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  1. Yukisa I need you to explain, translate, and tell em what japanese torture device I have discovered.


  2. Oh god now Drakkars drunk on egg nog.

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    2. Mokare

      I tried egg nog once, spat it out instantly. How exactly are you able to drink that stuff?

    3. Drakkar

      I reckon it depends on the brand? Is it the same egg nog? Sweet, cinnamoney, spicy, creamy goodness that I'm to some extent addicted to?

      Honestly, you could gift me a box of egg nog for Christmas and that'd be all I would care to receive. Egg nog for days.

    4. Mokare

      Thats usually what I gift to my friends anyways so sure thing! Also I dont remember the brand in particular that i first tried, but all brands tend to make me wanna puke... Maybe its just to strong for me.

  3. Now Mileys profile is a adorable christmas cutey.

  4. Krowski I think you have had enough of that vile substance I will be confiscating it and donating it to Yukisa.

  5. So I know that Grace was originally made as a throw away character. My question is what was  Grace made to be thrown away on, and what events made you keep her?

    1. Captain

      Grace was originally ERP character, until Apple realized that she could market the Grace brand.

    2. Mokare

      Oh my.

  6. Strange Sighting.

    Must of been the wind.
  7. I'm back! Again..

    * Begins patting your head while staring emotionless a them as your cuteness envelops they're soul * *After patting your head you are then petted and then you are slowly hugged, tightening slowly.* *Begins announcing to the world around them* EVERYONE GET OVER HERE AND HUG THIS CUTEY! WE MUST MOTIVATE THEM!!!
  8. What is better in your opinion for a adorable character?


    Tsundere - Shy - confident - outgoing - social butterfly


    Loli!!! - Teen - Adult


    Human - android - animal girl - Neko

    Size (I know what your thinking, and no I mean height. you and you're dirty mind)

    Very short - short - small - medium - avg - tall - unnaturally tall

    1. Yukisa

      All of it.

    2. Mokare

      I shall create a wonderfully character inspired by yukisa and singing from this!


    1. Mokare

      Ha ha HA! oh I am so happy that I suspected her to be a trap you almost got me!

  10. Yukisa could I have you draw a profile picture of one of my characters in another game. I quite like your art style despite 60-70% of it being hentai it is rather well done, clean, smooth, and decently realistic. I can send you the details over steam if you would please.

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    2. Hit by a Parked Car

      Yukisa draws them??

    3. Mokare

      Yukisa is a wonderful pixel artist they have even said so within their description. They also like cookies.

  11. I like applejuice

    There is no escape.
  12. Is htis new profile image a image of the attacker or the latest victim of yukisa?

  13. Who keeps assaulting Yukisa!!! This monster must be beaten brutally with whatever is hidden in the back corners of adelix's closet!

  14. I greatly prefer yukisa's new profile picture over the other one.

    1. Yukisa

      Nep nep

    2. Mokare

      Nep nep Nep nep