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  1. // ANGELS //

    //Anonymous user leaves a reply// More terrorists to worry about. The haven guard better clean up their act.
  2. Name: Elsie General Personality: Savvy yet thoughtless, childish and quirky Pose: No big preference, though something casual or snarky would be appropriate for her Reference Photos: Spoiler   (She doesn't actually wear a headband)    
  3. 17 - Ban appeal

    You are unbanned. Please contact me via discord if there are any problems rejoining the server or discord.
  4. // Surplus Mana //

    // User Stellarfoam leaves a comment // "Do Qarin owners have any use for Mana?"
  5. // typogram // just write her a letter or somethn lol. like send her a box of choclates, dude! what your doing is creepy
  6. // User "stellarfoam" comments // How much paper can you eat before it becomes a health issue? // User "typogram" comments // heh cute guy.. . if on ly he wasnt fuking crazy LOL
  7. A LOT of discussion and document work goes on behind the scenes that people on the forums and discord can't see. It saddens me when people say that existing staff don't "do" anything.

    I just want to acknowledge all the work that the CMs and mods on the site do behind the scenes concerning reports, rule writing/revision, apps, lore, hubs, everything.

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    2. Shay

      uhmmmmmmmmmmmmmm no?

      corrupt staff making excuses


    3. Shay


  8. //User Elsie makes a purchase of 300 Atlas stocks for 22,866 osidans and 10 Steel stocks for 5692.20// BUY ATLAS CORP 300 22,866 BUY STEEL 10 5692.20
  9. Deep Problems.

    Sane and aware? You think a minority of users who share a similar bad rep and hold an eerily similar contempt for prominent users of the community and the general status quo.... are actually just the ones who are right? The enlightened individuals? 
  10. Elsie's staff application

    Forum name: Elsie Age:  21 Country/Timezone: United States, Eastern Why do you want to be Staff?: Because I want a blue name in Discord (And because it looks like the current CM roster could use a hand. I try to enforce rules and encourage common sense as is, while not even being a CM) What skills can you bring to the staff team?: I am on discord all hours of the day and I go on server now and then, so I can help get feedback and enforce rules. I'm mostly impartial, have common sense and insight on community concerns. What area(s) would you be most interested in helping assist with (if you have more than one preference, list in order of highest preference to lowest)?": Being a community monitor, listening to feedback, keeping an eye on discord or server and maybe helping take care of ban appeals. Have you had prior experience moderating/staffing an online community?: Yes If yes, where? What were your responsibilities?: I was a former admin of both Starbards and Free Universe starbound servers, enforcing rules and assisting players on and off server. As staff, it is crucial to be visible to the public, on the Forums, in Forum Chat, and even through TeamSpeak. Though it is not mandatory to be on all three all the time, do you agree to be as active as possible through these means?: Yes, I am always on Discord when I am awake and home, and have other means of communication (teamspeak, steam, skype etc.) For better interaction with our users on the Galaxy Citizen TeamSpeak server, it is recommended that you use a good microphone. Do you possess a microphone (If you do not have a microphone, it will NOT affect your chances for being on Staff)?: Yes Galaxy Citizen Character name: Elsie What do you like about this community?: I still have friends who go here.
  11. Deep Problems.

    You offend people by existing. Joking aside, I think you're projecting your self-loathing onto the community and blowing it way out of proportion. It seems to me like the people most-against the ideas presented this topic tend to hold a lot of OOC spite in general, even going as far as to let it affect their roleplay. Cough, the last three repliers to this thread before me, cough.
  12. Modify or Remove Cloning Rule #6

    Anyway, my thoughts. I understand that suicide can be used to escape IC consequences for OOC reasons. I feel like the restriction, if any, should be imposed on the player who knowingly executes his character to try escaping a sitiuation where they are in danger, for the purpose of being cloned as part of an OOC agenda or gripe. I think a player whose character commits suicide for any reason aside from power/metagaming should be allowed to do that, regardless of its story value.
  13. Modify or Remove Cloning Rule #6

    Drakkar what you're describing is story-telling on a grand scale, not roleplaying. People should be able to do whatever they want with their own personal stories inside of the server as long as it isn't breaking rules, and you can see here several people asking that a certain rule putting a "vice" on RP capabilities (for example, a character being cloned after suicide and say, having a big emotional turnaround) be elimiated or changed. Staff and community should both drive the story forward, not staff exlusively. And not with the rule "As long as staff like what the community does."
  14. You're dum!

  15. Elsie

    UPDATED FEBRUARY 2017 Not all information may be up-to-date as current events unfold. General Characteristics Name: Elsie Appearance: Human female, 5' - 7", bright red hair, simple human clothing, wears a utility belt and often carries small, personal tech on her person. Pronunciation: El - see Name Origin: Nicknames based on her birth name. Zodiac: Gemini Birth Date: 25-27 years ago Birth Name: Elliot Harrison   Physical Characteristics Species: Human Skin Color: Fair Height: 5' - 7" Weight: ~135 lbs Scars: Several visible on her body and limbs. One particularly noticeable on her cheek which runs down along her neck. Piercings: None Tattoos: None Hair Color: Red Hair Length: Medium (Above her shoulders, below her ears.) Hair Style: Messy Eye Color: Green   Mental/Social Characteristics Known Languages: Common Memory: Bad at remembering names. Hobbies: Tinkering with electronics and AI/virtual reality monitoring. Outlook on Life: Life is meaningless but that's okay. Standpoint: Personal wealth and excitement are the most important goals. Religion: Agnostic Mannerisms: Nonchalant, often forgetting her manners. Style: Casual, rarely dressy. Apparel Accessories: Sometimes metal bracelets or a black hairband. Dress Style/Wardrobe: Usually matching casual clothes. Often sweats or jeans and a short-sleeved t-shirt. Sometimes a jacket or hoodie. Basic human wear. Equipment: A black utility belt to hold her PDA, multi-tool, snacks and drinks. Sometimes a wireless headset, or a heavy backpack containing a gravity field generator. School and Work Education:  How to own and operate a human spaceship. Apprentice emergency first-aid. More recently, she's been under guidance of colleagues and friends to learn more engineering and technical work, but current events are putting a damper on that. Study Habits: Occasional research/re-reading to keep refreshed on the fields of first-aid and electronics. Association: Former worker for a civ-space based planet colonization program. Former owner/administrator of United Medical Associates. Former affiliate of Cross Conglomerate. Former transactions director of Rosscommon Foundry. Employee of Venadore Industries. Employee of Atlas Incorporated. Experience: Experience performing minor medical procedures. Much experience working on ship maintenance and electronics, especially with computers and consoles.   Wealth/Interpersonal Connections Income: Venadore Pension - 160,000 px/year Atlas Income - 100,000 px/year Immediate Family: Whereabouts of parents unknown, raised by a parental guardian and other members of her settlement community. Pets: A cat, named Joe the Cat Combat Strengths: Keen reaction time and alertness. Weaknesses: No armor, and rarely carries weapons.