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  1. Update.

    Don't stress yourself, before rekt yourself. x3 it's okay to take a break when you really need it.  Working on projects like that should be fun- not work. It's the reason why I created the Federation long ago. Just take it slow and enjoy step by step. Good hopefully things go well* on your Doctor's appointments, and best of luck ! (These errors*, feels like old times lol)
  2. The real legend.

    1. Dreadnaught

      I'll come back full time one day. I'll return and bring goodies with me to share.

    2. Lloyd

      I'm building things up how they used to be.

    3. Dreadnaught

      Sounds awesome! but It's unlikely it's going to be an overnight thing since my lap top blew out. Although, I have every intention of returning. 

  3. Hello all!

    Greetings to the Gentleman name of a Creepy Pasta. (Neat) Hope you enjoy your stay.
  4. A Familiar Face

    A rare greetings from yours truly, Welcome to GC, Enjoy your stay.. <3
  5. Community Rationalization (Pursuit of Happiness~)

    Well, if you didn't read it well. The sheep are the ones being brain washed by the opinions of the herd*. The topic saying it's better to think for yourself then to let others think what is best of you.
  6.   Greetings Galaxy Citizen I hope you are well and doing great! I hope you are having fun and enjoying your time here on GC as I am. I am Dreadnaught very nice to meet you.    I wish to address to you the massive depression and bullying that goes on around here in the community itself. I am only writing this because I really do care about the community, and I wish to share you some helpful knowledge that I know you could use. A tool to deal with the negativity that goes around. To be truly immune to all the negatives and pressure people push on you. So you wish to go online without being ridicule for characters, following the rules, and pretty much people making you feel bad. I'm sorry to say it isn't possible to completely do that to absolutely 100% to avoid it- but there is a way to deal with it. First I want to ask: What is that you want to do on the server? what experience do you want? Do you wish to be creative and show it to the rest of the community? and lastly, what is the very thing you wish to do on the server the most? Give it a few minutes to think about this and think about it hard!   Now that you have what you wish to give to the community, I want you to keep nothing but positive thoughts towards that vision. Nothing but positive!  (don't ask anyone these questions, answer them yourself, or else this will not work for you.) The second step is very difficult and it does take practice- note this is just your brain at work -AGAIN JUST YOUR BRAIN-. You must be massively controlling in what you put in your mind- I mean MASSIVELY controlling in what you put in your head. This includes what you hear, feel, smell, and the biggest one of all- see (read on the forums). If the subject does not concern you, or isn't involved with you in anyway (friends also do not count to be involved in the subject), then just ignore it!  Let me say this again. If the post or subject does not involve the thing you are doing or does not affect you in anyway server wise (I mean rules/changes in lore/ or bans. Not rants/opinions/or meme post), then do your best to ignore it because it has nothing to do with you. I'll give you a great example of how this primarily works. First- I want to ask you: Have you taken a break from GC before? Do you know a friend who has? What did they feel or how did you feel coming back to the GC? Did you/they bring a feeling of joy or happiness with you/them to the server? Usually and most people, come back happy after getting away from the server. Isolated from the public and the world to do their own thing like playing another game, or another hobby, or  working on their character, or working what they are trying to achieve on the server off the server (remember what you want to do on the server).  Now why do they come back happy? Why do they isolate themselves? why are they not still sad when they left? Because they took that negativity and moved away from it. That negativity was not longer present to effect their mood. So what do you really think of the groups being kicked out of the server? what do you think of the people Isolating themselves now? Follow up question what makes them happy suddenly when they arrive back to GC? Why is it necessary to kick out the online bullies? The answer again is negativity- "but oh no Dready, they pointed out some facts, oh no dready- those people think they are better, oh no dready- they are good people I swear" Overall, I am a Rationalist, so peer pressure isn't really a problem for me what so ever. I'm really unaffected at because I pretty much see the bigger picture- and I want you to do the same. ',:) This is where it become a bit complicated to explain why it's necessary to kick out the negativity out of your head. To understand why it's important to get rid of it, requires the knowledge of an old roleplayer's advice. ~Dready This requires the knowledge of the mob mentality. Something that you have accepted in the past that you have never double checked- we are all guilty of this since we were all young. People in general- DO NOT WISH TO HAVE THEIR BELIEFS TO BE CHALLENGE. People usually want to hear things that make them feel good or better- making themselves comfortable. Keep this in mind as what I'm about to inform you next. Mob mentality works like this as do every situation with social anxiety and peer pressure situations. So rather then the people deal with social pressure- They will use group think, and push back into the group. So they use group think to save themselves mental energy, and pair it back from the opinion's herd, because they think that gives them approval and safety from social anxiety or peer-pressure. The problem with the group think strategy is that you have the Sheep, and the Wolves. The wolves eat the sheep (sheep is usually being peer pressured/social anxiety). They are what everyone is told what to think and what do in massive groups. Wolves however- are not mentally lazy. The wolves do not use group think and could really careless what the others think. The wolves are usually the ones on top of what they want to do. GC Community, I want you to become wolves and think for yourselves. Wolves do not blame anyone else for their mistakes, in fact they learn from their mistakes to strive harder to do it better next time. They think for themselves, have their own ideas, love what they like, and like what they are themselves. Regardless the opinions of the herd/mob/squads. "Dready, I'm upset because I might be a sheep! :.(" Just note: We are not born with the knowledge of everything, we all were sheep once.  Now start thinking a bit more rationally with post with "I'm leaving," , "Community is the blame for ____" , and the famous one, "He said she said,". Usually posts that really looking for a rise and others opinions. Again! -If the post or subject does not involve the thing you are doing or does not affect you in anyway server wise (I mean rules/changes in lore/ or bans. Not rants/opinions/or meme post), then do your best to ignore it because it has nothing to do with you. When you add negativity into the community- the mob/ the squad/ the whole entire GC family- it spreads like wild fire. So do yourself a great favor and ignore it if it doesn't involve you. (and if it does involve you, deal with it/fix it or move on). It happens, it's unavoidable, someone will suddenly set up flames when they snap. We are all influence with our social environment  that being the forums itself.  We are not isolated from that unless we do that ourselves.  Case in point: You have to be VERY, VERY, controlling what you let in your mind. Very controlling, like massively controlling, on what is going through your mind. You really need to be aware what is getting into your head, so aware that an insult from anything or anyone must be identify before it even has an affect on your mind. If you want to pull yourself from all the negativity, you must pull yourself out from 'easy thinking'/Accepting Opinions of others/peerpressure/etc.  Don't look for the easy truth to accept something because it's the easy save you from thinking (being lazy to think about it). (some truths are easy like studying). In order to be a wolf, you must choose your positive influences very carefully from where they are coming from. Media/friends/games/books/ in this case the community. How do I do that? Easy, I have the very tools that you answered the start of first few questions. What is that you want to do on the server? what experience do you want? Do you wish to be creative and show it to the rest of the community? and lastly, what is the very thing you wish to do on the server the most? if nothing positive is going towards this direction or goal you have set to what you have answered, then it's garbage to you and move on! If it's not constructive criticism (giving you a very good solid reasons) to stop going that direction- then keep going. Just keep going!   I love the GC community, I love the creativity and the types of roleplay people have to offer. Those who wish to show off their characters/weapons/lore, to me- that is more glorious then being anywhere else I ever ask for. I want to see what you are made of, what you have to offer, what is the roleplay you are trying to show us all- That my friends is why I love the community.       Do your best Comrades, have fun doing it, and just love doing what you are doing! I have faith in you guys to bring something we haven't seen to the table, and if you just want to be you- then that's all I ask for. Be you! with much love Dready~
  7. "I.. have.. awoken.."

  8. let the rebuilding begin..


  9. Really? Are you guys for real?

    @DaTimeSmog I really really support you for doing this. You so you want to educate people more about this virus is not directly harmful by OOC decision. For the rest of you. It's a good opportunity to find out about this Virus. Ask, question, and know more about it. That eliminates the fear of the unknown, plus you get to see the creativeness behind the build of the lore of the person.   "The more you know, the less you fear." ~Dready-Naughty
  10. Another one

    *Dreadnaught approves* ~
  11. Myth: Fearing to fail, will help you succeed by being afraid it.

    (Teachers teach you this because they want you to succeed by using fear to move)

    Truth: You keep failing until you succeed. If you are comfortable where you are. Then you are fine with failure being the fucking default.

    (Life lesson they don't teach you in school)

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Gromnus

      Clearly, then you're not fine with failure.

    3. Dreadnaught

      You keep trying until you succeed. Do it until you finally succeed and say, "I fucking did it..".


      Nothing is more glorious after succeeding, knowing how many times you have failed, and saying, "I.. did it,"

      That's the fruit of life that tastes soooo fucking sweet.

    4. Dreadnaught

      This is not to tear anyone down, in short. You fail to learn, not to quit. You learn from your failures in order to succeed.

      look back the first time you tried and asked yourself, "what should I fix? how could fix that? what did work?"

      Then use that as leverage to do even better then next time you do it.

      All of you can do it, you just have to want it<3

  12. What do you do when life knocks you down?....   You fight your way back- into the light.


  13. Apple has a birthday.

    Do you focus on your school work because you want to, or because you have to? Either way this impresses me, so I would like to know.
  14. Doctor Anne Glaus

    Marry me. <3