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  1. Restraint Foam™

    @WowGain done b0ss.
  2. Restraint Foam™

    If a gun fired into a canister of ready-to-deploy Restraint Foam™, seeing as the canisters contain the liquid in high pressure, and the reaction catalyst for expansion is a drop in pressure, the solution would begin to expand until the entire contents was transformed and spent, most likely encasing its unfortunate operator in hard foam.
  3. Restraint Foam™

    That was something I was hesitant to post about, due to balance reasons. From general reactiveness to flame, to whether or not I should change that factor over its different states of matter. At the moment, I'm thinking on having it flame-resistant, very hard to set alight without dousing it in gasoline or something like that. What do you think?
  4. Restraint Foam™

      Name: Restraint Foam™ Description: Restraint Foam™ is the trademark name for a visibility-jacket-orange, aerosol type liquid solution. Contained in distinctly shaped “cans” in civilian models, or upon heavier back units with a flamethrower-esque set up for heavier crowd control, it was engineered to expand and stick onto targets, transforming into a stiff, polystyrene-esque material, with the idea being the non-lethal restriction of the motion and leverage of the target’s limbs. Abilities: Total rate of “expansion”, being from liquid to solid, takes about 6-9 seconds. State shifting is exponential once it gets going, going from liquid in the first second, to sticky slime for 2-3, to a tar-like consistency for two, to dry, non-sticky solid in the remaining time. (Rough approximations) The solution is able to compound on itself, growing more and retaining the same dry solid structural integrity throughout when more spray is applied. Of course, this also means that more solid, equals more strength. 1 fluid ounce of solution equates in expansion to one cubic feet of solid. (Just as a mental image reference). Note: For reference, consider styrofoam as the closest dry solid example, though much tougher. Not as incredibly hard or strong as a metal, certainly easy enough to tear into given enough force. But definitely designed with enough general tensile strength to resist the strength of an average person pulling on it. Conditional abilities: Non-toxic. Aside from breaking the solid apart, the most common way to remove the solid form is by a non-toxic solvent spray, which rapidly dissolves the solid Flame-resistant, very hard to set alight without dousing it in gasoline or something like that, whether in liquid or solid form. Limitations: The liquid compound must be handled and contained with caution, because the ready-to-spray solution begins expansion immediately upon contact with the air, at an exponential rate. You can blast it away with a water hose, for example, while the solution is still viscous. A design feature, more than a limitation, as to prevent accidental death caused by inhalation, digestion, or contact with exposed parts of the body such as the eyes. Solution in direct contact with water-based fluids will not expand. Conditional limitations (optional): Recommended not to use when dealing with extreme cold or heat. While in it’s liquid state, the foam will be useless should the liquid become frozen, or should the compound evaporate or even vaporize. In addition to this, deployed Restraint Foam will have difficulty expanding properly outside of the ideal condition zone. Too cold, and the solid form will be far too brittle, losing most of its structural integrity. Too hot, and the solution may not solidify completely, perhaps even staying stuck in its slimier form, making it easier to escape from. There is even a chance that the solution may dry out before becoming completely solid, most likely in one of its middle forms, upon sudden exposure to extreme heat, reducing it to the consistency of charred plywood. Again, much easier to break out of. Example: If a gun fired into a canister of ready-to-deploy Restraint Foam™, seeing as the canisters contain the liquid in high pressure, and the reaction catalyst for expansion is a drop in pressure, the solution would begin to expand until the entire contents was transformed and spent, most likely encasing its unfortunate operator in hard foam How does it work: Upon contact with the open air, Restraint Foam™ liquid begins to expand and shift states, turning from a low-viscosity spray to a semi-viscous, sticky liquid, to a thicker sticky goop, before finally hardening into a solid much like styrofoam. Contrary to popular belief, the reaction catalyst for Restraint Foam™ expansion is actually a sudden change in pressure, that is, expansion as soon as it leaves the deployment device, most often called a “can”. The solution is created from two different chemical compounds, the respective makeups of which are a closely guarded secret. Upon mixing the compounds together, and storing it into a ready to use, pressurized “can”, the solution is ready for distribution. Flavor text: Restraint Foam™ is the fruit of an old Cross Conglomerate research project from a decade ago, as the Conglomerate Security Force was searching for an inexpensive, universally applicable, non-lethal method of restraining suspects without the need for close contact or bodily harm, as their standard issue blaster’s stun setting did not always achieve optimal results. Up until the Fracture, that is, the fall of the Conglomerate, Restraint Foam™ was successfully integrated into a CSF agent’s standard patrol arsenal, most often in a hand-held spray canister, useful for spraying at the legs and feet of suspects to stick them in place, making handcuffs in a pinch that can’t be lock-picked, etc. Referenced Technologies: N/A Attainability: [Semi-Open] For the CSF, that is, currently Jenna’s security force. I plan for this to be standard issue option as well once Venadore rolls around, and the Grace/Jenna company merger is complete. Until then, this won’t be sold publicly. Tags: [Military]  
  5. Hiya peeps

    Hi, welcome! I am person, will be nice to meet. Will be nice to have one of these 4 oceania time people to RP with cause THE OTHER TWO ARE NEVER ON
  6. Teaser~

    That's a nice tree.
  7. Veterans?

    I don't count as a veteran but I'm old. Jan 2015 hi.
  8. The trully best

  9. hear my train a-comin'

    Just as I come back, too, you little shit i still need you I'll miss ya, buddy. Stay safe. try not to nuke anything wherever you're going <3
  10. Aniversary~

    I totally didn't attempt to post a custom color 2 times before this CONGRATULATIONS You're getting a present!   Spoiler You already know what it is.  
  11. The Droneship Sunset

  12. Hey I'm back I guess Hi

    Title. People know me sorta. Or is it knew me? Those that don't, hi there! I hope to meet you on the server (again) as Jenna Cross and a couple other characters, lets do stuff maybe. EDIT: CAN I HAVE A COOL FORUM TITLE TOO?
  13. Day of the Bupenzi's

    Am the slooty Bup c: