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  1. // Al-Dhaid Masquerade Event \\

    // User M.A.S.K replies // I hope to see you all there, my lovelies.       
  2. // Solus club closed //

    // User DnteBldva22 Replies// It's probably because the mutt owner shit in the pool. Oh well. I'm working on a mobile bar myself anyways.
  3. // Solus pool closed //

    //User DntBldva22 replies// And then you have to think about the 50 something people that pissed in it.
  4. //Haven Needs Help!//

    // A sticky note is attached literally to one of the screens displaying the ad. //   About damn time they start fixing Corrav.
  5. Concerning Solus and the Shin'kali

    I feel like it would be better to just remove the teleporter, shut the door, and put caution tape on it.
  6. // A warning from the Hylotl Empire of Axolotia \\

    // User DnteBldva22 Replies // God I wish he could have been more specific on what a "shifter" is and not essentially threatened galactic war.
  7. /// The Atlas Corporation. ///

    //Name: Dante Baladeva //Race: Human //Age: 28 //Strengths: Engineering, Construction, Gunplay //Preferred Career Path: Engineering //Affiliation with any other organizations: //Heavily Encrypted Response// //Additional notes: Experience with Erchius Crystal Technology, not limited to reactors, engines, and simple defense measures.
  8. // REVIEW: Don't visit Club Solus //

    //User DnteBldva22 replies// I agree to their staff being utter trash. They don't pay attention to bottles being broken or anything. Also, naked floran? I guess I'm comi- //Character limit reached//