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  1. //Essex Arms Placeholder//

    //Upon visiting the page, a video header would play with the image of an apex female in formal attire// Hello, and thank you for visiting the current placeholder page for Essex Armaments. I am Dawnnor Essex, and we are currently under negotiations with another company for a merger!  I am happy to announce that within a few short weeks we may also be offering you basic household appliances along with our collection of specialty and duty firearms! Currently, manufacturing of weapons is on a stand still as we dedicate all of our resources to providing newer and updated models of the recently released Full Body Prosthetic!  for those of you who are interested in being a part of this, please contact me personally on the nexus and we will discuss viability for sale and prototype testing! Until Further notice we will be selling our remaining stock of firearms as well to the General Public! Thank you for you initial support and we hope that we can continue to provide quality arms and services to the people. //The Video would cut, and below it as you scrolled down was a rather simple page with a few links to Essex's more popular firearms// BS-7 'Bullshark' 2500 Pixels 7.62x54mm A semi-automatic rifle often designated to marksmen   CP-90 and CP-90 compact 900 pixels .40 Caliber A fine duty pistol amongst private security forces    JL-787 Light Machine Gun 4000 pixels 7.60x50 EAR rounds A support machine gun firing custom rounds sold by Essex Arms SLAMR Squad Light Anti-Material Rifle 7500 pixels .65 HIAP Rounds Anti-Material Rifle, which requires a two man team to operate JSG-4 2000 pixels 5.56x54mm A standard bull-pup assault rifle for the aspiring rifleman CR-H 2600 pixels 7.62x51mm An automatic battle rifle taking influence from an old-world brother RDX 1800 Pixels 5.7x28mm A simple PDW with folding stock. A favorite of colonial police forces K-5 1000 pixels 9mm + Cheaply made and durable submachine gun. Spits rounds, and clears hallways! SR-9 Mk. I "The Survivalist" 1350 pixels 8.5x50mm Heavy hitting semi-automatic rifle. Extended barrel conversion housed in the hollow barrel guard. A favorite of emergency survival kits due to its compact nature. Jackal PDW 1200 .45 Compact and heavy hitting for an SMG, we personally tailored these with private security in mind. //another bout of text with contact information to Dawnnor Essex would be provided for those wishing to place orders//  
  2. The rides over, I know. But I'm not ready to go.

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  4. Ill personally stick you in the eye with a foreign object.

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  5. RY-K3R Model Full Body Prosthetic.

    @WowGain First tag didnt actually do anything I guess  
  6. //A News Reel from the USSS//

    //A clearly Russian Woman standing in front of a digital backdrop of the USSS Flag// Assassination? Uprising? War? The... heart breaking truth behind the Union of Soviet Socialist Systems. Its not secret that the Union of Soviet Socialist Systems has been in turmoil since the last time it made an appearance in the Fringe during the economic crisis. The once great and imperialistic power has since been bulldogged into the smallest of its once vast array of systems. In order to keep the population at a steady high, the last of the Unions Autonomous Defense Fleet around the systems borders to prevent people from leaving.  Citizens as well as enlisted military personnel have been forbidden from leaving the system, and mass hysteria unfolded and those who support the union, and those who stood against it have watched in in a unified sense of horror and dumbfounded disbelief as to how the Great Prem'yer Myshka Petrovna could let this happen... the answer? Assassination!  The High Council of the Prem'yers most closely related, and most trusted individuals finally snapped under political corruption feeling as though her philanthropic views on socialism were not benefiting them! This Iron-Fisted policy against political corruption and equality led them to stage a coup, and much more so an assassination!  Since such, the two sides have formed a two separate political parties which divided the territory within the system in half.  War erupted amongst the two sides. The New Soviet Republic took a stab at those still flying the banner of the Union of Soviet Socialist Systems when they slammed a planet cracker class rig in to Medved II, causing the total destruction of the planet to the horror an awe of those who witnessed the destruction of the nations main center for economic production from the surface of New Moscow. This political Armageddon was only furthered when the Conservative U.S.S.S. Responded in unorthodox anger by deploying several inter-planetary nuclear missiles which detonated across the surface of Medved III, turning the planet and its surrounding space into a barren, lifeless wasteland. These two acts of war, as well as the constant fighting have left that armies of both factions at a loss for advanced means of warfare as New Moscow has now been turned into a planet wide war zone, where the shelling and orbital bombardments have not seen end in weeks, if not months.  The death toll climbs daily, both civilian and military personnel, as the last few remaining safe zones close their gates to anyone on the outside seeking shelter or refuge. Uprisings across the planet have began, and mobs of protesters are gunned down as they make attempts at seizing the only prewar assets that remain. And all reports of vessels attempting to leave the system have ended in defeat of said Exodus.  //The reporter now stares into the camera pleadingly, eyes red and cheeks puffy as she fights back tears. The backdrop now displays the bombed out cities of New Moscow, as its people dig like frightened hermits through rubble, debris, and funeral pyres to find their friends and loved ones// Please, we ask those of you with a heart to send whatever aid you can. Those of you with skills in smuggling, and all who can spare any amount of military power to punch through these autonomous defense lines... we beg you to send your aid. Send anything you can... //The reporter wipes her cheeks as the backdrop changes to a man holding the corpse of a small child stands on top of a burning building, as he holds the old flag of the Union, waving it in desperation as a gunfight breaks out below him, as civilians assault a military outpost// More news and reports are... in the coming days from... someone on the ground... If we even have anyone left... For those of you on the ground... know that we stand with you, and that our hearts go out to you... please have hope, know that we are doing everything that we can.... Help is on the way. This is Valentina Sozonova, signing off. //The clip was posted on the nexus, for those to comment, as well as with coordinates and requests for those who want to send aid//
  7. RY-K3R Model Full Body Prosthetic.

    @wowgain I would suffice for making it about 400 for one arm on this model. I do plan on making different variants for different prefferences under the Essex sales team. As for reaction times, the reaction time would still require training and conditioning based on the "Person" put inside of it, but on an average I would say that the reaction time would be roughly 200-215 milliseconds if I had to make a guesstimate. 
  8. RY-K3R Model Full Body Prosthetic.

    Name: R7-KY3R Full Body Prosthetic (F.P.B) Description: A large, roughly 6'10" Android like design that utilizes quad optic processing and synthetic carbon fiber muscles that resembles a large muscled Endomorphic structure. The Head is solid metal with no distinct eyes or mouth, save for four smaller optics around one large optic, with antennae stemming from where ears may rest.  Abilities: The Body in its entirety weighs 600 pounds, not including the weight of internal organs placed within the body. The F.P.B. Is designed to serve as a full body replacement for victims of extreme trauma that are unable to clone for whatever reason. The body simply serves as a housing for the internal organ system and brain. The F.B.P. Is capable of: -moderately increased reflexes and information processing -Lift (Full body usage) approximately 3000 lbs -Squat 1200 lbs -Curl 800 lbs (400 one arm) -Support systems for organ systems and brain Conditional Abilities (Optional): the F.B.P. also comes equipped with night vision, thermal vision, and a motion based vision system (only one cam be active at a time) In the event of an EMP attack, the entirety of the body would shut down, however the heart would still be able to beat, and keep the brain alive, leaving the subject at a half conscious catatonic state instead of completely 'brain dead' Limitations: The body is OBVIOUSLY Effected by EMPs, as well as Kinetic and plasma weaponry. The muscles, since they use a human muscle structure in their placement, can be effected in many of the same ways. Due to their design and material, they are typically stronger, but will fail just like human muscle when the equivalent damage is applied. Also notable, the heart does nothing more than supply blood to the brain through the synthetic vascular system. This was more so simply to give the subject a 'pulse' and to keep the brain functional. Conditional Limitations (Optional): Due to the main source of memory and thought often times being a brain rather than a digital imitation of a brain, direct damage to the brain can cause similar symptoms to brain damage as in a fully organic body. How does it work: Carbon fiber muscle structure and power system allows for extreme lift capacity, so long as proper technique is used as it would be with any human lifter. A small processor attached to the base of the brain, as well as connected to the occipital cortex of the brain allows for the processing of visual data and stimuli at an increased rate, as well as 'forcing' the brain to process faster and react faster in conjunction with the processor acting as the 'nervous system'. That would account for the increased reflexes.  Flavor text: The body was initially created as a donation by the Essex Company's initial line of weapons, armors, and systems for military/law enforcement usage. The first field tested body was granted to Abel Ryker, in part due to his funding of the company as a backer, and as a loyal customer of their earlier armaments.  Attainability:  Semi-Closed - This tech will be available on the Essex market page (once operational) on the nexus, and is always available to the Haven Guard should the provide proof of service, and medical explanation of why they need it. Simply PM me with those details. Tags:  [Military] Category: Androids, Prosthetics
  9. //A Video File: The Repulsion of JCT's Attack on Haven//

    //User 'The_Bull' Replies// Im only sad that I couldn't respond faster than I did. We all as guards though do what we can. If worse comes to worse, we will lay down our lives for order. #IStandWithHaven   “We are the Haven Guard - Hope is always in our sight, everything we do a deed, First to fight, last to leave, our will we will not cede, Haven bless that we may lead, In the wartorn wastes marked by our creed.”
  10. Mike

    Is this that little mike kiddo? I wish I saw him around more.
  11. /// The Atlas Corporation. ///

    //Name: Carolina Jaxon Haggard //Race:Human //Age:24 //Strengths:Heavy weapons, battlefield infantry tactics, battle tested //Preferred Career Path: Asset Protection //Affiliation with any other organizations: Negative.  //Additional notes: Former weapons sergeant and Heavy Weapons specialist. Most familiar with kinetic infantry weapons as well as man portable artillery and anti tank/infantry weapons.
  12. Rykers Magazine Debut

    Protector Abel Ryker, on his first cover for a local Haven fashion magazine!
  13. That was the end of the story

  14. Blue is weird


  15. Kam Feesh Cloning App

    Time for me to kick on in here with the reminder that a taser has a low chance of killing someone via heart failure. Generally something over 3 exposures to 5 second cycles (the point at which tasers shut off unless continuously held down) is considered lethal force. Unless your character had a heart condition, and was struck directly in the chest near the heart (refer to Dart to Heart distance) you would be fine. That being said, this is approved.