ahead and link it here.
  11. Basic Gun Drawables [SIMPLE]

    You are very welcome!
  12. Basic Gun Drawables [SIMPLE]

    Gun Drawables They aren't as hard as they seem I've been trying for a while now to figure this out. I've scoured the internet, and this forum, and I haven't found the information that I feel I needed. If you feel the same as I do, I hope this post is helpful to you.  Required Materials: There are a few things you'll need for this, but not many. -WinRar: Find what matches your OS, and get this -StarCheat: I use "" but, if it works, it works -DrawablesGenerator: I use v1.1.1 for win32, as OS does not seem to matter -Image Editing Software: If you have a PC, you probably already have Microsoft Paint. Yet there is also Paint.NET which is easier for some as it allows transparency. (when getting it, be weary of fake download buttons. Use this link to make it easier -[Optional] Notepad ++: I find it's easy sometimes to copy and paste code to and from a .txt file, but it is far from necessary  Doing The Do: Start off by understanding where things are in StarCheat. Open the .zip, run the .exe and select a character profile. From here you can right-click a slot, hit edit (not edit json), and search for a gun to use as a base. My example will use the Durasteel Assault Rifle. But, I believe this works with most guns. Confirm that you want the gun, and it will be there in your inventory. Now, you ought to make a gun in Microsoft Paint. Look up references on Google, be creative, be realistic, be whatever you want. Just follow the server's rules. Here's one I made.  It's just an assault rifle. Use it if you want, edit it, whatever. Next, you need to translate it to code. So, open DrawablesGenerator, run the .exe, and select your image. MSPaint does not support transparency, but this program is forgiving. Where it asks for what color to ignore, use ffffff for white. Or, any other hex code. I'd stick to white or black though. If you want pure white in your picture, and still need transparency, paint should show you at least what the RGB is (in edit color) if it shows hex, perfect. You're smart, you can use Google if you need to. Or, comment and ask me. Once that's in, you'll notice, it's off. Mess with offsets to make it sit where it looks good. And, edit your picture if you need to. Looking good? Hit "plain text" and you'll see a bunch of code pop up. Don't be scared. We're almost there. Use this animation.txt for the next part. In StarCheat, you need to edit that item you added. Go to the animation part (It's easiest to tell it to edit json when you open the animation section). Replace everything in there with all that is in that .txt file. In the output from the DrawablesGenerator, you will see something like this: "D_1": {                 "properties": {                     "centered": false,                     "image": "/objects/outpost/customsign/signplaceholder.png? XXXXXX                     "offset": [                         -0.X,                         -0.X And, possibly more than one. (D_1, D_2, D_3, ...) Copy them to the corresponding spot in your animation area, replacing what is above. It's easiest to copy from the "D_1"... to the -0.X of the very last D_X section. Make sure you have all of them. And, accept the changes. If you have issues with a pesky secondary function, you can just remove all text from the alt ability area. Or, find another that you prefer through the use of Google, or unpacking assets. If you want to change sound files, look for the animationCustom area, and replace what is there with another ingame file. I do not know what sounds can be used, but you can unpack assets, and find that out. There are easy tutorials out there on how to do so. That's it. Load it up, and you have a drawable gun. This tutorial is only the bare minimum in terms of complexity of drawables. But, it was so hard for me to find out how to do this at all, and I wish there was a tutorial out there like this when I was trying.  Please tell me what to add/edit. Please ask for help if you need it. Thank you.