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  10. The Goemi

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  11. The Goemi

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  12. The Goemi

    The Goemi   The Pitch “Extinct” proto-mammalians who remain as brain-powered robots due to large conflict The Snapshot: Originating from the outskirts of the Milky Way, the Goemi system is rather small, with the planets orbiting an ageing Type-K star called Kreia. Orbiting Kreia is the planet named Toaclite, which is around 70% water, with the rest being a mix of tropical or arid continents and the poles more frozen. Many of the cities were in the greener regions, with one nation taking more of a foothold in the hotter region.   The Goemi are a decently aged unisex species, appearing somewhat like early proto-mammals and even looking aquatic to a degree, although there is no specific functionality to suggest they are aquatic. Geomic bodies are often skinny or somewhat muscular, with a common slender shape to them. Heights are often around 5’5-6’3, with weight around 150-180 lbs. Goemi are often hairless, and instead have the top of their back, extending over the head and forehead down to the tip of their nose covered in a thick almost “scaly” skin with two large “flaps” extending out from both sides of the head, like the body of a mantaray to display emotion with simple moving of them.   Furthermore, the limbs are humanoid, with the hands containing three somewhat slender fingers and opposable thumbs. Goemi skin colours range from darker grey tones to a lighter muddy brown, with the eyes being a honey yellow to a dirty gold colour. Lastly, Goemi reproduce using organs that appear to be a mix of the commonly found organs on sexual species, with the species also releasing pheromones during said process to aid in attraction.   The technology and architectural style of the Goemi resemble the artworks of the late artist H.R Giger, with buildings being designed with iconic flowing lines and are often uniform. Spacecraft and other vehicles followed the style as well, with beaming black ships looking almost biomechanical and asymmetrical in construction.   Space technology was one of the main causes of the eventual downfall and collapse of the strange global government of the Goemi, having a group with “representatives” of each nation to speak and discuss problems, which wouldn't last forever due to developing disagreements over how space technology should be handled in the future. Conflict had soon broke out and eventually engulfed and tore the species apart, leading to the alienating brain experiments of removing one’s brain for the sake of storing them and controlling a distant body. This was originally a combat tactic of one of the nations, which instead grew into the fate of the species who had created the technology. Now the species that once was, now remain as husks of their previous selves. The home world lays collapsed from the once on-going conflict and is now one big hub of brain cloning and manufacturing point for the multiple brain collectives that exist, with the brain hubs being stored into the spacecraft that were created and set off the explore the stars. Many ships are lined with hubs of stored Goemi brains, having the machinery and systems in place to care and preserve the brains that are now bodiless, they take orders from each other, using artificial bodies controlled by the brains to fulfil orders and goals for their collectives.   (https://i.gyazo.com/fa51fb05fc0fa5b54780dd5c486c4cfd.png) A typical Goemic brain-powered android, dedicated to the task of outside exploration and communication. (https://i.gyazo.com/2be33a5aa0ae1acefbd7f482db7c3c09.png) A pre-conflict Goemi,  wearing standard clothing. Co-signers: @Haruichi @Gun @TurianEta @Weejimmy @Stupid Internet Guy @Terrible Character
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