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  1. Torygg leaves f-.....

    Man Dahe miss you a lot! And.. some things happened :'c
  2. Sal

    Owww. Dahe is there :')   Well. Im taking a rest on my beach house. So, see you the next week!
  3. A Grapling Hook App for Silent Dahe

    I have to do another then? :c
  4. A Grapling Hook App for Silent Dahe

    Sorry for that... uhmm...
  5. A Grapling Hook App for Silent Dahe

    Im confused too, But i seriously need this app in case of.. well, i couldnt get into my favorite bar too..  
  6. A Grapling Hook App for Silent Dahe

      Name of Aug/Tech: Grapling Hook Description: Like a Gun with a hook History of Aug/Tech: He obtained it from the USCM when he worked there How does it work?: you shoot to somewhere you want to hang, then, you climb with it Intended use: For climb on the builds of canada, and do spy things Strengths: Dahe can reach a lot of places with it Weaknesses: I dont know? It's just equipment..  How do you believe this will assist in benefiting roleplay?: Dahe is a spy, he needs to enter to places where he isnt admitted to Attainability: Open Tags: Militar
  7. Silent Dahe Cloning App 1

    Character Name:  Silent Dahe Cause of Death: Stabbed and Impaled, by a huge floran called "Chieftain" # of Previous Clones: 0 Member Vouch: RoseWind
  8. Idea: Sweater Day

    With Canada getting cold everytime, I aprove this!