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  1. // Roji Declaration //

    //user tartarusminingcompany.industry.nex leaves a comment// The staff at Tartarus Mine have received little to no salary this week in preparation of this anticipated war. Tartarus Mining Company will make clear that we are a neutral party to the conflict and as such, will begin taking in and providing food, medicine, shelter and security to those in need. Josh //the post is ended by an application form for refugees//
  2. // A Call for Help. //

    //user Joshwwaaa would post// Fuel.
  3. // A Demand of Roji //

    //joshwwaaa makes a post// That is disgusting.
  4. //Official Statement from Roji//

    //user Joshwwaaa leaves a comment// How unfortunate to see a spike of crime, I like to visit Roji and this won't stop me from doing so.  //end post//
  5. GUESS WHAT!!!!!

  6. // The Undying Army \\

    NAME: Joshua (no surname) PICTURE:  SKILLS: Digging tunnels, detecting ore, fuel and ability to use heavy machinery & a rifle. AFFILIATIONS: CEO of Tartarus Mining Company TMC I would like to request an interview myself and find out more about this 'Undying Army,' I look forward to meeting with somebody.
  7. //Bounty Hunter for Hire//

    //anonymous user posts privately// I need someone taken out. Name is Bradley Perkins. Works for Omnitron Mining Co. I want the entire thing filmed from your assassins POV as well which will be an extra 2k. *Folder of information attached* //52k pixels would be waiting to be transferred. Only hitting a button would do it// ((I need this done for my next Nexus post so I will actually have this guy walking around if you want to kill him))
  8. // Roji Real Estate //

    *** Citizenship Form Name: Joshua Age: 25 Photo ID:  Race: Human Recent Illnesses: None Monthly Income: 15k Occupation: Mining Boss Requests: A recruitment office and living space to be built for Tartarus Mining Company Mark all that apply [ ]  Pre-Built Property [X] Living Space [X] Newly constructed building [X] Enrollment within the Matsuba-Gumi Foundation ***

  10. A log book of all files to do with Tartarus Mining Company.   // establishing connection // // connecting to nexus // // connected to nexus // // live feed: camera #006: host tartarusminingco.industry.nex: main menu // 00:01 //A small crowd of around 50 people of multiple races would be lightly clapping their hands as a man with long blond hair approached a small podium that overlooked the crowd from a wooden stand. Cameras flashed as the media was also in attendance for the event. A logo of traditional design nailed onto the podium with "Tartarus Mining Company" printed around it. The man wore a suit with a red tie, readying his notes in his hands and leaning forward into the microphone as two men in military uniform and assault rifles followed close behind to flank him. The masked men would be looking at each member of the crowd, watching ever so carefully over the suited man who clears his throat. Some people would have seen him at Roji and know him as Josh.// 00:10 "Ladies and gentlemen. Five years ago today I began working at Tartarus Company in the hopes that I could save up some money and buy a cottage somewhere nice and secluded to get away from those I despised... everyone" 00:24 //*laughter*// 00:26 "Today I stand before you to announce the reopening of Tartarus Mines, possible by the work of thirty new miners that have just been added to the team of ten. We have one state of the art digger that is currently digging up tonnes of moon dust per day. However, the opening today came at a cost, a cost of life. I would like everyone here including myself to take a minute silence for those who sacrificed their lives to give you fuel during those tough ti-" 00:50 //Josh is abruptly cut off by two gunshots that ring out from the crowd. The bullets ricochet off a wall of thick glass revealing the podium to be protected. The camera falls. All that can be seen on camera as it lay on the ground are legs running away in all directions, followed by the sound of two more gunshots. The sound of terrified screams fills the area. The camera is picked up and begins to focus in on a the body of a Caucasian male human in his mid forties who was standing near the center of the crowd. The man had sustained two shots to the chest from the guards and is bleeding out, a sidearm lay at his side which is soon kicked away by one of the guards// 00:55 //the live feed has ended// Search: [                   ] Replay. Tartarus Mining Company                                       Log in | Register
  11. //VR//

    //Application submitted by bigJay// Name: Cigar Face. Species: Human. Weapon: M134 / 7.62x51mm Yes. Yes. //end of application//
  12. Hub update: Going well. I'm just adding the finishing touches including furniture. Most of it is wiring the entire place to serve 2 functions. Wiring is a bitch.

    1. TurnWall

      Glad to hear it, fam

  13. Josh aka 'thebigJAY'

    General Information Name: Joshua. Age: 25. Date of birth: 10/07/3258. Race: Human. Gender: Male. Sexuality: Heterosexual. Current residence: Tartarus Mine. Relationship status: Single. Social status: Middle Class. Traits of Voice Accent (if any): Australian. Language spoken: Fluent English. Other languages known: Galactic standard. Style of speaking: Typical Australian, half the shit he says would make no sense to a non-Aussie. Volume of voice: A little quiet for a human male. Physical Appearance Height: 5'10. Weight: 73.5kg. Eye color: Blue. Skin color: Caucasian. Distinguishing features: A small speckle in the right eye others call an 'extra pupil.' Build of body: Stocky from years of mine work. Hair color: Blonde. Hair style: Long and unbrushed causing matted knots at the back. Complexion: Fair. Posture: Relaxed. Typical clothing: Blue work pants, Tartarus shirt and high visibility safety jacket. Is seen by others as: A chillaxed guy who regularly visits Roji in his time off. Personality Likes: Following wars & conflict, ocean, fishing, friendly Florans, human & Hylotl girls, cigarettes, alcohol, work. Dislikes: FALSE rumors of an Erchius beast that is bad for business, lazy workers and hard drugs. Education: Completion of Secondary School + basic & advanced Mining Studies. Fears: Rumors of an Erchius beast being true, WHICH THEY ARE NOT, but if true it would be bad for business and slightly terrifying. Personal goals: Reign in rouge mining companies and establish a stable and fair fuel price across the Fringe for all with minimal hikes. General attitude: Generally a positive outlook on life but is getting a little bored with mining all day every day, Religious values: None General intelligence: IQ at least 120, has common sense, intelligent enough. General sociability: Will usually stay quiet and let others speak first. A man of few words. Health Sleeping habits: Rolls around a lot during his sleep. Energy level: Above average, he is only 25. Eating habits: Steak & vegetables every single night without fail.  Memory: Human. Any unhealthy habits: Drinks alcohol like a fish on weekends, but won't ever be seen publicly in this state. History Childhood: Had a good upbringing into a middle class family. Liked to play with virtual digital monsters. Teen years: Rebelled in high school but still managed to pass all year levels with an at least 75% pass. Began working for Tartarus at age 20. Adult years: Was able to acquire complete ownership of Tartarus Mine at age 25 after 5 years of work when the owner abandoned it for better opportunities in civilized space. History of family: Traces back to Earth to around the year 2,100 but with the destruction of Earth, all files have been lost both in digitally and on paper. Briefly (or not) explain life story: ((See above, all pretty basic and standard)) Relationships Parents: Alive and well in Civilized space. Contact is regular but not frequent. Any enemies (and why): Probably rival mine owners as that's how it usually is in the industry. Love interest (if there is one): None. Combat Peaceful or violent: Passive aggressive. Will not initiate a fight but will fight if he has to, or to defend friends and family. Weapon (if applicable): M1911 side-arm. Others Occupation: Owner at Tartarus Mine. Current home: Tartarus Mine. Hobbies/past times: Video games, fishing, hunting, exploring space & drinking. Guilty pleasures: Smoking weed by himself in the middle of deep space with not even as much as a stellar whale to bother him. Pets: A small fluffy dog named Rusty.
  14. //the mob: Dave act//

    //Other brief clips of the memorial service shows Joshua in attendance wearing a nice suit for the unfortunate occasion\\ "I am deeply sorry for your loss. Let me know if there is anything I can do for you" //Josh would say this, shake a few hands and leave,knowing one of Davids close friends// ((Because why not?))