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  1. Ayla the bootlegged Lara Croft / Indiana Jones

    100/100 good arts
  2. // Club SOLUS Introduces VR Game: SHATTERSTONE \\

    //User Crostil replies// cool
  3. // An Announcement From the Senate //

    //User Crostil replies.// Make sure you wash every time you go there, so people won't get a disease from you by touching you, then.
  4. // CUBE //

    //User Crostil bought the game.// thanks
  5. Request Board

    I'm not sure this is the place to make an item request, but I wouldn't want to make another post somewhere else where it doesn't belong like a goof. I'd like these sprites to be turned into 2 simple fist items, one being the gauntlet, the other one being the gauntlet on fire. You could add something special to them if you want, but I'd just like them to be simple, so it's easier to make. Thanks so much for reading this, if you did.
  6. Trying my hand at doing Pixel Art

    good job friendo
  7. // AN OFFER //

    //User Crostil replies.// I'd like to know the details of this "Fusion".
  8. Trying my hand at doing Pixel Art

    try doin a crystal weapon, like a sword or a gun
  9. Trying my hand at doing Pixel Art

    do a crystal thing
  10. //An Announcement//

    //User Crostil replied.// uh. they were just ignorant about the acidic stuff. no need to declare war on them for not knowing something. //end.//
  11. // the revolution begins.//

    //User Crostil replies.// yeah i just got the news glad he's dead
  12. // Nextube: My Prize //

    //User Crostil replied.// We're going to find you.
  13. // the revolution begins.//

    //User Crostil replies.// I'd stick a plasma grenade in your arsehole, but that would be considered as a hate crime and murder. OH WAIT, YOU'VE ALREADY COMMITED THAT SHIT.
  14. // the revolution begins.//

    //User Crostil replies...// YOU FUCKING ASS. //End.//
  15. // Nexblur: Echo goes shopping wtf? //

    //User Crostil replies.// they're just an echo. they don't steal babies.