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  1. Server account name not working?

    you're doing it without caps, right?
  2. I drew my character + Requests (PART 2)

      Spoiler had to draw pretty hylotl first
  3. blood for the blood god
    arms for the arm god

  4. GC's setting feels too hopeless

    im more interested in this post than i am in IC drama
  5. I drew my character + Requests (PART 2)

    am sorry for not completing any requests yet. have been commissioned. must complete commission first.
  6. Beep Beep Music

  7. ello i am new

  8. Chrome

        General Information     First name: Chrome     Age: 316     Date of birth: I ‘unno.     Race: Novakid     Gender: Female     Sexuality: Homosexual     Current residence: Ship.     Relationship status: Single.     Traits of Voice     Accent (if any): Western.     Language spoken: Galactic Common.     Other languages known: None.     Style of speaking: Western.     Volume of voice: Loud.     Physical Appearance     Height: 2.0 m (6ft 7in)     Weight: Very light, they’re made of gas.     Skin colour: Red.     Shape of face: Rounded.     Distinguishing features: Omega symbol brand.     Build of body: Thin, slightly more top-heavy.     Hair colour: Red.     Hair style: Spiky ponytail.     Posture: Generally standing tall, hands on hips, etc.     Typical clothing: Western-styled jeans and hat. Wears gloves… and not much else.     Is seen by others as: “Oh dear god please put a shirt on.”     Personality     Likes: Anything interesting, talking to people, Other western novas.     Dislikes: Shirts, waiting, formalities.     Education: Basic at most.     Fears: Being completely and totally alone.     Personal goals: Finding something interesting enough to bother with.     General attitude: Curious and Energetic.     Religious values: None.     General intelligence: Low.     General sociability: Overly outgoing. No one within a ten mile radius is safe.     Health     Illnesses (if any): None.     Allergies (if any): None.     Sleeping habits: Light sleeper.     Energy level: High     Memory: Short-term.     Any unhealthy habits: High impulsiveness.     History     Birth country: Forgotten.     Hometown: A Novakid village hanging around on a desert world… somewhere.     Childhood: Just the happiest gaseous blob there was.     Teen years: Tried everything. Learnt some things hurt a lot.     Adult years: Continues trying everything, except the things that have hurt before. Character development.     Past places of residence: That lil’ nova village.     History of family: Not recorded.     Briefly (or not) explain life story: Grew up in a small Novakid village, took a ship and began exploring once they hit an independent age. Hasn’t stopped since.     Relationships     Parents: Left behind.     Siblings: Left behind.     Any enemies (and why): None yet.     Children: None.     Friends: Not any permanent ones yet.     Best friend(s): None yet.     Important friends/relatives (explain): None.     Love interest (if there is one): None.     Combat     Peaceful or violent: Typically peaceful, but spontaneous and impulsive, so easily gets into fights.     Weapon (if applicable): Two colts and two sawn offs.     Style of fighting: If they’re strong, run for the hills. If not, try a few random shots to the face.     Others     Occupation: Traveller.     Current home: Ship.     Hobbies/pastimes: Socializing, doing things...     Guilty pleasures: Never felt guilty in m’ life.     Pet peeves: People being stuck up.     Pets: None.     Talents: Pretty ok with a firearm, ship repair.     Favourite colours: Red.     Favourite type of music: Rock. Not country. Surprisingly.  
  9. Introduction!

  10. So I needed a new thread, because the last one had 70 replies and I'd rather not have to sort through all that again. Anyway, similar to old formatting here. trapfish the mighty And, as the title says, feel free to request some stuff. Make sure you have a reference and stuff. Also don't expect me to do all of them, I'll probably just do the ones that I feel like, probably for characters that look fun to draw and stuff. So yeah, don't get angry when I don't do your request. Basically just fill out this form for requests: Name: General Personality: (For an appropriate pose and stuff.) Pose: (Optional - mainly if you want a specific pose, be sure to provide references.) Reference Photos: (Just get some screenshots of your character and post 'em in this section.)         Oh Also If you're a good person who wants assured art. ^ I take commissions here. I don't have a paypal. 500 points = $5.00 plz i am poor artist    
  11. Yuudai

    fecking homophobes
  12. Yuudai

    hey what's wrong with that
  13. returned.

    1. Nemo

      elcome back

    2. PrivateNomad

      whalecum :fungi:

  14. Yuudai

        (Revisited) General Information     First name: Yuudai     Surname: Seiho     Age: 19     Date of birth: 11/04/3265 (DD/MM/YY)     Race: Hylotl     Gender: Male     Sexuality: Pansexual     Relationship status: Single     Social status: Upper Middle class     Traits of Voice     Language spoken: Common, Hylotl.     Style of speaking: Calmly.     Volume of voice: Soft     Physical Appearance     Height: 4’ 9” (1.45 m)     Eye colour: Red     Skin colour: Blue & Light Grey     Shape of face: Rounded     Build of body: Feminine     Hair colour: Blue     Hair style: Ponytail     Complexion: Clear     Posture: Relaxed     Tattoos: No     Piercings: No     Typical clothing: Tank top and jeans.     Is seen by others as: t r a p     Personality     Likes: Food, Talking to people, Learning new things, Giving advice, Reading.     Dislikes: Public speaking, Body alteration.     Education: High School level.     Fears: Public humiliation, Aggressive florans, just aggressive people in general, also things with too many legs.     Personal goals: Learn, make their family proud.     General attitude: Calm.     General intelligence: Above Average.     General sociability: Normal.     Health     Sleeping habits: Light sleeper.     Energy level: Average.     Eating habits: Barely eats until random binging.     Memory: Relatively short-term, not dramatically so.     Any unhealthy habits: Binging eating disorder.     History     Briefly (or not) explain life story: Grew up on a planet colonized by the Hylotl. Was generally well-liked in school, but wasn’t overly social. Eventually left the planet to travel after a dispute with his family about his lack of working. They barely talk now, and Yuudai regrets not having settled things out better with his family before leaving.     Combat     Peaceful or violent: Peaceful, but defensive.     Weapon (if applicable): Whatever’s to hand.     Style of fighting: Defend or run away.     Others     Occupation: Student, Traveller.     Current home: Ship.     Favourite types of food: Cake, chocolate, etc.     Favourite types of drink: Wine, water, etc.     Hobbies/pastimes: Reading, socializing, etc.     Guilty pleasures: Girly stuff, drama, crossdressing.     Pet peeves: People openly breaking rules (fucking minimod), tapping.     Talents: Learnt a bit of guitar, but other than that, not very talented.     Favourite colours: Blue.     Favourite type of music: Classical.  
  15. contemplating return, need to collect more people